Anon Is a Mare in Heat - part 2

Apr 15th, 2019
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  1. >With a flash, you land in a crowded street in Fillydelphia
  2. >In front of you is a large stadium, where most of the crowd seems to be heading
  3. >You quickly join them, making your way to the entrance
  4. >Suddenly, you hear Discord's voice inside your head
  5. >"I've pulled a few strings here, so you just have to say your name and they'll take you right to the Wonderbolts. Oh, also, I toned down your heat a bit, so you'll only feel it when you're around a stallion you planned on fucking anyways. Or, of course, whenever I see fit. But don't worry! I always have your best interests in mind."
  6. "My best interests?"
  7. >"Yep! Well, here, it means getting as much dick as possible, but I'll be kind."
  8. "Thank you?"
  9. >"No problem, my pretty pony pal. Now go in there and get some stallion!"
  10. >You pass under a large arch and see a ticket booth ahead
  11. >Sure enough, all you have to do is tell the mare behind the booth your name and she steps out
  12. >"Follow me. They're in the locker room."
  13. >You grin, and your head starts to fill with fantasies
  14. >When you finally get to the two rooms, you slip through the door marked "Stallions"
  15. >You're immediately assaulted with a wave of musk, and you feel a familiar heat
  16. >Sitting on the benches are Soarin, Thunderlane, and a cream-colored stallion
  17. >Soarin seems to be telling a story when you walk in
  18. >"So, Fire Streak, we flew off, but I just couldn't get that mare out of my head. I-"
  19. >He finally notices you and his eyes go wide
  20. >"Oh, sweet Celestia. You made it!"
  21. >He trots over to you and you meet him with a kiss that grows longer and deeper with every second
  23. >When you finally break it, he looks you in the eye and smiles
  24. >"You know, I never did get your name."
  25. "Anonymous."
  26. >"Well, that's a beautiful name."
  27. >Thunderlane shouts from across the room
  28. >"Would you two shut up and get to fucking? I'm waiting over here!"
  29. >You give Soarin a grin and another kiss
  30. >Your pussy feels like it's on fire, and you lead Soarin back to the bench
  31. >He sits down and you get an eyeful of his erect dick and plump balls
  32. >You lick your lips and start running your tongue up his shaft
  33. >He sighs, and you move your tongue up to his head, lapping up his pre before taking the tip of his dick on your mouth
  34. >Your head moves down further to take more of his dick in your mouth, and with each bob of your head your pussy sends another spark throughout your body
  35. >Soon, you can't take it, and you start bobbing faster and faster, moaning into his dick to try to get him to cum
  36. >Your work is rewarded with a cry and an orgasm, Soarin filling your mouth up with seed
  37. >You finally swallow the last of his cum, his dick pulled out of your mouth
  38. >You turn around and raise your tail, looking back at him with lust in your eyes
  39. >Soarin looks you in the eyes as he moves closer to you, placing his tongue on your dripping slit
  40. >You let out a moan as he moves his tongue up and down your cunt, and when he finally eases his tongue into your tunnel, your moans grow louder
  41. >The feeling is electric, his tongue causing moans and bolts of pleasure
  42. >Before you can orgasm, though, he throws himself on your back and starts to thrust inside you
  43. >The sudden action draws another moan out of you, and his fast thrusts make you shaky and weak
  44. >He nips at your ear, and the feeling send more pleasure straight down to your nethers, amplifying the feeling of being fucked
  45. >The small nips and bites being you to a quick orgasm, and your cry echoes off the walls of the locker room
  47. >Your walls clench around Soarin, bringing him to orgasm as quickly as he did to you
  48. >He bites down on your mane and gives one last, deep thrust before he releases inside you, filling your womb with his hot seed
  49. >When he pulls out, you turn around and plant kiss after sloppy kiss on his muzzle, still immensely horny
  50. >The kisses only serve to being the flame doused by your sex, bringing it to an inferno
  51. >You turn and pounce on Thunderlane, planting kisses on his rock hard shaft
  52. >Your kisses slowly turn into licks as you pleasure him, and you're a bit shocked when he moves out from underneath you
  53. >He calls into the other room
  54. >"Wonderbolts? Get in here. We've got a mare to fuck."
  55. >Quickly, several stallions fly in and sit on the bench next to Thunderlane, dicks rapidly hardening
  56. >You don't say a word, moving to Thunderlane and resuming what you started
  57. >His dick slides into your mouth with ease, and you start to bob up and down on him
  58. >One of the stallions gets up, and you feel him shortly after on your back
  59. >He pumps into your pussy with need, bottoming out in a single thrust
  60. >After his dick is sufficiently covered in your juices, he pulls out, and you feel a familiar pressure on your asshole
  61. >He slides in and resumes fucking you, another stallion moving underneath you and taking his place inside your pussy
  62. >The two other stallions sit on either end of Thunderlane, rubbing their dicks with a hoof
  63. >You test your balance by slowly lifting your front hooves off of the floor, and when you don't fall down, your hooves replace theirs on their shafts
  64. >From their small, quiet noises, you're doing a good job
  66. >Finally, Thunderlane's seed fills your mouth, and you look into his eyes as you swallow his cum, the sensation and the taste adding to the pleasure you feel from the hard fucking on your other end
  67. >He pulls out and the two other stallions slide closer together
  68. >They place their tips right on your mouth and begin to masturbate again, now faster and shakier than before
  69. >They orgasm at the same time, cum flooding your mouth as you suck on their dicks
  70. >When they pull out, your loud moans are no longer muffled, and you get closer to finishing with every long, pleasurable second
  71. >Finally, one stallion buries himself inside you and fills your ass with his cum, and the other follows suit
  72. >The feeling of two dicks releasing at the same time pushes you over the edge, and you rock your hips back as you ride out your orgasm
  73. >When they pull out, they leave a panting mess behind
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