Some Kind of Relationship - 40

Aug 24th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Dae Hyun (FMC) Employee Boss's Girlfriend
Kim / Lim Mi-Mo (FMC²) Model by Day, Whore by Night BF's Girlfriend
[N/A] (MC) Unemployed DB's Boyfriend
[N/A] (BF) [N/A] MC's BFF & FMC's BF
Lee Su-Jung (Red) Model Single
Kyu Ho (Grey) Model Single
Seung Kyu (Boss) Boss FMC's Boyfriend
[N/A] (LB) Employee Single & FMC's BFF
In Yeong (DB) Trainee MC's Girlfriend
Park Jung Woo (Dir) Director [N/A]

Some Kind of Relationship - 40


Motel FMC x Fatty

Fatty is kissing FMC swallowing her mouth.. She thinks how it's okay and she can keeps going because it's not a big deal..
He fondles and lick her whole body making her moan and gasping for breath.. She's surprised when Fatty shows her his dick thinking she can handle it.. He thrust it deep inside her making her scream.. He starts to pound her hard while squeezing her breasts between his fingers, he sweats a lot and asks her while drooling over her lewd body why her pussy and tits are so yummy and tells her how she swallowed his whole dick.. He tells her how she's a beauty and asks her why she didn't come to find him one year ago (Wordplay with her name meaning Beauty). He says how he puts so much effort to hire her for teaching a group of retard with no talent (She's Art / Dance or Model teacher) and how it was wasted because she's much better doing this kind of job and asks her why she still isn't thanking him because she'll earn a lot more doing this.. He turns her body, placing her on all four and rams it deep inside her from behind making her let out another loud moans.. She asks him why she should thank him he keeps fucking her asking her if he's wrong she begins to lose her reason and says 'Yes?', he didn't like her answer telling her how she should add 'Master' at her sentence and begs for his graciousness..

She turns her head and looks at him with two tears running down her cheeks and says 'Th..thank you.. Master.'


Motel FMC x Fatty

Shaved Fatty puts an envelope on the table and asks her what she's thinking right now and how earning a lot of money isn't difficult at all, he tells her to come here tomorrow morning before work an how he'll train / tame her slowly.. He leaves the room letting FMC alone..

She looks at how much she earned and begins to laugh madly thinking how it's not a big deal..

Kim's House Mom x FMC

Mom's sewing teddy bears when FMC suddenly storms in the room, throws a bunch of money at her mother face and shouts how she did it at her place. Mom is surprised by FMC sudden appearance and don't understand what she means by that, she tells her to wait a bit because she's almost done with the sewing. Mom finally notices the money and asks her how she earned it because it's not payday..

FMC tells her how it's not important and wants to know about 'Kara Motel, Room 507; Yaja Motel, Room 610; Quincy Motel, Room 403', Mom's surprised again and asks her how did she know, FMC sits on her bed and holds her head with both of her hands and shouts at her Mom asking her if she isn't ashamed of herself.
She's crying and keeps shouting at her Mom saying how having a worthless Dad who ran away wasn't enough she has to have a whore as a mother now! Mom is angry and gives her a slap asking her to repeat what she just said.

FMC raises her head and looks at her mother while holding her bruised cheek then runs away..

Streets FMC x Bf

While running she thinks how she's hating her whole family now.. Her fucking dad who ran away after failing his business, her mom who is selling her body and herself because she's no different from her mother..

She keeps crying while running and finally stop after getting out of breaths.. She approaches the precipice wanting to end her life because she thinks it's not worth to live in this shitty fucked up world.. Before jumping, Bf shows up and grabs her arms stopping her in extremis, he asks her if she really intended to throw her life away without thinking about the people she'll left behind..

To be continued..
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