"We need a... Hero" by Ayan, ft. proton

Aug 30th, 2018
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  1. (discord)
  2. Ayan
  3. This game is in the hands of many before
  4. they gave up
  5. died
  6. not in real life
  7. as left
  8. Well my dude
  9. we need a team
  10. A team that can remake this game
  11. Reborn
  12. The idea of this game is amazing
  13. Building trneches
  14. pillboxes
  15. so many things
  16. fighting the enmy
  17. enemy
  18. we just need a active dev that will update it with new conntent
  19. fix bugs
  20. make it better
  21. We need a ...
  22. Hero
  24. proton
  25. i guess
  26. but the thing is
  27. the bigger the playerbase the more people will work on it
  28. it would've been a good idea to launch the game on steam
  29. since a lot of people would play it
  30. cya
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