SOW 6 Exit guide WIP

Aug 15th, 2019
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  1. Super Obama World 6 Exit guide
  3. Aug. 4, 2019
  5. You don't have to F5/refresh the page to reset but I like to.
  7. Timing starts when "START GAME" on the title screen is pressed down. Hold space down after you click to buffer selecting the level.
  9. Hold right during the fade-in. Since for whatever reason, the game keeps track of your movement during the fade-in, so you can essentially warp forward for a free time save.
  11. Level 1 isn't too hard. It has a few large jumps you need to get over. You can jump off of enemies super late after hitting them. If you land on an enemy on its edge, you can warp forwards. Once you get to the three layers of platforms at the end, you can jump on the first and third ones to get across without stopping to get around the businessmen. Also, hitting the tape on the Giant Gate instead of running through ends the level earlier.
  13. Press up and immediately space to enter Level 2 before Obama walks there. Yeah, you can select levels early, even from several levels behind. In the single ? below the five-block row, it is possible to collect a pie powerup without stopping. It's possible to hit enemies very low after hitting your head on a block.
  15. On Level 3 you can jump on a pig up to the top section in the beginning. When climbing up the ? blocks in the middle, some pigs block your way, so you'll have to either wait for them to get out of the way or get a pie earleir to damage boost through. An easy pie you can get without stopping is in the first block at middle of the level to the right of Saint Basil's Cathedral. After getting past the pigs, drop down to the bottom instead of keep climbing up. Jump on the ice floes as soon as you can and go across the platforms above the ice.
  17. Level 4 is easy and short. make your way up the mountain, get over the flying pigs, and get past the Wasilla locals.
  19. Level 5 is long and difficult with no skips. Make you way up the ice, and jumping on the flying pigs can speed it up.
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