Why you should buy from me

May 28th, 2016
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  1. I am not the cheapest guy out there, but I'm going to make my case for why buyers ought to choose me anyway, because my service and product are worth the money.
  3. 1. I've been at this for 16 years this month (May 2016). You can't find another source ANYWHERE on the planet who has that much experience. There's a reason why I've been around that long, too. For one thing, I've got the top safety record of any source, bar none. I don't cut corners, and I keep buyers' information protected and remove records every month.
  5. 2. I have a routine that works. I've figured out exactly how to do this safely and reliably. I know exactly how to mix my compounds so that the doses of every ingredient are ALWAYS the same, no variations between batches. A capsule I made 10 years ago will be precisely identical in dose and contents to one I made last night. It's clockwork for me, so you get what you paid for without uncertainty.
  7. 3. I've been through every situation, so I know how to help. If someone sends payment and it doesn't work, it won't be because of a mistake I've made, and I'll know what they can do to fix it. I have a Plan B and a Plan C always ready, so even if the payment method falls through (which is out of any source's hands), we can still have this work out. If there's an issue with a product (buyers love me, but EVERY source has stuff come up that needs fixing), I know how to help. If someone is unhappy for any reason, as long as they let me know, I have an answer.
  9. 4. I know more about how to use DNP than just about anyone around. My process isn't "here are my prices, send money, and here's some pills." My emails are LONG, because I try to help people cover every possible question--how to use this safely, what happens if?, what else to use alongside DNP, what to do if their results slow, why crystalline DNP feels less intense than "regular" DNP (and why that's a good thing), dealing with an allergy (*no source can prevent this, but it's only about 1% of cases, and 99% of those are easily fixed), etc. You can't find anyone else with 16 years' worth of familiarity with every possible issue and what to do about it. In fact, other sources consult ME to ask questions.
  11. 5. In 16 years, I have not had ONE SINGLE unfulfilled order. In the event that an order doesn't arrive in the ETA, my reply is always, "Thanks for letting me know! I'll have a replacement sent out tomorrow!", no hassle and no drama. The only guys on any forum who say they never received their order are the guys who accidentally dealt with a scammer they thought was me. But of the thousands--yes, THOUSANDS--of buyers who have dealt with me, not a single one has lost their money. In fact, I've even given breaks to guys who got scammed and then came to me, just to help them recoup their losses because I feel bad for them, and would rather be decent to them than pluck up every dime I can get.
  13. 6. I depend on this work for my family. When I started 16 years ago, it was just a way to make a little extra money, and it turned out I was good at it. Then a few years ago my wife and I were blessed with the love of our lives: a child born with special needs. The money I make from DNP doesn't go to buying cars and guns and electronics, it goes to providing medical care for my child. Even with insurance, there are forms of specialized care that i have to pay for, and that's what this does. That's also why I go so far out of my way to be the good guy of DNP; I'm affable, happy, easy to deal with, good-natured, and helpful. Because I am doing this for family, and I depend on buyers being happy. I'm a family man, not a "bro" trying to hustle money.
  15. 7. I depend solely on word of mouth. I don't buy ads anywhere, I'm not a paid source, I depend entirely on people telling one another how I am to deal with. That means you know you're going to get the best help from me that you can find, because whatever you go online and say about me affects my family, and I take it seriously. The ONLY time I am ever not so nice to deal with is when people place an order, confirm it, receive payment info, and then vanish. That's not cool, and it ticks me off. But my buyers know me through the years and they go right past the newest cheap sellers to return directly to me.
  17. 8. My DNP is outstanding. Seriously, it makes a difference. A lot of "popcorn sources" show up with cheap DNP because they can buy it cheap, too. Which typically means it comes from China. Folks, I would avoid that stuff like the plague. Chinese DNP is not safe at all; it's made for industrial use, not human consumption, and can contain all sorts of heavy metals (remember that a microgram of lead is irreparably poisonous, and China is notorious for lead contamination in their chemicals). Several other sources who went with Chinese DNP to save money caused toxic shock in their customers, and promptly vanished off the scene in disgrace. If a source found cheap DNP on the Chinese market, something bad eventually WILL happen. CHEAPER IS NOT BETTER. My DNP is made in a lab, not an industrial chemical company, right here in USA. It's clean (Chinese sellers insist they have 99% purity, and they're lying through their teeth), and made exclusively for me--they don't supply to anyone else. Plus, I make my product in a sterile environment, not some dingy work shed. I use medical driers and anti-static blowers (both to keep myself safe, and to prevent dust from contaminating the powder I use), and all the equipment is kept clean. I know, I know, anyone can say that they do the same thing. And maybe they do, but I know I do.
  19. 9. My health and safety record is the best. That doesn't impugn any other sources; some of them have perfect safety records, too--but for a shorter time, 'cause they're new. I'm at 16 years with a perfect record. Now, a source can't help if a buyer might have an allergy to DNP, and that doesn't say anything negative toward the source any more than it would mean a Mexican restaurant is bad if they serve the best guacamole in the world to a customer who can't have avocado. But as far as issues of health and safety that a source really CAN influence, I've got the longest record for it. 90% of my business is from buyers who are returning to repeat their business with me.
  21. 19 DNP is not where you want to cut corners. "Hmm, this guy is cheaper, but Dinitro has the best reputation of anyone." What choice should you make? It's not like choosing the cheaper gas station on a street. DNP is something that needs to be handled with expertise and respect. You get what you pay for.
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