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  1. <color="blue">By joining this server, you acknowledge that by being in it, you are indeed in the beam</color>
  2. You may be asking, exactly <color="orange">what</color> happens while I'm in the beam?
  3. Oh, many wonderful things happen that no normie could handle. So, why not hop in to the beam?
  4. However, there are a few rules you must follow while in the <color="blue">beam</color>
  5. <color="red">1.</color> No modified clients or scripts to gain an advantage over other beamers.
  6. <color="red">2.</color> Doxxing is rude. Please don't do it. We understand it is fully possible, but it is just rude. So no. This is a permanent ban.
  7. <color="orange">3.</color> Please do not teamkill without reason, or mass teamkill. We understand that you may want to team kill if someone is closing doors on you, or something. Feel free to get rid of the nuisance. However, doing it to a completely innocent person is just a dick move, my dude.
  8. <color="red">4.</color> Please do not mic spam anything annoying. Anything nice, y'know, like actual music, is welcome and appreciated.
  9. <color="red">5.</color> No hitting on little girls or boys. Ew.
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