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  1. [b]Name[/b]: Vyerelia Dres Morvidus
  3. [b]Gender[/b]: Female
  5. [b]Age[/b]: 292
  7. [b]Race[/b]: Dunmer
  9. [b]Sexuality[/b]: She is potentially sexually attracted to rich suitors.
  11. [b]Skills[/b]: As leader of Great House Dres, Vyerelia is a skilled stewardess in regards to money, and rhetoratician in regards to speech. She is also very adept at destruction and conjuration Magic, and makes excellent use of light armor.
  13. [b]Appearance[/b]: Vyerelia is a beautiful Dunmeri woman, with a light purle hue to her grey skin, and silvery-white hair. In spite of having a slim physique, there are a clear amount of curves to her beautifully seductive form.
  14. https://i.imgur.com/gEjnDlw.jpg
  16. [b]Equipment[/b]: Vyerelia is skilled with Light Armor, and has a number of beautiful outfits that are specifically made to highlight her voluptuous appearance. She has a whip that she uses to whip people she dislikes, or to grapple them or their weapons, and has a number of magical staves and blades to dismember her foes violently, or tear them apart with Magic.
  18. [b]Birth Sign[/b]: The Mage
  20. [b]Occupation/Class[/b]: Grand Magnate of Great House Dres, Matron of Clan Morvidus
  22. [b]Biography[/b]: Vyerelia was born in the great city of Tear during the dark age of Morrowind. The great city of Almalexia, which had been renamed Azura, was a small colony, a shadow, ruined version of its former self during the Oblivion Crisis, when Queen Zylvaera Tel Esola sacrificed herself after she and Archmagistrix Lexara Adolren lead a futile defense of the city.
  24. She was educated as any Dres noble, serving as a courtier and protegé to one of the magnate families within the great palace of Tear, where she learned Morrowind history after its enslavement and abandonment by the Empire, the assault by the Oblivion Gates, and by the Argonians. She was sent to live amongst the Simothan Sisters, an elusive group of Dunmer Magi in northern Black Marsh, that hide within a lodge within the swamps. Though politically unaligned, being neutral to the Argonians and hiding themselves from their armies, these mages were well-equipped to teach Vyerelia about all kinds of Magics.
  26. When the time came, she unceremoniously blew up the former Grand Magnate whilst being his successor, and took his position.
  28. Tear was exempt from most of the troubles of the Oblivion Crisis. Silnion Vale was breifly destroyed, thought it was quickly resettled and repopulated. However, the crisis left Morrowind ruined. Its capital city was destroyed, hundreds of thousands were dead, and Vvardenfell was gone, only spewing ash that blackened out the sky. Vyerelia saw the stirrings of the Argonians to the south, whom would destroy the Shadowscales and Argonian Monarchy to rally under the An-Xileel, who proceeded to assault Morrowind with a vicious attack.
  30. Vyerelia saw to the defense of Tear. Though its great walls were shattered by the Oblivion Crisis, they were made anew in the Fourth Era, taller and stronger than ever, possibly the tallest walls of and great city in Tamriel. The defensible city lasted for years in a siege against the Argonians, with Tear being able to resupply itself through its ports, and travel up the rivers to resupply its vassal settlements of Silnion Vale and Kithendis Falls. Though the Argonians would cut a bloody swathe through eastern Morrowind, sacking Port Telvannis and killing the legendary Archmagistrix, Lexara Adolren, Azura-Almalexia was miraculously spared, and the Redoran held off the Argonians from the West. Narsis, however, was lost, and House Sadras lost a great amount of land.
  32. Still, Vyerelia's will saw to the protection of Great House Dres. When the Argonian threat passed, she was quick to fortify the Dres southern border with traps, a system of scouts that would use non-native bird calls to alert one another as to Argonian advances, the literal draining of the swamps into the remade irrigation systems to boost Dres crop output, a system of gondoliers and boats to travel up the river to warn of impending Argonian attacks, and an exchange with House Indoril: Indoril would be able to enroach into Sadras lands to retake what was taken up to Ebonheart by House Hlaalu in the early Third Era, in exchange for Dres recieving the white city of Necrom, the Necropolis of Morrowind. (This is a justification for the fact that Caesar gave the Dres Necrom on the map, I guess.)
  34. The city of Necrom is a large boost for the Telvanni, as it allows them as second major port city on an easily defensible peninsula, a clear fallback for the House of Dres, and a potential commercial stop.
  36. Now, the Grand Magnate's eyes lie on the lands of House Sadras, and the Argonian-occupied ruins of  Narsis. However, all of Morrowind and an empire beyond are within her scope of ambition.
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