Sendai Home Security Kai [Typeset]

Jul 2nd, 2016
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  1. Sendai Home Security Kai Translation
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  4. >Jintsuu: If have you that much free time, you could go and clean your room....
  5. >Sendai: Every time the seasons change, a certain emtpniess comes upon me...
  6. >Sendai: This must be the so-called May sickness.
  7. >Jintsuu: While I have no idea what nee-san is saying, I'm confident that it doesn't work that way. | If you have this much free time, why don't you go out get some groceries for once?
  9. >Sendai: Don't wanna, it's so cold out~
  10. >Jintsuu: It's spring already, it's quite warm [in daytime at least]
  11. >Sendai: What are you two doing?
  12. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan and I are going on a three-day expedition today. [Because it's a concert.]
  13. >Jintsuu: Nee-san, there isn't enough food to last you the three days of our expedition if you just loaf around indoors.
  14. >Sendai: There you go, trying to fool me again. There must be something to eat hidden in your usual nook.
  16. >Naka: All the food in there has been packed as expedition provisions. At this point they've probably arrived in Rabaul or somewhere else by now.
  17. >Sendai: Deadass?! (literally: just any exclamation of irritation will do)
  18. >Sendai: So you're telling me that you've cleared out all the chips and snacks I bought?!
  19. >Sendai: ...but I will not be deterred by such a minor setback.
  20. >Sendai: This is the age of technology!
  22. >Sendai: The Jungles (note: this is a literal translation, apparently the nips refer to Amazon as "the Jungle," referring to the obvious jungles of the Amazon) shall ride to my aid! | As long as I order now, they will arrive by midday [probably...]!
  23. >[(X) Important notice: As of now, we are unable to deliver to your specified location.]
  24. >[Please select another destination, add another destination or directly retrieve from the Amazon store.]
  25. >[The products that cannot be shipped to your indicated location are listed below. When the product arrives, please follow the following]
  26. >Sendai: Oy, Jintsuu...according to this, a landslide of some sort just happened to block the route to our Naval District yesterday, and it just so happens to be under maintenance today...
  27. >Jintsuu: Well that's just how it is, Nee-san. You can shop,
  28. >Jintsuu: or you can you can starve for three days.
  29. >Sendai: attack my supply lines...
  31. >Sendai: Fine, fine, I'll go....I guess it's fine to go out once in a while.
  32. >Jintsuu: Mm, that's how it should be.
  33. >Jintsuu: While you're at it, please buy this, and this....
  34. >Jintsuu: and some of this and bring it back.
  35. >Sendai: You sure like to make requests when you have the opportunity....
  36. >Jintsuu: I make requests of you all the time.
  37. >Sendai: I can't refute that...
  39. >Jintsuu: Nee-san, you don't wear underwear?!
  40. >Sendai: Ehh, it's more comfortable! Is that not alright?!
  42. >Jintsuu: It's not alright!
  43. >Jintsuu: Nee-san, as the flagship of the glorious 3rd Torpedo DIvision, | I....If...
  44. >Jintsuu: If your nip tips start pitching tents, I'll.....
  45. >Sendai: I got it! sorry! I'll deal with it!
  46. >Sendai: [I'll just tape 'em down--]
  47. >Jintsuu: Nee-san, this is getting ridiculous!
  49. >[Sendai: How many days have passed...fighting back exhaustion once the shelling stops....]
  50. >[Sendai: Without food and without friends; but in order to live on, I must keep moving on.]
  51. >Sendai: As I struggle to poke my head out from the trenches, all that meets the eyes is]
  52. >[Sendai: Dazzling sunlight.]
  53. >Sendai: Ah~it's dazzling....
  54. >[Sendai: Sure, everyone says that the blue light from televisions is bad for you, or that a laser's red light could be carcinogenic]
  55. >[Sendai: But if you ask me, the sun's glare is even worse...]
  57. >Sendai: In any anime about intergalactic warfare, there's always going to be some kind of doomsday weapon that utilizes the sun's rays...
  58. >Suzuya: Ah, isn't that Sendai? Rare to see you in person outside like this.
  59. >Sendai: Oh, it's Peel (note: "贝璐" literally translates to "Peel," as in the 19th century bong who designed the modern civilian police force, but it could possibly be "Pal" or refer to somethign in Japanese.)
  60. >Suzuya: Can ya not call me by my username?
  61. >[Online gaming buddies]
  62. >Sendai: To be honest, this and that happened....
  63. >Suzuya: That's your bad... | true, vidya gem is real fun, but you should go outside every once in a while too!
  64. >Suzuya: I'll join you, let's go and...
  65. >Kumano: Suzuya! So this is where you ran off to!
  67. >Kumano: You're always lazing around, playing around and neglecting your duties.
  68. >Kumano: DId you think it'd be alright if you didn't play indoors?
  69. >Suzuya: I'm not playing, I'm going shopping with Sendai
  70. >[Suzuya: So I'm not lazing around OR playing around!]
  71. >Kumano: That's called playing around!
  72. >Kumano: The least you could do is show up to fleet exercises!
  73. >Sendai: Ahh, every family has someone like that, huh...
  75. >Sendai: What do I need to buy...Soy sauce, oil, and....?
  76. >Sendai: Ah, that's right, that's right, I have to buy Spaghetti.
  77. >Sendai: Or should I just buy some frozen foods instead?
  78. >Sendai: Frozen foods are amazing. You can just put 'em on paper plates and you won't even have to wash it when you're done.
  79. >Sendai: Especially this kind, Blue Hole (note: literal translation of 蓝洞. Could be a brand name that refers to the natural phenomenon and stuff, it's super good.
  81. >Sendai: Next up is some energy drinks, and
  82. >[Sendai: next up...]
  83. >[Sendai: How perplexing. It really is perplexing.]
  84. >[Sendai: If it's three days, I'll probably eat roughly 9 bags of normal potato chip packs.]
  85. >Sendai: But if I just end up buying a family pack of thinly salted (literally: thin salt, 薄鹽), it'll get pretty boring.
  86. >[Sendai: Plus]
  87. >Sendai: Oh wowee, thinly salted, huh, I LOVE thinly salted chips!
  88. >[Sendai: I don't like that flavor THAT much.]
  89. >Sendai: Caught between buying seaweed-and-salt flavored chips and french broth-flavored chips,
  91. >Sendai: I'll have to put a lightly salted family pack each of seaweed-and-salt and french broth into the basket.
  92. >Sendai: In the middle of the night, when your spirits are highest, spiciness helps perk you up. Once it wears off you get that relaxed feeling too. I should get a pack of this too, then.
  93. >Sendai: And in the end, it has to be....
  94. >Sendai: something like Kansai soup stock flavor or Thai hot-and-sour flavor... | it's hard to quickly choose between one or the other if you have to pick one...
  95. >Sendai: so I'd better grab just one of them now!
  97. >Sendai: Jintsuu! I've shopped and have returned!
  98. >Sendai: Three day's worth of food! It's my victory!
  99. >Jintsuu: You don't need to be THAT proud about it...
  100. >Jintsuu: But still, nee-san got the soy sauce and everything I asked you to get on the way. Thank you for that.
  101. >Sendai: Hmhm! That kind of thing isn't anything big!
  102. >Jintsuu: Yes, yes.
  103. >Naka: So your three day's worth of food is in those bags?
  105. >Sendai: That's right, that's right!
  106. >[Sendai: Me vittles!]
  107. >Jintsuu: matter how I look at it, all I see in this bag are frozen noodles and potato chips.
  108. >Sendai: Well, I just bought the stuff I wanted to eat?
  109. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan.
  110. >Naka: Reporting! What are your orders?
  112. >Jintsuu: Please take that bag and ship everything to the expedition destination. The Party venue, if you please.
  113. >[Naka: Acknowledged-]
  114. >Naka: Yes, Ma'am! I hear and obey!
  115. >Sendai: No way! Why?! I worked so hard--!
  116. >Jintsuu: Well then, let's make a trade.
  117. >Jintsuu: I'm sure these fruits and vegetables are enough to last nee-san three days.
  118. >Sendai: Ehh...iyahhhhhh.....
  119. >[-end-]
  121. >Naka: How unusual...for nee-san to get up this early in the day.
  122. >Jintsuu: Apparently, a new video game is on sale today.
  123. >Sendai: If I recall correctly, it was around here....
  124. >Sendai: Eh
  125. >Sendai: The line's this long?!!
  126. >Sendai: C...could you tell me where the end of the line is...?
  127. >Ooyodo: Over there, on the horizon.
  129. >Sendai: I'm not going home until I get it!
  130. >[Sendai: Just one more person! It's just one more!]
  131. >[Yukikaze: HEY, Admiral--]
  132. >[Sendai: Awesome!]
  133. >Ooyodo: Sorry, we're closed as of today.
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