Sit on my face and tell me you love me (sonata, gfd) WIP

Nov 28th, 2018
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  1. >>
  2. >>Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me
  4. >you've been 'netflix and chill'ing for a couple hours now, cuddling with your girl on the couch as you watch some retarded show
  5. >it's meh at best, but she seems like she's having fun
  6. >and what's happening on screen isn't what's important anyway
  7. >that's not why you do it
  8. >it's just been one of those days
  9. >or one of those weeks, even
  10. >you just want to feel her close to you
  11. >closer and closer
  12. >but no matter how bad you find the actors' playing skills, the unavoidable sex scene between the main protagonist and his love interest starts and you're kinda forced to pay attention
  13. >and if that wasn't enough to flip your own switch, you can feel your little blue's not so little buttocks grinding into your crotch
  14. >you don't even know if she's doing it intentionally or not
  15. >and quite frankly you don't know which would be hotter
  16. >but even though you're welcoming it, even more so as you feel yourself growing between those plump cheeks of hers, it's not exactly what you want right now
  17. >what you need
  18. >the sex looks okay, but it was the words the two characters exchanged that got to you
  19. >giving her tummy a last caress as you shift your whole body to make sure you can touch as many inches of her body, you pull your hand from under her shirt and reach for her hand, the one lazily resting next to the empty bowl of chips
  20. >if she's surprised or wondering what it is you're doing, she doesn't show any of it, her eyes still intently looking at the screen as her hips keep working onto you and as your fingers wiggle themselves inside the hold of her hand
  21. >your fingers aren't nearly as manly as you wish they were, yet hers look so much smaller
  22. >so delicate, so soft and beautiful
  23. >yet the way they hold onto yours is firm and assertive and...
  24. >exactly what you need
  26. >this is a well practiced dance you both share, it's not your first rodeo nor is it your first time asking her
  27. >yet you flinch
  28. >that part is so hard, no matter how many times you practiced it prior
  29. >there's always that insecure voice inside your head
  30. >what if she says no
  31. >what if she looks down on you when you do it
  32. >what if she'd rather you were the one more assertive and
  33. >fuck
  34. >that's exactly why you need her
  35. >slowly, you bring her hand up and to your lips
  36. >kissing its back as if doing so would help you find the courage your lips need right now
  37. >she giggles, obviously wondering what it is you're doing
  38. >you love her giggle
  39. >it means she's having fun, and if she has fun then that's more than enough for you
  40. >and maybe that's where you'll find the courage you're looking for
  41. >so you keep going, peppering the back of her hand all the way to her wrist with kisses
  42. >then the knuckles, each one of them, making sure they each receive some of your affections
  43. >and then--
  44. >you jolt as she turns around, forcing her hand free from your grasp as she does
  45. >you instantly miss it's feeling, but you don't have the time to groan your annoyance that her lips are on yours
  46. >it's not a hungry kiss, not one of pure passion the likes you've shared many times before
  47. >but it's not a peck either, just a genuine, happy kiss as you can still feel her lips grinning as they press onto yours
  48. >"That's where you're supposed to kiss me, silly~,"
  49. >then her fingers return, but onto your cheek this time
  50. >you can't help but lean into them and kiss them the second her lips break free from yours
  51. >she's just so
  52. >she chuckles
  53. >"Gee, and I thought you hated this show? If I knew it would get you going like that we would've watched it sooner~,"
  54. >you shake your head
  55. "Nah, it's just..."
  56. >you feel forced to take a deep breath to get it out
  57. "Today was a shitty day is all and I-I..."
  58. >her eyes are too distracting
  59. >or maybe too scary
  61. "I just need... it?"
  62. >you can't help but shy away from her gaze
  63. >"It~?"
  64. >you know she knows what you're talking about
  65. >she's not exactly the best poker player around
  66. "Oh come on, you know..."
  67. >"Nuh-huh, how could I know if you don't tell me!"
  68. "It's written all over your face, I know you know what I'm talking about,"
  69. >her grin widens as she loses all pretense at trying to look oblivious
  70. >"Maybe, but I still want to hear you say it,"
  71. >that's when her expression turns devious
  72. >and as a way to make it even harder for you, her face leans in and her lips find your neck
  73. >god damnit
  74. "W-why? You know what I'm going to--Nngh,"
  75. >a shiver runs all the way down to your every extremities and you feel them tense up as her teeth join in on her assault
  76. >"Because I want to hear you say it, duh,"
  77. >but said assault stops as quickly as it started as she pushes herself back up so her face rests right above yours, just so the only thing you can see is the raspberry color of her eyes
  78. >"And I want you to look at me when you say it~,"
  79. >your heart skips at that
  80. >you can't do that
  81. >how could you?!
  82. >it's hard enough to say it but while looking at her
  83. >that's just...
  84. "You're evil,"
  85. >her eyes light up and her grin widens again as if to prove your point
  86. >"I know, right?! But I know you love it, so~,"
  87. >only then do you notice her hand resting onto your chest, hovering right above your heart
  88. >and her fingers start to dig ever so slightly into your skin as your eyes lock onto them
  89. >as if for making a show of her hold onto it
  90. >as if for reminding you that it's hers
  91. >and she knows it
  92. >this is just too much for you and your arm, with a mind of its own, shoots up to cover your face
  93. >you don't want her to see you like that
  94. >so fragile
  95. >so weak
  96. >or maybe you kinda do but you can't help it
  98. >"Hey!"
  99. >her hand leaves your chest to grab onto your wrist and pull it away, pinning it down against the couch's arm and exposing yourself to her once more
  100. >"No cheating!"
  101. >she's one to say that
  102. "You cheat all the time!"
  103. >you try and hide your embarrassment behind some playfulness but your voice still betrays you at the end
  104. >"Maybe, but those don't count,"
  105. >nani
  106. "How so?!"
  107. >"Because I say so~,"
  108. >oh of course
  109. >that makes sense
  110. >and yet you can't even come up with anything to counter that
  111. >or maybe you don't want to
  113. >you squirm a bit and give the arm she took hostage a couple of tugs to try and break free but it's not moving
  114. >she's strong like that
  115. >freakishly so, scaringly so
  116. >but kinda what you'd expect from an 8 feet tall seahorse monster in a cute teenager body
  117. >and even though she doesn't really need to do anything to secure her hold onto you, there really isn't anything you could do at this point, she still shifts up and forward, lifting her left leg to slip it in between you and the back of the couch to straddle you
  118. >to really get on top of you
  119. >and you groan as her plump rear, the object of so much of your affection, finds your crotch
  120. >you're hard as a rock
  121. >you feel as if you could explode in only a couple of pumps
  122. >yet it's not even what's on the forefront of your mind
  123. >that's not even what you care the most about right now
  124. >and you hope she knows that
  125. >that she understands that
  126. >sex is fine
  127. >it's great, it's absolutely glorious
  128. >but it's still not what you crave for
  129. >not what you need right this moment
  130. "I love you,"
  131. >it slips past your lips
  132. >you had it on the tip of your tongue for a while now but you still didn't plan on letting it out so soon
  133. >and she's just as surprised as you are, obviously not expecting these words right now
  134. >but her surprised face only lasts for so long, her expression softening and smile turning warm and comforting as she leans in again and kisses you
  135. >it might be the best kiss you've ever felt
  136. >you feel so happy, so safe and secure and comfortable right now, even as her nails dig into the skin of your wrists
  137. >nothing could ever ruin this moment
  138. >and you lean into it as she tries to back away
  139. >which seems to dissuade her from stopping it so soon, chuckling as she watches your body straining to follow her lips due to the position your arm is in right now, before complying and leaning back down to keep going
  141. >you don't even know how long it lasts
  142. >you don't care
  143. >it's still not enough, even as it turns hungrier and hungrier
  144. >even as her tongue pushes its way past your lips
  145. >even as you feel it forcing yours into submission and hear that victorious, devilish sound escaping her throat
  146. >even as you feel her breasts and crotch grinding against you, searching for more of your warmth
  147. >but it has to end, eventually
  148. >even if you once more strain to follow her lips when she pulls away, even as you whine in need when her second hand pushes your chest back down onto the softness below to stop your chase in its tracks
  149. >more
  150. >you want more
  151. >you need this
  152. >you'd do anything--
  153. >"Nuh-huh, no more kisses until you tell me what I wanna hear~,"
  154. >shit
  155. >anything but that?
  156. >she's got you again
  157. >exactly where she wants you to be, writhing under her and putty in her hand
  158. >and she's looking at you like a wolf would a piece of meat, her tongue peeking out to lick her lips before her upper teeth come out to nibble onto the lower one
  159. >god how you wish that was you right now
  160. >and her eyes
  161. >god, her eyes
  162. >just a look at them and boom, you're done
  163. >nothing you can do against those
  164. >and your mind is so fuzzy right now you think you can see hearts shaping them
  165. >and the thumping in your chest isn't helping your case
  166. >you need more
  167. "Baby please..."
  168. >you beg
  169. >pushing forward and against her touch, trying to fight it
  170. >to no avail of course
  171. >and she softly moans at the display, before shaking her head
  172. >"Not until you tell me what you really want,"
  173. >fuck
  174. >but it doesn't take you long to decide
  175. "I want..."
  176. >she leans forward a bit while giving a few short nods of the head, seemingly eager to hear it
  177. >but that proves too much and your gaze shies away to look at the tv showing the title screen
  178. " to sit on my face, please?"
  179. >she harrumphs
  180. >"Awww, come on!"
  182. >
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