Four-eyed Kirishima and the Kongou-class [Typeset]

Dec 24th, 2015
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  1. Four-eyed Kirishima and the Kongou-class Translation
  2. From
  4. >Kirishima's tiiiny!
  5. >Kirishima Lvl. 1
  6. >What's your name?
  7. >I-I'm Kirishima.
  8. >You know that.
  9. >I'm raising this Kirishima as a reserve unit.
  10. >As supplementary force, if you will.
  12. >I want to leave that task to you all.
  13. >Leave it to us!
  14. >Commander, couldn't you raise some other child?
  15. >[Like the Nagato]
  16. >Well--our supplies are a little stretched right now...
  17. >Hiei onee-sama, u-um, could Haruna hold her for a while?
  18. >Sure.
  19. >N-o!
  20. >Ehhh
  21. >What, what? Could it be that you're jealous?
  22. >As if.
  23. >I just feel as if Haruna would definitely take it as a chance to show her older sister side.
  24. >What's wrong with that?! It's just for a little bit!
  26. >Haruna understands.
  27. >Kirishima wants to be willful to Haruna, right? Go ahe--mfffffff
  28. >Shut up for a minute.
  29. >That aside, does Hiei nee-san want to try sortieing her?
  30. >Ah
  31. >That's right--
  32. >Oh wow
  33. >Kirishima-san's so tiny--
  34. >Shigure, could you sortie with this child? After all, her current level is very low.
  35. >SUre.
  37. >There's a destroyer over there. See it?
  38. >I can see it, it's an I-class.
  39. >If it's a destroyer, I wonder if it's alright.
  40. >Speed, bearing verified.
  41. >Firing!
  42. >She might be a little small, but she's definitely a battleship.
  44. >We're back.
  45. >Welcome back. How'd she do?
  46. >One shot, one kill-- (note: isn't Shigure a little tall?)
  47. >Uwaah--impressive, Kirishima-chan~
  48. >Well done--
  49. >Not really.
  50. >Uuu...Kirishima-san, at me....
  51. >Eh? Haruna-san?!
  53. >Why does this child hate Haruna?
  54. >Give Haruna some company.
  55. >Here, Haruna.
  56. >Ahh
  57. >Uwaah--Kirishima-san's so cuute!
  58. >Ahhhhh so tiny! Haruna can't hold back anymore!
  59. >Haruna wants to go to sleep with Haruna-chan.
  60. >No. Your sleeping appearance is pretty horrific.
  61. >Then let's all sleep in one FUton!
  62. >Do you think any one of us will enjoy sharing a futon with three people?
  63. >It'll fit! If we give it all our spirit!
  64. >Our spirit my ass, goodnight.
  65. >Kirishima!
  67. >The next morning
  68. >Mmm--
  69. >Good morning, Haruna.
  70. >Good mor...
  71. >ning?!
  72. >Not bad--so she gets older as she gets stronger.
  73. >At this rate you'll be just as big as we are--
  74. >Haruna, are you sulking about something?
  75. >Haruna feels like the tiny tiny Kirishima was better...
  76. >Oy
  77. >Calm down a little.
  78. >Gwaahhh!
  79. >[smack]
  80. >You can't do that, Kirishima-chan
  81. >Now now, go and apologize.
  82. >gugugu
  83. >Wahh!
  84. >This child's entered her rebellious phase!
  85. >[Completely uncomprehending]
  86. >Even if you tell me...
  88. >Speaking of which, what are you now?
  89. >[note: level]
  90. >You should be 10 by now, right?
  91. >I'm 13.
  92. >If you refer to it that way, won't I seem like some kind of old crone--?
  93. >Well then, let me teach you how to check your mike.
  94. >Kirishima looks like she's enjoying having another sister--
  95. >Mm
  97. >[max volume]
  98. >[*feedback screech]
  99. >There might be a big problem.
  100. >This is indeed a heavy problem.
  101. >My bad.
  103. >From then on, every day
  104. >Her level slowly began to rise.
  105. >Until finally,
  106. >Kirishima has also
  107. >Kirishima Kai, Lvl. 75
  108. >reached a fairly high level of expertise.
  109. >Kirishima-chan's become so heavy.
  110. >[what are you thinking]
  111. >what a rude way of saying that.
  112. >Now now, stop now, Hiei nee-san.
  113. >Ow
  114. >More importantly, shouldn't you be heading over to the factory?
  116. >What will she be doing in the factory?
  117. >What else could it be? We've already come this far.
  118. >C-could it be that?!
  119. >Although I've been a little hesitant about it.
  120. >Haruna is completely opposed!
  121. >WHen I make a decision, I carry it through! >What is "that"?
  122. >Factory + something Haruna opposes = Scrapping!
  123. >Commander, you can't! Hiei is completely opposed to this! Super opposed! >Haaah?! >Haruna onee-sama, you truly understand me after all!
  125. >[Factory]
  126. >Uuu~ Is this truly justice?
  127. >Haruna...destiny is destiny...
  128. >What are you two talking about? Is there such a need to bemoan a remodeling?
  129. >Of course it's worth bemoaning....
  130. >Eh, remodel...?!
  131. >Hold on, what....
  132. >[done!]
  133. >Thanks for the wait.
  135. >Kirishima has undergone her Kai II remodel.
  136. >Congratulations! Now you're just like us--
  137. >I thought the commander was taking her to be scrapped.
  138. >[moved me to fucken' tears]
  139. >Why would i do something that wasteful?
  140. >I figured early on that Hiei onee-san would think that.
  141. >Why'd you have to remodel her--?!
  142. >This is wasteful too--!!
  144. >Whether it's Hiei nee-san or Haruna nee-san, they both think I'm better before my remodel.
  145. >That kind makes me feel a bit sad too...
  146. >Don't worry, I like you both ways!
  147. >Haruna just wanted to coddle Kirishima!
  148. >Can you get away from me?
  149. >Don't reject her like that, Kirishima.
  150. >Gerroff me.
  151. >You can be as honest and willful with Haruna as you like!
  152. >Oy--
  153. >Next up it's Haruna's turn--
  154. >Wh--out of nowhere--
  155. >Not bad, leave it to Kirishima.
  156. >What's your name?
  157. >Haruna!
  158. >Hold up, didn't you hate it when I did that to you?!
  160. [Postface]
  161. >[I'm RN. THank you for buying this doujin. Although I originally wanted to make a Haruna-Kirishima doujin, I came up with this story while training 4th ship Kirishima. Although it's not Yuri, I'm happy just to draw the Kongou-class. This is my first time seriously planning out the doujin's length and story contents before drawing it, and I gained a lot of valuable experience from it. As the pagecount is a little small, the story kind of jumps a little from page to page, and as such there might be some misunderstandings, but as long as you like it I'll be happy. Although I'm not quite sure when we'll meet next, I hope I'll be in your care next time we meet!
  162. [Doppelganger]
  163. >[number two ship]
  164. >Eh?!
  165. >Could it be a doppelganger...
  166. >Ahhhhhhhh you don't want to go there--!!
  167. >Eh?!
  168. >[Explanation: there's a urban legend in Japan that there is a doppelganger of you out there, and you'll die if you meet them.]
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