MGE Side III Violent Sounds

May 22nd, 2020
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  1. This electric guitar, could it possibly be… the “V2 Rising”?!
  2. Ah, yeah sorry. I got a little excited there.
  4. This is an instrument shop I browse often.
  5. This store has good taste in instruments. But don’t chat too much with the store manager.
  6. So, what kind of experience do you have with instruments?
  7. This instrument is an “Electric Guitar”, and I play it too. Since it makes a sharp sound like thunder, it’s officially called the “Thunder Strings”.
  8. Over here are the “Thunder Drums”. Its formal name is “Thunder Roar Drums”, because it makes a resounding boom like the roar of thunder.
  9. Just so you know, monsters of the harpy genus have claws hidden well within our wings, so we can also play instruments.
  10. Anyway, which one do you like?
  11. For now, you can try that instrument over there, so do you want to touch it?
  13. “Hold on brother, show me your fingers.
  14. ...What the, you don’t use them very much, huh?”
  16. Uwa, she came out...
  17. This is the store manager, “Zane”. As you can see, she’s a manticore.
  18. This person’s story is tiresome, so it’s fine to flat-out ignore her.
  20. “Listen brother, whether it’s playing an instrument or having sex with this girl, what’s important is the fingering!
  21. A man that’s skilled at sex is also skilled at playing instruments. The opposite is also true!
  22. What kind of instrument fits his hands should be chosen by the woman that’s constantly being touched by him♪
  23. Thus, when rubbing a woman’s chest, a delicate man who politely squeezes it with his fingertips is a guitar, and a lively man that intensely seizes it is a drum, that’s the simplest way to judge...”
  25. See, she started already...
  26. Back off and move on. Instruments are always good. If she goes on chattering like this, she’ll start talking about how her husband touches her, and she won’t stop.
  28. In the end, she’ll start saying things like “My husband is great at squeezing and grasping, so he’s good at playing the guitar and the drums you know”...
  29. But, you know... that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that person’s story though.
  30. Your fingertips are... yeah, they might be a little sexy.
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