Dec 19th, 2020
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  1. ## Configuring
  3. Open the "" script and configure any settings. Don't worry about changing the sensitivity settings just yet. You'll calibrate those later.
  5. ## Running
  7. The injected mouse events will get you screen locked after a few senconds/minutes. When screen locked, you won't be able to capture directly from the game. You can capture indirectly through OBS by using the fullscreen or windowed projector. You can specify the capture window in the configuration settings. To start the aimbot, open the command prompt and cd to the directory where the "" script is. Make sure that both the game and the OBS projection are already running. You can then start the aimbot by running the command "python".
  9. ## Calibrating
  11. The aiming method is a simple constant-speed flick to the target position. You need to configure the sensitivities, which specify proportionally how much the mouse should be moved given the distance from the center of the screen to the target position. The sensitivity is going to depend on your mouse settings, your in-game sensitivity settings, the hero and whether the hero is scoped. Follow the steps below to calibrate:
  13. 1. Enable the ESP in the configuration settings and set the offsets to 0.
  14. 2. Load the game and enter the training area.
  15. 3. Start the aimbot.
  16. 4. Position yourself so that the static character is completely inside the capture area.
  17. 5. Press the activation key and observe how the mouse moves towards the top-left corner of the detection.
  18. 6. If the mouse mouse moved too far, reduce the sensitivity in the configuration settings. If it didn't move far enough, increase the sensitivity. Otherwise, stop!
  19. 7. Stop the aimbot and go to (3).
  21. You want the crosshair to land on the top-left corner of the detection. You should restore the offsets in the configuration settings once you are happy.
  23. ## Troubleshooting
  25. **How do I activate it?**
  26. The aimbot is activated using the forward button on your mouse. You can change the script to use a different button if you want.
  28. **Nothing happens when I press the activation button.**
  29. You could be screen locked and trying to record from the Overwatch window. Try use the OBS projector and record from that. You can enable the test capture setting to visualize the image that the neural network is receiving. If you are capturing through OBS, make sure the OBS projector window is just behind the Overwatch window. You can think of the Overwatch window as being transparent.
  31. Enable the ESP and make sure that you are getting detections. If there are no detections, but the test capture looks good, then ensure that the enemy outline color is set to magenta in the game settings. If all the detections look good then try changing the activation button.
  33. **The aimbot is slow.**
  34. Make sure that the ESP is disabled. Reduce any graphics settings. Your GPU may just not be capable of running both the game and the neural network at the same time. If the aimbot is running slowly then the accuracy will be negatively affected.
  36. **It misses a lot of shots**
  37. Check your offset settings. Check that you have callibrated for your chosen character. Consider reducing graphics settings, allowing the aimbot to run at a higher frame rate. Enable the ESP to view the detections. If the detections are offset from the enemy characters then ensure that the window you are capturing from is maximised (fullscreen). The aiming method will miss a lot of shots if you are moving side to side relative to the enemy, or if the enemy is moving quickly. The flick method is very limited because it only captures the position of the enemy once and then flicks to that position. It doesn't account for the fact that the enemy can move during the duration of the flick. There are much better methods, but this is just a proof of concept. Perhaps you can try and implement a better method?
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