Baten Kaitos 99.92% FAQ

Jul 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. In July/August 2020, I completed a Baten Kaitos 99.92% Speedrun. The final time was 84:29:45. Yes, 84 HOURS. That's 3 days and 12 hours.
  3. - 99.92%? What The Heck?
  4. OK, so you probably already know that 100% takes 14 days. If you don't, you should read the 100% FAQ first:
  5. Over the years, many people asked "how long would it be without the Splendid Hair" and the answer is simple: the 2nd longest item to evolve takes 80 hours to do so, we can only get it after 2 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay, and we also have about 2 hours of menus. So it would take a little less than 85 hours.
  6. And this is exactly what we did.
  8. - How did you calculate it to be "99.92%"?
  9. If you add 1022 Magnus, 141 SP Combos, 50 Constellations, 32 Family Members, and 17 Animals, you obtain 1262.
  10. If you remove the Splendid Hair, that makes 1261/1262, which is 99.92%.
  11. This completely is an arbitrary method of calculation, especially taking in consideration the fact the 50 Constellations are part of the 1022 Magnus already. But even if we remove 50, 1211/1212 is 99.917% which rounds up to 99.92% anyway.
  13. - What about the gameplay ratio? How did your split the gameplay and the pauses?
  14. There were about 40 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay. Which means a little less than 50% of the run is gameplay. You might be thinking that this is not a lot, but keep in mind that 100% only has about 18% of gameplay, and that's already considered to be a ton by many people.
  16. Here is how I did:
  17. 6h30 gameplay
  18. 2h30 pause
  19. 3h30 gameplay
  20. 7h30 sleep
  21. 3h gameplay
  22. 4h pause
  23. 5h30 gameplay
  24. 9h30 sleep
  25. 5h gameplay
  26. 2h pause
  27. 5h gameplay
  28. 3h pause
  29. 3h30 gameplay
  30. 6h sleep
  31. 3h gameplay
  32. 8h30 sleep
  33. 5h gameplay
  34. 2h pause
  35. 30min gameplay
  37. As you can see, even if the run is "only" 3.5 days long, this is massively more brutal than 100% where you can just play 4 hours and pause for 20 hours every day.
  40. If you have any questions about this category, you can ask them on this SRC Thread:
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