WarpedRealm release 1.49

Mar 12th, 2023 (edited)
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  1. Release 1.49 Changes:
  2. - :tick: Fixed PvE Combat not disabling /resourceworld
  3. - :tick: Switched a few rarer staffs from wooden / diamond hoes to netherite hoes
  4. - :tick: Fixed the server running an hour behind
  5. - :tick: Added server version to ❓information (also moved the ip to the top)
  6. - :tick: Fixed rank upgrades in the store still giving 5000 claim blocks and 50 sellwands
  7. - :tick: Fixed the new particles not being included in the rank upgrade descriptions
  8. - :tick: Refactored how the /chatcolor gui works
  9. - :tick: Added these patchnotes to the wiki
  10. - :tick: Fixed the spectral wraith interceptor and spectral wraith sprinter quests having desynced descriptions / titles and actual objectives
  11. - :tick: Made the sacred role color in the discord lighter
  12. - :tick: Added /bosses to TCF
  13. - :tick: Added auto broadcast mentioning the new /bosses gui
  14. - :tick: Edited store descriptions of ranks to include the new colors
  17. - :tickanimated: **Removed all 30 min boosters, all boosters are now 3 hours instead of 1 hour long, prices also slightly decreased**
  18. - :tickanimated: **Added new /bosses GUI showing all kinds of information about the different bosses on the server. Damage, Abilities, Drops etc.**
  19. - :tickanimated: **Added new chat colors to ranks: Yellow (Gilded+) Cyan (Corrupted+) Gold (Sacred+)**
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