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Barrett Brown twitter storm - December 15 and 16, 2014

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Dec 15th, 2014
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  2. Barrett Brown Tweets 1-99
  4. Hey guys, these are a bunch of tweets, all using #FreeBB and most including ‘Dec 16’ …use them as they are, edit them to make them your own, do as you like! Most of you are all over this like the legends that you are and may not need these at all ….we are going to start this at 9am Monday the 15th Texas time ….
  6. Also, just note, Kevin asked us not to make comparisons to Hunter Thompson – he just mentioned that sometimes it seems to send the crazies crazy …hehe - let's try not to upset folks!
  8. Steal these tweets instead of just retweeting them from others so hopefully we can get Barrett trending. Twitter storm today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is Barrett's sentencing. Pictures to use in your tweets if you wish.
  10. Here we go:
  13. 1. We didn't follow up his work, least we could do is follow up on his court case? #FreeBB Dec 16
  15. 2. Were u too busy to send a letter to Barrett's judge? Life is like that. You could still send a tweet to show him your support #FreeBB Dec16
  17. 3. How badly do Gov's want to STOP journalists? Ask BB in Texas, Nicky Hager in NZ, @ioerror in Germany, @wikileaks? #FreeBB Dec16
  20. 4. The powerful hope you don't care about a lot of things,they hope you are too busy for other people. Why be what they want? #FreeBB Dec16
  22. 5. BB:"I will here provide as much information as I can on Romas/COIN & its upcoming replacement"They locked him up 2 shut him up #FreeBB Dec16
  24. 6. Can't make sense of the craziness right now? You know what would help? Having Barrett Brown back to work #FreeBB Dec 16 We need him back
  26. 7. BB:"The Gov did such poor job of handling @wikileaks & Anonymous - it shows why @wikileaks and Anonymous are so important' #FreeBB Dec16
  28. 8. BB quote @Projpm “ I think we need to look at how we can better organize our efforts” #FreeBB He is in prison because he ORGANIZED. Dec16
  30. 9. Is it not that you don't care about surveillance, but more that you don't understand it? Then, you need Barrett Brown back #FreeBB Dec16
  32. 10. Barrett Brown could make sense of, and distribute complex info to ordinary citizens via @ProjPM The Gov didn’t like it. #FreeBB Dec16
  34. 11. BB on surveillance:"To combat these dynamics we need to have a long conversation" #FreeBB Dec16.They want him forgotten. Don't.
  36. 12. BB on info sifting ' I think we need to look at how we can better organize our efforts #FreeBB Sentencing Dec 16
  38. 13. Who is covering the sentencing of Barrett Brown on Dec 16? Knockity knock - if you're a journalist, that was your door. #FreeBB Dec16
  40. 14. BB on web control: "The corruption of the civic virtue is in opposition to what the internet should be" #FreeBB Sentencing Dec 16
  42. 15. BB on the future of activism : "Small organized groups that are less structured & less vulnerable to infiltration" #FreeBB Sentencing Dec 16
  44. 16. "We have the government watching us very closely, there is no way to determine the extent" #FreeBB Sentencing 4 spooking the Gov is Dec 16
  46. 17. BB quote:"The common thread was global participation in localized movement" #FreeBB He ORGANIZED ordinary people and scared the Gov. Dec 16
  48. 18. BB on calling William Wansley:”I called him at home on a Sunday morning, got him when he had just woken” #FreeBB He’s a JOURNALIST. Dec 16
  50. 19. BB on JOURNALISM: "I’d recommend anyone interested in getting to the bottom of things to call the executives of these firms." #FreeBB Dec16
  52. 20. "You know, you can only ask so many times before they start getting mad at you." He asked questions, got jail. #FreeBB Dec 16
  54. 21. #MattDeHart refugee, #JeremyHammond prisoner, #StanleyCohen, sentenced to jail … those who free and defend information are targets. Support Barrett Brown Dec 16 #FreeBB
  56. 22. He isn't perfect, but he is a damn good journalist, and certainly no criminal – TIME SERVED. #FreeBB Dec 16.
  58. 23. BB on Michael Hastings:"Apparently he betrayed the public trust by telling the public what was actually going on" #FreeBB Dec 16 #RIP
  60. 24. BB quote: "I’m opposed to violence against citizens and civilians" Barrett Brown always had good intentions, TIME SERVED #FreeBB Dec16
  62. 25. BB on the law:"If the rule of law is not applied universally, it becomes only the rule of men with control of the law"#FreeBB Dec 16
  64. 26. 5 yrs ago BB asked "Are they actually going to send a whole bunch of young people to prison?" Answer is YES.#FreeBB Dec 16
  66. 27. #MattDeHart refugee, #JeremyHammond prisoner, #StanleyCohen, prison sentence.1st amendment rights are hunted. Support Barrett. #FreeBB Dec16
  68. 28. BB on the US Gov response to digital dissent: "They make felonies for something that is the equivalent to a sit-in" #FreeBB Dec 16
  70. 29. US President says police shouldn't bully or arrest journalists.Journalist Barrett Brown sits in prison for 2+ years #FreeBB Sentencing Dec16
  72. 30. While pledging not to lock up reporters, AG Holder jails JOURNALIST Barrett Brown - he organized citizens and uncovered TRUTH. #FreeBB Dec16
  74. 31. Remember why Barrett Brown faced 100+ years in prison: digging into the gov'ts surveillance contractors #FreeBB Dec16
  76. 32. The DOJ gagged Barrett Brown - wanted to stop him writing criticism of the gov't He was writing to inform you #FreeBB
  78. 33. The gov't tried seize Barrett's defense fund to deny him adequate representation This case is rotten #FreeBB Dec 16
  80. 34. Remember, the FBI went after Barretts family to pressure him into cracking up. He did. #FreeBB Dec 16
  82. 35. Barrett hoped we would pick up & investigate Palantir, Endgame, Ntrepid, Cubic, Abraxas etc.We didn't. Support him now?#FreeBB Dec16
  84. 36. BB: “When real threats arise this government will be, I think, unable to respond to them adequately”. #FreeBB Dec 16
  86. 37. Barrett Brown once woke up the director of the NSA to investigate. Be nice to have him back annoying the corrupt. Support him?Dec 16 #FreeBB
  88. 38. Investigation on private intelligence+cybersecurity contractors protects liberty.That's what BB was doing-they don't like it. #FreeBB Dec16
  90. 39. Extreme & vindictive: BB detained for 2yrs,surveilled while in jail,denied bail, gagged,his mom harassed,defense obstructed. #FreeBB Dec 16
  92. 40. When USG dropped meritless charges Barrett opted to plea & bring matters to resolution.The system is designed to break people #FreeBB
  94. 41. BB:"There are a lot of structural deficits right now, in the media" -ironically, the media is failing to cover his case. #FreeBB Dec 16
  96. 42. BB on hyperlinks:"It is one of the great advantages of our age that has not been looked into to the degree that it should" #FreeBB Dec 16
  98. 43. He knew the potential of online organizing & excelled at it.They locked him up to stop him.The Gov wants you to forget him. Don't. #FreeBB
  100. 44. If you have forgotten JOURNALIST Barrett Brown, you have done just what the Gov't wanted you to do. Don't forget him. #FreeBB Dec 16
  102. 45. How would you act if your own Gov't was trying to destroy you?They tore at every part of his life to break him down.It worked.#FreeBB Dec16
  104. 46. Our access to information scares the Gov't so much, they lock away the people who give it to us #jeremyhammond @wikileaks #FreeBB Dec16
  106. 47. When average people organize, gov'ts mobilize against them @ProjPM - Barrett Brown scared the hell out of the powerful. #FreeBB Dec 16
  108. 48. Wish you had done more to support Barrett Brown? Me too! Tag a tweet for him as sentencing looms. Dec 16. Still time to support him #FreeBB
  110. 49. Did doing your job ever make you fear for the safety of your family? He investigated the powerful so they tormented his mom #FreeBB Dec16
  112. 50. BB:"Human reaction is fueled by information and only operates positively to the extent that it receives accurate information" #FreeBB Dec16
  114. 51. Handy Revisit: Barrett Brown on the cyber-intelligence complex and why we can't trust it. Sentencing Dec 16 #FreeBB
  116. 52. Wish you had got around to sending Barrett a book. Hopefully that boat has sailed, but you can still send a tweet. Sentencing Dec 16 #FreeBB
  118. 53. Couldn't donate to Barrett Brown. No matter. Can you afford a tweet today? His sentencing is Dec 16. #FreeBB
  120. 54. Couldn't wing it to Texas to support journalist Barrett Brown? Me either. Use the wings of twitter instead? Sentencing Dec 16 #FreeBB
  122. 55. BB: "I'm not a hacker, I can't even code" - scared the Gov with the internet, couldn't hack his way out of cardboard box #FreeBB Dec 16
  124. 56. @glenngreenwald calls Barrett Brown un-cuddly. Probably a good thing when you're wrongly imprisoned #FreeBB Dec 16
  126. 57. “They can’t run over an idea Topiary” - #FreeBB Dec 16
  128. 58. @glenngreenwald says: "Both prongs of prosecutorial abuse are clearly present in Brown's case" #FreeBB Dec 16
  130. 59. "His tale deserves to be told, not just because of the injustice involved." @ChristianStork Support BB Dec16 #FreeBB
  132. 60. "Brown’s work is a potential bonanza for journalists" @ChristianStork on BB and @ProjPM. #FreeBB Dec 16
  134. 61. Who did BB scare? "... Apple and Google are assisting in comprehensive disinformation and surveillance programs" #FreeBB Dec 16.
  136. 62. BB exposed truth for people like you and me.The Gov't put him in prison so we wouldn't get information #FreeBB Dec16
  138. 63. Help free the journalist who knew everything before Snowden proved him right? #FreeBB Dec 16
  140. 64. Without Barrett Brown and @ProjPM, @GlennGreenwald could have had his life ruined ...not cool. #FreeBB Dec 16
  142. 65. Assange,trapped.Hammond,prison.Cohen, prison.DeHart,refugee applicant in Canadian prison.Snowden,Russia.Barrett Brown? Dec16 #FreeBB
  144. 66. 1 of the many dirty secrets exposed by BB. Trapwire, Barrett Brown in @TheHackerWars by @vivienweisman #FreeBB Dec16
  146. 67. Not just funny, he also has crystal balls.#FreeBB predicted the tactics being used against #MattDeHart Dec 16
  148. 68. Hey here’s a thought, how about we #FreeBB on Dec 16?
  150. 69. Why has the Gov gone mental trying to silence Barrett Brown? Cos he's a damn good journalist #FreeBB Dec16
  152. 70. U haven't heard of Trapwire?It took a lot of media incompetence,corporate corruption& legal censorship to ensure that. #FreeBB Dec16
  154. 71. HB Gary believed @glenngreenwald would choose self-preservation over cause. On BB by @justinraimondo #FreeBB Dec16
  156. 72. BB exposed sinister persona management methods and freaked out NSA,FBI,DOJ. A goody by @JustinRaimondo #FreeBB Dec 16
  158. 73. Poop in a hat, it is kinda last chance time to start squawking for Barrett Brown. Please squawk today using #FreeBB Dec16 ...
  160. 74. He seemed sorta crazy, until Snowden got all leaky on it.Barrett was right all along so let's get him out so he can gloat ;) #FreeBB Dec 16
  162. 75. Thinkin of becoming a journalist? – your first step is to support your right to investigate. Support Barrett Brown Dec 16 #FreeBB
  164. 76. His charges are payback for his journalism,research, & his ability to strategize and organize @DouglasLucas #FreeBB
  166. 77. Q)How far did the Gov go to shut up a journalist who challenged the status quo? A) Wayy to far. Dec16 #FreeBB
  168. 78. Don't let BB's sentencing on Dec 16 get lost in the noise-the Gov is counting on your silence-don't give it to them Dec 16 #FreeBB
  170. 79. Pop quiz:What thorn in the side of the powerful has a big day coming up?Barrett Brown's sentencing Dec 16 - got your eyes on this? #FreeBB
  172. 80. Journalism isn't aggression,journalists are not outlaws,investigation &publication shouldn't scare the powerful.So why does it?Dec16 #FreeBB
  174. 81. Remember they locked Jeremy Hammond up for 10yrs 4 exposing the truth? The bastids are at it again. Can ya believe it? BB Dec16 #FreeBB
  176. 82. Must feel strange to be a journalist,facing persecution for being a journalist, and have very few journalists write about it? #FreeBB Dec16
  178. 83. You're a journalist? Do you know how far your Gov't will go to get you to give up your sources? Really farkin far. @JamesRisen Dec16 #FreeBB
  180. 84. So, there is this journalist, who annoyed some people who had a lot to hide, and they made his life hell and got him locked up.Dec16 #FreeBB
  182. 85. The FBI seized his copy of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE as evidence....can't make this stuff up y'all. Dec16 #FreeBB
  184. 86. Aug 18, Oct 6, Nov 24 NOW Dec 16 ...It will be a very good day, or a very bad day for journalism & humans ...#FreeBB
  186. 87. @ProjPM DDoS'd,iPhone attacked,online harassment+prosecution threats against his mom. What would you do? #FreeBB Dec16
  188. 88. What what whaaaaaaaat are you dooooing? Doncha know Gov pest BB is about to be sentenced? Dec16 #FreeBB
  190. 89. Snowden-Hiding.Manning-Tortured/Imprisoned.Hammond-Prison.DeHart-Tortured/Prison. Barrett Brown - Awaiting Sentence Dec1. You-?#FreeBB
  192. 90. Bad Govts do everything wrong in secret. Surveillance, persecution, torture. Free speech is the antidote. #FreeBB
  194. 91. Beat him up, lock him up, shut him up, then try to keep it all a big fat dirty secret...Tut tut America! Time to wake up? #FreeBB Dec16
  196. 92. FBI violently raid BB & are dumb enough to have it stream live online.We heard ya step on his ribcage!Can't make this shit up #FreeBB
  199. 93. Are you a bear? No? Then PLEASE don't hibernate through BB's sentencing on Dec16 #FreeBB If you are a bear, I want a cuddle ....
  201. 94. Love your mom?So does Barrett Brown.Ok with you if your Gov comes after your mom if you upset them? Yea, me either. #FreeBB
  203. 95. Aha! We caught you takin selfies when we were counting on you to be tweetin for Barrett ...naughty naughty! #FreeBB Dec16
  205. 96. Aha! We caught you takin selfies when we were counting on you to be tweetin for Barrett - naughty naughty! #FreeBB Dec16(Cute pic tho)
  207. 97. 2 years ago a journalist REALLY upset a bunch of acronyms:FBI,DOJ,CIA,USA.The acronyms got SO mad they vanished him!Bring him back?#FreeBB
  210. 98. If you're goin to BB's sentencing please,please,please (ain't too proud to beg yo) give his support team a high five from all of us #FreeBB
  212. 99. BB might be a crazy (yet accurate) bastid, but he’s OUR crazy (yet accurate) bastid #FreeBB No more prison time - we want him back
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