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Galina Petrova

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  1. Galina Petrova
  2. Race: Human
  3. Skills:
  4. Combat Training 2 (Medium Weapons)
  5. Subterfuge: 2
  6. Streetsense: 1
  7. Athletics: 1
  8. Perception: 1
  10. Backstory: Galina had a lot of Jobs in her life, Bartender, Thug-for-Hire, Bodyguard, Mercenary, Pitfighter, Drug and Slave Smuggler, according to herself she even had a few legal jobs although no one would believe that. The Lady was born and raised amongst the Gangs of Hjelheim as her numerous scars prove. Most prominent however is the burn scar snaking its way from her torso up to her neck and caressing her lips. While by no means ugly her beauty is of a rough nature (mostly thanks to the scars), her slightly over shoulder length brown hair is usually hanging lose covering an empty eye-socket on those days when she forgets her patch. numerous scars cross her nose, her right cheek, her lips and an ugly half finished glasgow smile gives her grins an exaggerated leer. Her green eye is alert, looking almost fevery sunken in her face with the dark shadows of too many nights awake. Well over 1,90 she strikes more than an intimidating pose and many a man who despite that made the unsound judgement to grope her anyway would find himself in an intimately aquainted with "Reginald" her seax.
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