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  2.   No-Teleporting: '&cYou may not teleport away while opening a crate.'
  3.   No-Commands-While-In-Crate: '&cYou are not allowed to use commands while opening Crates.'
  4.   No-Key: '&cYou must have a %key% &cin your hand to use that crate.'
  5.   No-Virtual-Key: '&cYou need a key to open that Crate.'
  6.   Not-On-Block: '&cYou must be standing on a block to use this crate.'
  7.   Already-Opening-Crate: '&cYou are already opening a crate.'
  8.   Quick-Crate-In-Use: '&cThat crate is already in use. Please wait for the crate to open up.'
  9.   World-Disabled: '&cI am sorry but crates are disabled in %world%.'
  10.   Reload: '&3You have just reloaded the Config and Data Files.'
  11.   Not-Online: '&cThe player &6%player% &cis not online.'
  12.   No-Permission: '&cYou do not have permission to use that command!'
  13.   Crate-Already-Opened: '&cYou are already opening a crate.'
  14.   Cant-Be-A-Virtual-Crate: '&cThat crate type cannot be used as a virtual crate.'
  15.   Inventory-Full: '&cYour inventory is full, please make room before opening a crate.'
  16.   To-Close-To-Another-Player: '&cYou are too close to a player that is opening their Crate.'
  17.   Needs-More-Room: '&cThere is not enough space to open that here.'
  18.   Out-Of-Time: '&cYou took 5 Minutes to open the crate so it closed.'
  19.   Must-Be-A-Player: '&cYou must be a player to use this command.'
  20.   Must-Be-Looking-At-A-Block: '&cYou must be looking at a block.'
  21.   Not-A-Crate: '&cThere is no crate called &6%crate%&c.'
  22.   Not-A-Number: '&6%number%&c is not a number.'
  23.   Given-A-Player-Keys: '&7You have given &6%player% %amount% &7Keys.'
  24.   Obtaining-Keys: '&7You have been given &6%amount% %key% &7Keys.'
  25.   Given-Everyone-Keys: '&7You have given everyone &6%amount% &7Keys.'
  26.   Given-Offline-Player-Keys: '&7You have given &6%amount% &7key(s) to the offline player &6%player%&7.'
  27.   Take-A-Player-Keys: '&7You have taken &6%amount% &7key(s) from &6%player%&7.'
  28.   Take-Offline-Player-Keys: '&7You have taken &6%amount% &7key(s) from the offline player &6%player%&7.'
  29.   Opened-A-Crate: '&7You have just opened the &6%crate% &7crate for &6%player%&7.'
  30.   Internal-Error: '&cAn internal error has occurred. Please check the console for the full error.'
  31.   No-Item-In-Hand: '&cYou need to have an item in your hand to add it to the crate.'
  32.   Added-Item-With-Editor: '&7The item has been added to the %crate% crate in prize #%prize%.'
  33.   Preview-Disabled: '&cThe preview for that crate is currently disabled.'
  34.   No-Schematics-Found: '&cNo schematic were found, if using 1.13+ make sure the schematics folder has the new .nbt schematics, if not regenerate the folder.'
  35.   Created-Physical-Crate:
  36.     - '%prefix%&7You have just set that block to %crate%.'
  37.     - '&7To remove the crate shift break in creative to remove.'
  38.   Keys:
  39.     Personal:
  40.       No-Virtual-Keys: '&8&l(&4&l!&8&l) &7You currently do not have any virtual keys.'
  41.       Header:
  42.         - '&8&l(&6&l!&8&l) &7List of your current number of keys.'
  43.     Other-Player:
  44.       No-Virtual-Keys: '&8&l(&4&l!&8&l) &7The player %player% does not have any keys.'
  45.       Header:
  46.         - '&8&l(&6&l!&8&l) &7List of %player%''s current number of keys.'
  47.     Per-Crate: '%crate% &7&l>&8&l> &6%keys% keys'
  48.   Help:
  49.     - '&3&lCrazy Crates Help Menu'
  50.     - '&6/key [player] &7- Check the number of keys a player has.'
  51.     - '&6/cc &7- Opens the GUI.'
  52.     - '&6/cc additem <crate> <prize> &7- Add items in-game to a prize in a crate.'
  53.     - '&6/cc admin &7- Opens the Admin Keys GUI.'
  54.     - '&6/cc list &7- Lists all the Crates.'
  55.     - '&6/cc open <Crate> [Player] &7- Opens a crate for a player.'
  56.     - '&6/cc tp <Location> &7- Teleport to a Crate.'
  57.     - '&6/cc give <Physical/Virtual> <Crate> [Amount] [Player] &7- Give a player keys for a Chest.'
  58.     - '&6/cc giveall <Physical/Virtual> <Crate> [Amount] &7- Gives all online players keys for a Chest.'
  59.     - '&6/cc take <Physical/Virtual> <Crate> [Amount] [Player] &7- Allows you to take keys from a player.'
  60.     - '&6/cc set <Crate> &7- Set a block you are looking at as a crate.'
  61.     - '&6/cc set Menu &7- Set the block you are looking at to open the /cc GUI.'
  62.     - '&6/cc reload &7- Reloads the Config and Data Files.'
  63.     - '&6/cc set1/set2 &7- Set position #1 or #2 for when making a new schematic for quadcrates. &c1.13+ only'
  64.     - '&6/cc save <schematic file name> &7- Save the new schematic file to the schematics folder. &c1.13+ only'
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