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  3. RecoilSense = 1;
  4. --Rate of FIRE (in seconds)
  5. ak47ROF = 10 --600RPM.
  6. m4ROF = 11.1 --666RPM.
  7. mac10ROF = 13.333 --800RPM.
  8. mp9ROF = 14.283 --857RPM.
  9. ROF = {ak47ROF, m4ROF, mac10ROF, mp9ROF} --Rate of FIRE (seconds)
  10. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. indexWeapon = 0;
  12. indexPattern = 1;
  13. delay = 0;
  14. -------------------------| Recoil Patterns |-----------------------
  16. ak47 = {{x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=-0.337486, y=0.372398}, {x=-0.308392, y=0.418948}, {x=-0.244386, y=0.474808}, {x=-0.216456, y=0.530667}, {x=-0.097755, y=0.551615}, {x=-0.070663, y=1.130321}, {x=0.201095, y=1.246789}, {x=0.361971, y=1.226679}, {x=0.372026, y=1.136187}, {x=0.33784, y=1.423752}, {x=0.180985, y=2.135629}, {x=-0.108591, y=1.966709}, {x=-0.180985, y=1.846052}, {x=-0.33784, y=1.918446}, {x=-0.422299, y=1.797789}, {x=-0.434365, y=1.615839}, {x=-0.22587, y=1.980705}, {x=-0.034749, y=2.258699}, {x=0.121622, y=2.171826}, {x=0.260619, y=2.154451}, {x=0.750583, y=1.81391}, {x=0.938229, y=1.939007}, {x=0.89653, y=2.022405}, {x=0.87568, y=2.064104}, {x=0.733904, y=2.981484}, {x=0.187646, y=1.563715}, {x=0.250194, y=1.709662}, {x=0.479539, y=2.084954}, {x=0.625486, y=1.959856}, {x=1.09877, y=1.824334}, {x=0.89653, y=1.063326}, {x=1.00078, y=0.979928}, {x=1.18842, y=1.313521}, {x=0.917379, y=1.522016}, {x=0.356527, y=1.636689}, {x=-0.229345, y=1.313521}, {x=-0.938229, y=1.230123}, {x=-1.56372, y=1.125875}, {x=-1.27182, y=0.646336}, {x=-1.49283, y=0.542088}, {x=-2.08962, y=0.864672}, {x=-2.49194, y=0.570443}, {x=-3.75292, y=0.09007}, {x=-3.27855, y=-1.044812}, {x=-2.41938, y=-1.853941}, {x=-1.52619, y=-1.551206}, {x=-2.17669, y=-1.025797}, {x=-2.65206, y=0.400311}, {x=-1.15089, y=1.200934}, {x=0.182642, y=1.81391}, {x=0.600467, y=0.690537}, {x=0.780607, y=0.63049}, {x=0.840654, y=0.63049}, {x=1.14089, y=0.72056}, {x=0.987768, y=1.026798}, {x=0.420327, y=1.501167}, {x=-0.870677, y=1.771377}, {x=-1.86145, y=0.210163}, {x=-1.4111, y=-0.600467}, {x=-1.47114, y=-0.888691}, {x=-1.35105, y=-0.840654}, {x=-1.71133, y=-0.960747}, {x=-1.98154, y=-0.810631}, {x=-2.01156, y=-0.45035}, {x=-1.59724, y=0.231179}, {x=-0.330257, y=0.240187}, {x=-0.240187, y=0.210163}, {x=-0.18014, y=0.27021}, {x=-0.18014, y=0.390303}, {x=-0.09007, y=0.54042}, {x=0.870677, y=1.411097}, {x=2.76215, y=-0.030023}, {x=3.42266, y=-0.600466}, {x=3.72289, y=-0.330256}, {x=2.579, y=0.045036}, {x=1.14089, y=0.330257}, {x=1.17091, y=0.300233}, {x=1.32103, y=0.480373}, {x=1.44112, y=0.600467}, {x=1.23396, y=0.63049}, {x=0.750584, y=0.570443}, {x=0.9007, y=0.690537}, {x=0.960747, y=0.81063}, {x=0.930724, y=0.690537}, {x=1.12888, y=0.726565}, {x=1.45113, y=0.425333}, {x=1.47615, y=0.1251}, {x=1.62626, y=-0.125094}, {x=2.00156, y=-0.225171}, {x=2.45191, y=-0.685528}, {x=1.42611, y=-0.400311}, {x=1.47615, y=-0.47537}, {x=2.00156, y=-0.575447}, {x=2.7021, y=-0.750583}, {x=3.37763, y=-0.825642}}
  17. m4a4 = {{x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=0.178027, y=0.483217}, {x=0.139879, y=0.495934}, {x=0.114446, y=0.534082}, {x=0.076297, y=0.432352}, {x=0.071211, y=0.498477}, {x=0.063581, y=0.559515}, {x=0.076297, y=0.750259}, {x=-0.012716, y=0.737542}, {x=-0.012716, y=0.623096}, {x=-0.10936, y=0.782049}, {x=-0.139879, y=1.068165}, {x=-0.330622, y=1.246192}, {x=-0.546799, y=1.297057}, {x=-0.635812, y=1.22076}, {x=-0.506107, y=1.342836}, {x=0.025432, y=1.487801}, {x=0.635812, y=1.767558}, {x=0.826556, y=1.691261}, {x=0.622588, y=1.648026}, {x=0.209288, y=1.437642}, {x=-0.012716, y=1.500517}, {x=-0.368771, y=1.754842}, {x=-0.661245, y=1.907437}, {x=-1.05545, y=2.174478}, {x=-0.957686, y=1.644364}, {x=-0.835, y=1.626052}, {x=-0.65921, y=1.867762}, {x=-0.505395, y=2.351184}, {x=-0.131842, y=2.439079}, {x=0.380145, y=1.88754}, {x=0.791053, y=1.472237}, {x=1.47224, y=1.560132}, {x=1.40632, y=1.164606}, {x=1.45026, y=0.988816}, {x=1.05254, y=0.786658}, {x=0.747105, y=0.900921}, {x=0.703158, y=0.944868}, {x=0.791053, y=1.142631}, {x=0.900921, y=0.944868}, {x=0.881145, y=0.828408}, {x=1.42829, y=0.622588}, {x=1.64803, y=0.238048}, {x=2.06919, y=0.12818}, {x=1.90439, y=0.311294}, {x=1.17193, y=0.631743}, {x=0.622588, y=0.860636}, {x=0.183114, y=0.897259}, {x=-0.366228, y=1.025439}, {x=-0.824013, y=0.78739}, {x=-1.16461, y=0.633574}, {x=-0.988816, y=0.494408}, {x=-1.02544, y=0.494408}, {x=-1.46491, y=0.640899}, {x=-1.77621, y=0.531031}, {x=-1.46345, y=0.202158}, {x=-1.99961, y=-0.087895}, {x=-2.10947, y=-0.395526}, {x=-3.53337, y=-0.764684}, {x=-1.79305, y=-0.316421}, {x=-2.033, y=-0.192489}, {x=-0.949263, y=0.026368}, {x=-1.68758, y=0.105474}, {x=-3.24332, y=0.210947}, {x=-1.60847, y=-0.052737}, {x=-1.68758, y=-0.282142}, {x=-1.2024, y=-0.253137}, {x=-1.55046, y=-0.411347}, {x=-3.32242, y=-0.885979}, {x=-2.12002, y=-0.537916}, {x=-1.73715, y=-0.249973}, {x=-0.442989, y=0.094926}, {x=-0.29436, y=0.300492}, {x=-0.085855, y=0.4906}, {x=0.239167, y=0.410877}, {x=0.521262, y=0.300492}, {x=0.699399, y=0.127164}, {x=0.750265, y=0.101731}, {x=0.813847, y=0.165313}, {x=0.826563, y=0.330625}, {x=0.434475, y=1.133875}, {x=-0.402854, y=0.769085}, {x=-0.71415, y=0.183115}, {x=-1.09869, y=-0.109869}, {x=-1.04376, y=-0.23805}, {x=-0.9522, y=-0.3644}, {x=-0.842331, y=-0.292985}, {x=-1.66635, y=-0.567658}, {x=-1.04376, y=-0.274673}, {x=-0.695839, y=-0.146492}, {x=-0.988823, y=-0.054935}, {x=-0.274673, y=0.201427}, {x=-0.091558, y=0.384542}, {x=0.128181, y=0.274673}, {x=0.402854, y=0.091558}, {x=0.4761, y=0.0}, {x=1.55048, y=-0.189854}, {x=2.43646, y=-0.284781}, {x=4.08186, y=-0.221496}, {x=3.22752, y=0.189855}, {x=1.89634, y=0.672401}, {x=0.57132, y=0.351582}, {x=0.593294, y=0.461451}, {x=0.799848, y=0.613071}, {x=0.85698, y=0.527373}, {x=0.997613, y=0.544952}, {x=1.13912, y=0.411351}, {x=1.79096, y=0.272124}, {x=2.66745, y=0.145555}, {x=2.18016, y=0.072777}, {x=2.38267, y=0.094927}, {x=0.518827, y=0.091558}, {x=0.473048, y=0.137337}, {x=0.671423, y=0.228894}, {x=0.671423, y=0.122077}, {x=1.08801, y=0.193797}, {x=0.747722, y=0.061039}, {x=1.00714, y=0.030519}, {x=0.7935, y=0.030519}, {x=0.991876, y=-0.045779}, {x=0.882006, y=0.033571}}
  18. mac10= {{x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=-0.3192, y=0.1028}, {x=-0.3264, y=0.1581}, {x=-0.3616, y=0.2262}, {x=-0.3751, y=0.304}, {x=-0.3514, y=0.3482}, {x=-0.1729, y=0.2478}, {x=-0.1341, y=0.2575}, {x=-0.1121, y=0.2752}, {x=-0.0763, y=0.2779}, {x=-0.0487, y=0.2803}, {x=0.0128, y=0.4352}, {x=0.142, y=0.5181}, {x=0.2593, y=0.4371}, {x=0.3578, y=0.4423}, {x=0.3534, y=0.4929}, {x=0.5112, y=0.9986}, {x=0.3804, y=0.9748}, {x=0.3101, y=1.0462}, {x=0.2843, y=1.2007}, {x=0.0944, y=0.9853}, {x=0.4408, y=1.3624}, {x=0.7133, y=1.3695}, {x=0.8987, y=1.398}, {x=0.9558, y=1.1841}, {x=0.8174, y=1.0029}, {x=0.933, y=1.5989}, {x=0.8714, y=1.7342}, {x=0.9004, y=1.883}, {x=0.8012, y=1.7616}, {x=0.8765, y=2.2186}, {x=0.6026, y=1.3952}, {x=0.7549, y=1.5356}, {x=0.8406, y=1.7495}, {x=0.6556, y=1.6023}, {x=0.4588, y=1.5818}, {x=-0.0856, y=1.1641}, {x=-0.3937, y=1.2668}, {x=-0.6334, y=1.3695}, {x=-0.6163, y=1.3011}, {x=-0.4143, y=1.4277}, {x=0.1883, y=0.9415}, {x=0.4993, y=0.7419}, {x=0.8845, y=0.7418}, {x=0.8845, y=0.7561}, {x=0.8117, y=0.6876}, {x=0.5849, y=0.699}, {x=0.3424, y=0.7704}, {x=0.214, y=1.0699}, {x=0.154, y=0.8731}, {x=0.2414, y=0.7789}, {x=0.3595, y=0.7532}, {x=0.3424, y=0.6505}, {x=0.4622, y=0.8902}, {x=0.3595, y=0.9073}, {x=0.2297, y=1.01}, {x=-0.0428, y=0.5992}, {x=-0.1855, y=0.6562}, {x=-0.2567, y=0.5849}, {x=-0.2711, y=0.5421}, {x=-0.2425, y=0.5007}, {x=-0.1427, y=0.3139}, {x=-0.0856, y=0.2853}, {x=-0.1658, y=0.3464}, {x=-0.1968, y=0.3228}, {x=-0.2051, y=0.2866}, {x=-0.3922, y=0.3578}, {x=-0.6536, y=0.3715}, {x=-0.7774, y=0.2751}, {x=-0.9081, y=0.1858}, {x=-0.9005, y=-0.0282}, {x=-1.2976, y=0.0234}, {x=-1.4942, y=0.0}, {x=-1.9236, y=0.0908}, {x=-1.5934, y=0.0495}, {x=-1.5446, y=0.0165}, {x=-1.7584, y=-0.1859}, {x=-2.5322, y=-0.5468}, {x=-2.9483, y=-0.7966}, {x=-2.0566, y=-0.5587}, {x=-1.8218, y=-0.4237}, {x=-0.5991, y=-0.1426}, {x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=-0.8568, y=-0.0055}, {x=-0.9761, y=-0.0976}, {x=-1.1661, y=-0.1926}, {x=-1.0138, y=-0.393}, {x=-0.4229, y=-0.6572}, {x=0.2655, y=-0.5544}, {x=0.7496, y=-0.2733}, {x=0.6793, y=0.0078}, {x=0.5779, y=0.2108}, {x=0.2358, y=0.6098}, {x=-0.3514, y=0.1953}, {x=-0.3592, y=-0.1874}, {x=-0.4763, y=-0.3671}, {x=-0.4373, y=-0.3357}, {x=-0.6973, y=-0.3248}, {x=-0.7496, y=-0.1562}, {x=-0.8121, y=-0.0703}, {x=-1.062, y=-0.0234}, {x=-0.9761, y=0.0156}, {x=-0.9893, y=0.0351}, {x=-0.9108, y=0.0456}, {x=-0.6941, y=0.0434}, {x=-0.8242, y=0.1193}, {x=-0.8514, y=0.1735}, {x=-0.7385, y=0.4587}, {x=1.0032, y=0.4176}, {x=1.4505, y=0.0337}, {x=1.5742, y=-0.0225}, {x=1.2369, y=-0.0112}, {x=0.8658, y=-0.0607}, {x=1.2556, y=0.103}, {x=1.0963, y=0.2343}, {x=1.012, y=0.1968}, {x=0.8246, y=0.1874}, {x=0.8339, y=0.103}, {x=1.0345, y=0.1125}, {x=0.9895, y=0.1237}, {x=1.3044, y=0.0899}, {x=1.2256, y=-0.0225}, {x=1.3639, y=-0.1529}, {x=2.2376, y=-0.5172}, {x=1.8653, y=-0.3498}, {x=2.1568, y=-0.1165}, {x=1.2047, y=0.1554}, {x=0.7985, y=0.2293}, {x=0.3936, y=0.1911}, {x=0.3486, y=0.2811}, {x=0.2811, y=0.4161}, {x=0.0629, y=0.3081}, {x=-0.1259, y=0.3609}, {x=-0.7522, y=0.3092}, {x=-1.4843, y=-0.045}, {x=-2.0689, y=-0.4947}, {x=-2.0353, y=-0.7084}, {x=-1.7991, y=-0.9333}, {x=-0.0224, y=-0.2474}, {x=0.1461, y=-0.2136}, {x=0.2699, y=-0.1462}, {x=0.3261, y=-0.0225}, {x=0.3036, y=0.18}}
  19. mp9 = {{x=0.0, y=0.0}, {x=0.0691, y=0.3375}, {x=0.0204, y=0.3416}, {x=0.0081, y=0.3457}, {x=-0.0813, y=0.4636}, {x=-0.203, y=0.4299}, {x=-0.2226, y=0.287}, {x=-0.2225, y=0.3103}, {x=-0.1874, y=0.3514}, {x=-0.1932, y=0.3396}, {x=-0.0961, y=0.2882}, {x=-0.0585, y=0.4392}, {x=0.0234, y=0.7261}, {x=0.3396, y=1.0072}, {x=0.4509, y=0.9604}, {x=0.3493, y=0.6718}, {x=0.3946, y=1.0727}, {x=0.0911, y=1.4166}, {x=-0.4553, y=1.6394}, {x=-0.3745, y=1.1434}, {x=-0.176, y=0.8369}, {x=0.172, y=1.2851}, {x=0.6679, y=1.3661}, {x=0.9512, y=1.528}, {x=0.9208, y=1.4976}, {x=0.6072, y=1.8012}, {x=0.1012, y=1.2548}, {x=0.0404, y=1.4167}, {x=0.0102, y=1.4369}, {x=-0.1518, y=1.5887}, {x=-0.3896, y=1.4521}, {x=-0.5971, y=1.2245}, {x=-0.7994, y=1.4672}, {x=-0.7791, y=1.5888}, {x=-0.6072, y=1.6595}, {x=0.0194, y=1.9186}, {x=0.4736, y=1.0686}, {x=0.6193, y=0.935}, {x=0.9472, y=1.19}, {x=0.9107, y=0.9593}, {x=0.7298, y=0.7213}, {x=0.9593, y=0.7164}, {x=1.2021, y=0.7165}, {x=1.4208, y=0.6678}, {x=1.6028, y=0.6193}, {x=2.1457, y=0.6169}, {x=1.5543, y=0.2914}, {x=1.4086, y=0.1579}, {x=1.4815, y=0.0486}, {x=1.6514, y=-0.1822}, {x=1.5883, y=-0.3011}, {x=1.4693, y=-0.3886}, {x=1.7, y=-0.6072}, {x=1.9065, y=-0.7771}, {x=1.7607, y=-0.5586}, {x=2.017, y=0.1603}, {x=0.4845, y=0.4578}, {x=0.17, y=0.6679}, {x=-0.2914, y=0.68}, {x=-0.3886, y=0.68}, {x=-0.3279, y=0.8403}, {x=-0.0158, y=0.6763}, {x=0.1215, y=0.6679}, {x=0.2428, y=0.8986}, {x=0.0972, y=0.7286}, {x=-0.0899, y=0.8512}, {x=-0.7529, y=0.7043}, {x=-1.3478, y=0.4978}, {x=-2.1251, y=0.4979}, {x=-2.04, y=0.3643}, {x=-1.9356, y=0.5525}, {x=-0.8621, y=0.3643}, {x=-0.8622, y=0.5829}, {x=-0.9957, y=0.7528}, {x=-0.9107, y=0.7529}, {x=-0.9035, y=0.6982}, {x=-0.9969, y=0.504}, {x=-1.2993, y=0.5464}, {x=-1.4815, y=0.5586}, {x=-1.3964, y=0.5464}, {x=-1.0929, y=0.4687}, {x=-0.9229, y=0.4372}, {x=-0.8985, y=0.51}, {x=-1.1536, y=0.5343}, {x=-1.0565, y=0.3885}, {x=-0.867, y=0.2308}, {x=-0.9483, y=0.2295}, {x=-1.3965, y=0.1335}, {x=-1.7486, y=-0.0485}, {x=-1.5057, y=-0.3036}, {x=-1.6903, y=-0.4068}, {x=-1.7826, y=-0.6096}, {x=-1.9235, y=-0.7286}, {x=-2.8706, y=-1.1074}, {x=-2.0837, y=-0.7431}, {x=-1.9657, y=-0.5625}, {x=-0.918, y=-0.0729}, {x=0.4808, y=0.306}, {x=0.5829, y=0.1895}, {x=0.7723, y=0.2768}, {x=0.9632, y=0.2856}, {x=1.154, y=0.1603}, {x=1.2969, y=0.204}, {x=1.0186, y=0.1661}, {x=1.0389, y=0.1661}, {x=1.2663, y=0.1793}, {x=1.4134, y=0.0728}, {x=1.8652, y=0.102}, {x=1.4572, y=0.0729}, {x=1.3114, y=0.102}, {x=1.1045, y=0.1574}, {x=0.306, y=0.1165}, {x=0.2915, y=0.1166}, {x=0.2914, y=0.1603}, {x=0.102, y=0.1894}, {x=0.0787, y=0.1924}, {x=-0.102, y=0.3788}, {x=-0.8014, y=0.4372}, {x=-1.3843, y=-0.0437}, {x=-1.8506, y=-0.4955}, {x=-1.839, y=-1.0273}, {x=-1.1511, y=-0.918}, {x=-1.7632, y=-1.0491}, {x=-2.0109, y=-0.8597}, {x=-2.0837, y=-0.3352}, {x=-2.1974, y=0.5202}, {x=-0.3406, y=0.1814}, {x=-0.4055, y=0.2597}, {x=-0.4736, y=0.3164}, {x=-0.4249, y=0.2457}, {x=-0.4902, y=0.215}, {x=-0.6193, y=0.1579}, {x=-0.7893, y=0.1821}, {x=-0.8985, y=0.3036}, {x=-0.8986, y=0.3886}, {x=-0.493, y=0.7273}, {x=0.34, y=0.5465}, {x=0.6557, y=0.3521}, {x=0.7529, y=0.3036}, {x=0.8743, y=0.3157}, {x=0.7468, y=0.4104}, {x=0.34, y=0.2429}, {x=0.34, y=0.3643}, {x=0.3278, y=0.3157}, {x=0.3157, y=0.3157}, {x=0.4093, y=0.487}}
  20. Wpattern = {ak47, m4a4, mac10, mp9}
  22. -----------------------| Weapon compensation |-----------------------
  23. ak47Sen = 5.5
  24. m4a4Sen = 5
  25. mac10Sen = 5
  26. mp9Sen = 5  
  27. sensibility = {ak47Sen, m4a4Sen, mac10Sen, mp9Sen}
  29. function OnEvent(event, arg)
  30.     EnablePrimaryMouseButtonEvents(true)
  31.     if IsMouseButtonPressed(2) then
  32.         indexWeapon = indexWeapon+1
  33.         if indexWeapon > 4 then
  34.             indexWeapon = 0
  35.         end
  36.         if indexWeapon > 0 then
  37.             if indexWeapon == 1 then
  38.                 MoveMouseRelative(0,-20)
  39.             end
  40.             if indexWeapon ==2 then
  41.                 MoveMouseRelative(20, 0)
  42.             end
  43.             if indexWeapon ==3 then
  44.                 MoveMouseRelative(0, 20)
  45.             end
  46.             if indexWeapon ==4 then
  47.                 MoveMouseRelative(-20, 0)
  48.             end
  49.             delay = (1000/ROF[indexWeapon])/5
  50.         end    
  51.     end
  52.     while IsMouseButtonPressed(1) do
  53.         if indexWeapon > 0 then
  54.             if IsMouseButtonPressed(4) and indexPattern < table.getn(Wpattern[indexWeapon]) or IsModifierPressed("lshift") and indexPattern < table.getn(Wpattern[indexWeapon]) then           
  55.                 MoveMouseRelative(Wpattern[indexWeapon][indexPattern].x*sensibility[indexWeapon]* RecoilSense, Wpattern[indexWeapon][indexPattern].y*sensibility[indexWeapon]*RecoilSense)
  56.                 Sleep(delay)
  57.                 indexPattern = indexPattern + 1
  58.             else
  59.                 indexPattern = 1
  60.                 Sleep(10)
  61.             end
  62.         end
  63.     end
  64.     indexPattern =1
  65. end
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