[Action] Take by influence

Oct 3rd, 2017
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  1. [Action]1. Covert an unowned region by bureaucratic endeavor
  2. Your character rolls a bureaucracy score. That score will be reduced from the cost of 25 influence to convert the region(example: if your character scored 12, then the influence cost will be 25-12= 13 influence). If your guild can't pay the amount of influence after the bureaucracy attempt then the action would be considered wasted and the region will not convert.
  4. [Action]2. Convert a region owned by another guild.
  5. Same as Action 1. But you can not do this action if one of the followig is true:
  6. *Can't convert regions who are currently owned by guilds that are allied to you.
  7. *Can't convert regions owned by other guilds unless you have a neighboring region with a higher happiness than the region you want to convert
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