Twiggy is best mommy (Twi, kidAnon, Fillyglim) to do

Jun 29th, 2017
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  1. >You are twiggywiggy, princess of books and friends, and a really really doting mommy.
  2. >Being the perfect doting mommy you are, you never found the right way to give your two little monsters the talk.
  3. >There's still time, they're still so young and innocent, you'll just do that next year.
  4. >You've had the two for a while now, Anon being the result of a failed dimensional spell to try and get to EQG. The spell was such a failure that you had to give up on it and on finding a way to send him back home...
  5. >You still tried to at least find a way to communicate with his world, but to no avail.
  6. >He was your responsibility, so you decided to keep him.
  7. >If only to be able to explain to him that it's your fault he's stuck here, and that he may never see his real parents again.
  9. >And Starlight, that you found in the everfree three or four years ago.
  10. >She said she was with her parents when a monster attacked.
  11. >You passed the next two weeks flying over it with half of ponyville's flying force but never found anything.
  12. >You cried at least as much as she did when you had to tell her that you couldn't find them, and that you had to call back the research team, the forest getting more violent and dangerous after each day due to its fauna feeling threatened by the pegasi.
  13. >You had planned on finding her a new family, by yourself, the perfect one for the perfect filly.
  14. >She needed this. She needed love, and care. After all that happened, you just couldn't live with yourself knowing that she could end up in some broken, unhappy family all the way to manehatten or las pegasus.
  15. >These places filled with hateful, greedy ponies that sneers at the simple mention of the word 'friendship'.
  16. >So you kept her with you and Anon, in the castle. Until you could find her a good home.
  17. >A week passed.
  18. >Then another one.
  19. >And she was happy. At least, you were trying your best to make it happen. Even if you would find her tugging at the covers of your bed every few nights, asking to sleep in your bed, eyes red with tears and sniffling loudly.
  20. >Anon followed her from time to time, looking at you lifting her under the covers and hugging her from the doorstep.
  21. >And you'd signal for him to come over, and you'd all snuggle together under the covers.
  23. >Before you knew it, your bed was hers.
  25. >She was a bit shy towards Anon, at first. Maybe because of his strange anatomy, so alien to other ponies.
  26. >But Anon being your little colt, was such a sweetheart and so outgoing that, before you knew it, the castle was filled with laughter and screams as they played tag with each other.
  27. >You're so happy they're getting along so well. Kind of like you and Shiney, actually.
  28. >...
  29. >Oh.
  30. >It was big.
  31. >This isn't the kind of decision you can take lightly.
  32. >True, you already have Anon, and nothing really bad happened, but having a second foal...
  33. >You inhaled, deeply. And exhaled.
  34. "Starlight? Sweetie? Could you come over here for a second?"
  35. >She stopped in her tracks right before she could tag anon, and instantly scampered towards you, a big grin on her face, but panting from exhaustion.
  36. >Her grin dropped when she saw your expression, slightly frowning and quizzically tilting her head.
  37. >"You didn't find me a new mommy and daddy?"
  38. >You found your stomach drop when you heard her say that.
  39. >You kept staring at her for a couple seconds, blinking.
  40. >Did she really just conclude that from looking at your face..?
  41. >Maybe you're not as good as you thought you were at hiding these emotions.
  42. >So you smile back, a smile as genuine as you can, before giving her muzzle a little boop.
  43. "You're a really smart filly, you know that?"
  44. >Her cute giggle lifted your spirit, somewhat.
  45. >"It's okay if you didn't find them, you can try again tomorrow?"
  46. >Your right hoof found the small of your neck, giving it a couple scratches.
  47. "W-well... you could... I mean, Starlight, would you like to stay here?"
  48. >It was her turn to blink.
  49. >"You mean, with you? In the castle?"
  50. >You nod. You try to keep your smile, but the dread of her saying no is getting harder and harder to--
  51. >"Forever???"
  52. >Her little mouth formed a 'o', her eyes opening wide, filled with hope and glee only a foal could show. Or Pinkie.
  53. >Enough to send your heart fluttering, involuntary letting a small sigh of relief. And happiness. And content.
  54. "Well, forever is a long time but, yes. Yes. Would you like to stay here with me and Anon and live in the castle with us?"
  55. >"Yes! Yes yes yes yes!"
  56. >You don't have the time to blink you find her small hooves wrapped around your neck, and you melt in her embrace, nuzzling her mane and wrapping your wings and a hoof around her small frame.
  57. >Happy tears well up in your eyes, and they roll down your cheeks a blink later.
  58. >"Mommy, why are you crying?"
  59. >You lift your face to see Anon standing next to you both, anxiously holding onto the edge of his shirt.
  60. "I'm crying because I'm happy, now come here!"
  61. >He doesn't have the time to react that your magic shoves him forward, your wing lifting up to let him in.
  62. >"Ow, eww, hugs are for fillies! Snips and Snails are going to tease me again!"
  63. >You snorts at that, feeling him try to break free from your wings but giving up after a couple seconds.
  64. >"T-twilight?"
  65. "Mmh?"
  66. >"Does that mean that you're my mommy now?"
  67. >Your son makes exaggerated gagging sounds when you tighten your hug over the both of them.
  68. "Yes, that means I'm your new mommy now."
  70. >You keep them glued to you for the next half hour, Anon trying to break free from time to time and you and Starlight, your daughter, sniffling and giggling at his antics.
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