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Why I Am Quitting Anon

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Aug 14th, 2011
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  1. Ok,
  3. So Over The Past Few Days I Have Been At A Cross road With Anonymous. Why? Because I Started To Think.
  5. So When I Started With Anon I Thought I Was Helping People But Over The Past Few Months Things Inside Anon Have Changed. I Am Mostly Talking About AntiSec And LulzSec. They Both Go Against What I Stand For (And What Anonymous Says They Stand For). AntiSec Has Released Gig After Gig Of Innocent Peoples Information. For What? What Did They Do? Does Anon Have The Right To Remove The Anonymity Of Innocent People? They Are Always Talking About Peoples Right To Remain Anonymous So Why Are They Removing That Right?
  8. Now I Could Talk for Hours On Why I Have Came To This Choice But I Don't Think Anyone Would Or Read It Or Care. So I Will Just Say Some Key Points:
  10. They Are Removing Peoples Right To Anonymity, A Right Which They Claim To Protect And Uphold.
  12. Sending Some Packets To A Server And Putting Info On-line Is Not Helping Or Solving Anything
  14. Anonymous DOES Have A Leader Ship And They Don't Give 2 Fucks About Us. Think, When Anons Were Arrested For DDoSing Paypal A While Back Was There A Mass Free Anon Operation?. Did They Put-Out Press Releases And Start Donations For Them?. No They Did One TV Interview And Fed Them To The Lions But When TopIary Was Arrested They Started #FreeTopIary We All Know He Is A "Higher Up" In Anon And They Started A Op For Him. You Think Those Donations Are Going To Topiary? Why Start A Op For Him? Well I Think It Is Because Of 2 Things:
  16. - Press (Anon Is The Biggest Fucking Media Whore I Have Ever Seen)
  18. - TopIary Is A Anon Who They Give A Fuck About
  20. Now You May Think I Am Mad But All The Proof Is There. I Am Not Saying People In Anon Are All Fags, Some Thing They Are Helping. But They Have Been Tricked Into Thinking It. Truth Is Anonymous Hasn't Brought Down Governments. The People Have. If You Was A Dictator you Wouldn't Give a Fuck About People Taking Down Your Site. You Would Give A Fuck About The People Rioting And Wanting You Dead.
  22. Anonymous Has Prayed On Peoples Willingness To Help Others. And Most Of Them Are Kids Who Don't Understand What They Are Doing Can Fuck Up There Lives And The IRC Wont Help Them.
  24. I Could Put More But I Don't See The Point.
  27. A Message To The Governments:
  29. If You Hate Anon, Don't Arrest The Kids. Arrest The Leaders. Without Them Everything Will Fall To Shit. All The Recruitment Will Stop And Then The People Will Start To Think And Understand That Anon Is Not Helping Anyone.
  31. A Message To The Leaders Of Anon:
  33. Fuck You Can't Wait Till You All Get Arrested :D
  35. And If One Anon Sees The Truth Every Week Then Your Time Is Running Out
  37. A Message To The Anon's:
  39. Quit While You Still Can, You Are Not Helping Anyone And You Need To Think About The Long Run. Some Thinking Now Can Save You Some Large Legal Bills Later. And Yes I Will Be There When You Get Out Of Court To Say: I Told You So. There Are Other Ways To Help People, Just Don't Go To Anon You Are Not Hurting The Governments You Are Hurting Yourselves In The Long Run. And No I Am Not Saying I Agree With What The Governments Are Doing But I Also Do Not Agree With Anon.
  41. You Cant Arrest A Idea But You Can Throw A Kid In Jail And Fuck Up Their Life.
  43. Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Do The Time.
  45. Ps:
  47. I Am Not Saying Everything Anon Has Done Is Pointless Things Like Getting Internet To People When Governments Cut It Off I Support. I Am Just Saying Most Of It Isn't Helping Anyone And Is Just Getting Kids Arrested.
  51. I Would Like to Thank People Like:
  52. @th3j35t3r
  53. @sambowne
  54. @AnonTangoDown
  55. @providesecurity
  56. And Everyone Else Who Has Been Spreading The Truth About Anon.
  57. Thanks
  59. SparkyBlaze
  63. For Proof That I Am Not Trolling:
  65. My Name Is Matthew And I Live In The UK, Manchester And No I Wont Post My Address And Phone Numbers Because I Know I Will Have Pizzas And Prank Calls To My House (That In It's Self Is More Proof That You Are All Kids). If You Want To Know More Then By All Means Dox Me. Remove My Right To Remain Anonymous.
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