A Dazzling Pack IIII

Oct 21st, 2016
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  1. >"What seems to be the problem, Mr. Caramel?"
  2. >You liked to think that--for a high school student-- you worked pretty damn hard
  3. >You were an A+ student, you worked your BUTT off at the Apple's farm, and you were the head of half of the clubs in this school
  4. >A lot of what you were doing was hard, long, tiring work, but you didn't mind
  5. >Your dad didn't raise one of those air-head guys that coasted by on their looks
  6. >You worked hard
  7. >You played hard
  8. >You were an active member of the community
  9. >And
  10. >You
  11. >Couldn't
  12. >TAKE
  13. >IT ANYMORE!
  14. >Today was the accumulation of weeks of work
  15. >Texting, emailing, even a little bribery here and there had come into play
  16. >A lot of your buddies said that it wouldn't work, that you'd get detention and that'd be the end of it
  17. >But you were determined-- no, RESOLUTE-- in getting some things changed in this school
  18. >You stood in the lobby where all of the hallways on the second floor intersected
  19. >Around you were your friends Thunderlane, Norman, Flash, and Bulk Biceps to name a few
  20. >Each and every one of you were wearing a multicolored t-shirts with the words MEN'S RIGHT printed on the front
  21. >In your hands were signs
  25. >On these signs, carefully tapped so they wouldn't fall off, was underwear
  26. >Both mens and womens
  27. >Boxers, panties, g-strings, briefs
  28. >Like you had expected, your little "protest" had garnered a lot of attention
  29. >Kids from all grades had stopped what they were doing to crowd around all of you, their phones out and recording
  31. >Teachers were peppered throughout the crowds, trying to break them up, trying to get them back to class, but they would not be moved
  32. >"NO POWER, NO PANTS!"
  35. >The guys were waving their signs around, making as much noise as they could
  36. >You needed the attention
  37. >You needed all of these people to put what you were doing on social media
  38. >You needed to get the word out
  39. >That was the only way that you'd FIX this
  40. >Standing in front of your little group, their eyes narrowed and their arms crossed against their chests, were Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna
  41. >Neither of them looked to happy with what you were doing, giving you the kind of cold, authoritative stare that would have sent most people running
  42. >But you stood your ground
  43. >You had to, otherwise nobody would listen
  44. "We're tired of this school's male population being persecuted for wearing the wrong thing!" you said, puffing your chest up.
  45. >The principal and vice-principal exchanged glances
  46. >"Caramel, I can't pretend to know what's going on, but if you could just stop this and come with me to my office..." principal Celestia began
  47. >You quickly shook your head
  48. "I'm afraid that we can't do that, ma'am," you said
  49. >The vice-principal's nose scrunched up
  50. >"Mr. Caramel, please, you're being unreasonable--"
  51. "I am NOT being unreasonable!" you barked. "For the last two months I've been emailing people on the school board, trying to get them to help with this, but not a single one of them listened! No one even emailed me back!"
  52. >Looking away from them , you turned your attention toward the crowds
  53. "We guys always get the short end of the stick when it comes to the dress code! Girls are allowed to wear pretty much whatever they want, but if OUR shorts aren't fingertip length we have to call home for a new change of clothes!"
  55. >In the crowds, guys began to murmur amongst each other
  56. >Good
  57. "I've seen girls here wear spaghetti tops, leggings, shirts that expose their bellies."
  58. >You pointed out a girl standing in front of the crowd
  59. "And everywhere I look I see CAMELTOES because girls don't wear panties, and NO ONE says anything about that! It's ridiculous!"
  60. >You turned back to the principal and her sister, spreading out your arms
  61. "I know that guys and girls have to have different versions of the dress code. We wear different things, I get that. But it's not fair that ours is so strict while there's is more lenient!"
  62. >"Caramel, whatever you believe, the dress code is applied equally to--"
  63. "No it's not, and you KNOW IT!" you said, pointing a finger at her
  64. >Vice-principal let out a sigh
  65. >"A girl isn't going to be ogled by a bunch of men, Mr. Caramel," she said bluntly
  66. "We shouldn't be ogled in the FIRST place!" you retorted
  67. >"We wouldn't ogle you if you all didn't dress up like sluts!" someone shouted from the crowd, prompting laughter
  68. >You frowned
  69. >Was that Rainbow Dash?
  70. >...
  71. >That sounded like Rainbow Dash...
  72. >The dyke...
  73. >"He's right!" Sandalwood said, pushing his way out of the crowd. "I got a detention the other day because my pants were a little too tight, and there BonBon was wearing cut-off jeans that were shorter than her panties!"
  74. >"We should be able to wear whatever we want!" another guy cried
  75. >"Yeah! It's not our fault that girls can't keep their clits in their pants!"
  76. >The crowd began to move and shift
  77. >Both guys and girls were talking
  78. >Some of them were starting to look upset
  79. >The teachers tried to yet again restore order, but it wasn't any use
  80. >It was working
  82. >People were talking
  83. >Thinking
  84. >Getting upset
  85. >"You know that all you guys want to do is dress in skimpy shit to get attention!"
  86. >"We just want to wear something comfortable! What's wrong with that?"
  87. >"Yeah! You girls wear your dirty, period-blood stained pants all the time! Why can't I wear my favorite yoga pants?!"
  88. >The crowd began to her louder and louder
  89. >There was pushing and shoving
  90. >Students were breaking out into arguments
  91. >Principal Celestia and her sister were looking around nervously
  92. >"Now, now everyone," the principal said. "Why don't we all just calm down for a moment?"
  93. >Bulk Biceps, all six foot eight, three hundred and twenty pounds of him, stepped out of the ring of guys
  94. >"No! We need to do something about this!" he bellowed, his muscles veiny and tense. "We deserve equal rights! We should have the right to wear what we want at our own risk! We deserve to wear muscle shirts!"
  95. >The giant of a man flexed, and you swore to the stars above you heard his shirt scream
  97. >Some of the crowd cheered right back
  98. >Others laughed or jeered or booed
  99. >You scanned the crowd, looking at every individual face, until your gaze settled on someone
  100. >It was that new kid
  101. >The weird, grumpy one that slept in your language arts class
  102. >Anonymous
  103. "Anon! Come here for a second!"
  104. >People stopped screaming at each other for a second
  105. >They all looked around, zeroing in on Anon
  106. >The guy perked up, looking around before his gaze met yours
  107. >"What? I didn't do anything!" he said insistently, his gaze shifty
  108. >...
  110. >That's never a good sign...
  111. >Still...
  112. "Just come over here for a second, Anon!"
  113. >Though the green guy really doesn't look like he wants to come forward, a bunch of men and a few girls in the crowd grab him and drag him toward you
  114. >It takes a minute or two, but eventually he was standing right next to you
  115. >He didn't look very happy from the manhandling, but he was there all the same
  116. >"Can I help you, Caramel?" he asked flatly
  117. >You smiled, wrapping an arm around his shoulder
  118. "Actually, yes you can," you said. "You came from a different school right?"
  119. >"No. I actually came from a different world through some shitty crystal mirror," he said
  120. >You and half of the people listening chuckled
  121. >That was a pretty good one...
  122. "But seriously Anon, since you were from a different school and all, I was wondering how their dress code worked there."
  123. >You gestured to the principal and Ms. Luna
  124. "Most of us have been in the Canterlot school system since preschool. We've always had the same rules and things like that, so I was thinking that maybe having someone else's opinion might help with this."
  125. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Principal Celestia eyeing the two of you thoughtfully
  126. >She was listening...
  127. >Fantastic...
  128. >Anon shrugged as you tried not to grin
  129. >"I don't remember anyone complaining about our dress code when I was in school. To be honest, I really didn't pay any attention to it. It was just something we kind of had to deal with, I guess."
  130. >He looked at all of you, then at the crowd
  131. >"But does it really matter? I mean, all of us are just here to learn. When you get home you can wear anything that you like, so this shouldn't be that big of a deal."
  133. >A few people in the crowd nodded in agreement
  134. >"Yeah... I don't see what the big deal is..."
  135. >"Who cares?"
  136. >"It's not like we're here for the whole day..."
  137. >Your eyes widened
  138. >Oh shit, you were losing them!
  139. >SaveitsaveitsaveitsaveitfuckingSAVEIT!
  140. "I understand where you're coming from, Anon, but we spend a significant amount of time in school," you explained, trying turn the conversation back in your favor. "And some of us even spend time here after school--"
  141. >"Nerd."
  142. "--Playing sports and helping with the school paper and stuff like that."
  143. >Giving Anon's shoulder a pat, you looked at the crowd
  144. "I'm not saying that we should be allowed to wear nothing but a smile, but at the very least the girls should HAVE to wear panties!"
  145. >The crowd cheered
  146. >You're delighted to see that not all of the people that cheered were guys
  147. >Eyeing the teachers, you could see some of them nodding their heads
  148. >Coach Sombra was smiling
  149. >Mrs. Harshwhinny, though frowning like she always did, was eyeing with you interest
  150. >Even Mr. Cranky looked like he approved of what you were saying
  151. >The vice-principal still looked like she needed a bit more to be won over, but you could see that Ms. Celestia was about to give way
  152. >You were close
  153. >So, so close
  154. >Just a little more...
  155. "So, Anon, did they do anything differently in your own school?" you asked
  156. >Once again, over five hundred eyes settled on Anon
  157. >He frowned, his brow scrunching up in thought
  158. >After a second or two, he opened his mouth
  159. >"...Well, I can't really--"
  160. >You watched as a change overcame Anonymous, unexpected and from out of nowhere>His mouth snapped shut with such force that it was audible
  161. >A shiver ran up the length of his body and his pupils even dilated
  162. >"...Actually... I DO remember something in the school dress code," he said, almost hesitantly
  163. "Really?" you asked excitedly. "What was it?"
  164. >Anon's eyes darted back and forth
  165. >"Well... there was this... THING that happened in my school. There was a bunch of, um, injustice and unfairness and, ah, all of that stuff..."
  166. >Oh?
  167. >It sounded like his school had the same problem as yours then...
  168. "What happened?"
  169. >Anon looked at you
  170. >"What happ--Oh well... there was a bunch of arguing, and, um, everyone settled our difference with a... song and dance?"
  171. >That made sense...
  172. "And?"
  173. >Anon bit his lip
  174. >"And, well, you see, they put this new code or... whatever it is in our dress code that made life, um, a whooooole lot easier and made everyone really, really happy."
  175. >Ms. Luna's frown deepened
  176. >"Really, Anonymous?" she asked
  177. >Anon looked over at her with a look in his eyes that you couldn't quite discern
  178. >He nodded very slowly, thoughtfully, as if he was scared to
  179. >Sweat was dripping down his forehead, you noticed
  180. >Aw...
  181. >The poor guy must be scared of talking to crowds...
  182. >Being the supportive guy that you were, you have his shoulder a squeeze
  183. >It didn't even look like Anon noticed that you did it
  184. >"Yes ma'am. It solved our problems, made everyone happy, and it even made our state mandated test scores higher... and stuff."
  185. >Now he had all of the teachers looking on in interest
  186. >They leaned forward, as did most of the students
  188. >You could feel the excitement in the air
  189. >The tension
  190. >This was it!
  191. >The breakthrough!
  192. >The thing that was going to help this school!
  193. "What was it, Anon?" you asked, practically hugging him now
  194. >Anon looked over at the principal
  195. >"Don't, um, quote me on this, but I remember the dress code had something in it that pretty much said that the, ah, that the entire female staff weren't supposed to wear bras or panties, AND they always had to wear low cut, thin shirts."
  196. >For a few moments, you could have heard a pin drop in the school
  197. >Anon, looking around, added,
  198. >"Oh, and the, um, guys were allowed to go commando too... I guess."
  199. >The reaction was immediate
  200. >"Ew! Why the heck would we want to stare at a bunch of old lady's boobs?" Bulk said, making a face as he looked over at the principal in particular
  201. >Anon followed his gaze as the crowd began to mutter likewise
  202. >"HEY! Don't you fucking DARE talk shit about Principal Celestia!" he snarled, his face twisting into anger
  203. >He brushed past you and made his way over to Bulk, fists clenched
  204. >"She's fucking BEAUTIFUL, you meat-giant! And I'll fight anyone here to the DEATH that thinks otherwise!"
  205. >He jabbed a finger in Ms. Celestia's direction
  206. >"In fact, if I wasn't dating anyone right now, I'd be doing everything in my fucking power to get an opportunity to bury my face in between those big, beautiful tits of hers until the sun came up, you cunt!"
  207. >Before anyone could stop him, Anon cocked a fist back and let it fly
  208. >It connected against Bulk's chest with a solid thud
  209. >As it did that, a loud pop rang through the air
  210. >Anon's eyes widened hugely
  211. >"MOTHERFUCKER!" he squeaked, pulling his fist away and hugging it against his chest before falling to the ground. "FUCK!"
  213. >Bulk, who looked nonplussed but otherwise unharmed, looked down at him with a raised eyebrow
  215. >As everyone looked down at Anon with various levels of concern, you were busy thinking
  216. >...
  217. >...
  218. >...
  219. "...Oh sweet Abercrombie and Fitch, that's GENIUS!"
  220. >Thunderlane, who had a small smile on his face as he watched Anon roll around on the ground in pain, looked over at you
  221. >"What's genius, Caramel?"
  222. >Feeling your heart soaring, you placed a hand against your chest
  223. "Just think about it for a second!" you shouted, so everyone could hear. "The teachers, Ms. Celestia, Ms. Luna, they're our role models while we're here!"
  224. >"My wrist! I think I broke my wrist!"
  225. "They're the ones that teach us, the ones that help shape us into the people that we're going to be later on in life!"
  226. >"Oh sweet Jesus I can see the light! Fuck, it's Hell! Don't go into the fucking light!"
  227. "Even if they don't think so, they're the ones that can help change any rules or regulation! What they wear, whether it's casual or professional, signals what we can or cannot wear!"
  228. >"Your nigga's dying! Pray for you boy!"
  229. "And whatever they wear we don't end up sexualizing them! Because we've put them above that!"
  230. >You don't know why you didn't see it before...
  231. >If your smile grew any bigger it might have fallen from your face
  232. "If they were to go without underwear or wear low-cut shirts or anything like that, we wouldn't say anything! In fact, we'd think that it would just be a normal, everyday thing. There'd be nothing sexual or depraved about it!"
  233. >All around, you could hear both students and teachers talking amongst themselves
  235. >They were beginning to understand what you were getting at
  236. >They were beginning to see
  237. >And they looked excited
  238. >"Why does it hurt so fucking much?!"
  239. "And, if they do it long enough, we might begin to think nothing of it if anyone of us comes to school bra-less or with boxers or in yoga pants or anything like that! We might be able to change this school's very mindset!"
  240. >Bulk, throwing down his sign, lifting both of his massive arms into the air
  242. >You found yourself smiling as the crowds roared back in response
  243. >With Anon's help, you were going to make a difference
  244. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the Dazzlings pushing through the crowd, none of them looking very happy, but you couldn't give a flying feather about that
  245. >"Caramel."
  246. >You looked over your shoulder as someone placed a hand on it
  247. >Ms. Celestia was standing next to you with the vice-principal right next to her
  248. >The principal was smiling, looking absolutely proud and terribly excited
  249. >"Caramel, I must applaud you for your efforts here today," she said, over the cheering. "It must have taken a great deal of courage to do what you did."
  250. >Wiping a tear from your eye, you grinned
  251. >You had won them over
  252. >You had done it
  253. "So, you're going to help me fix the dress code?" you asked
  254. >"We will bring this... interesting idea to the school board to see what they think," Ms. Luna said. "It may take some work, but I believe that we may have something here. Whatever it may be..."
  255. >You sniffled, trying your very hardest not to cry
  256. >You had done it...
  257. >With Anon's help, you were going to make a difference...
  258. >You were going to--
  259. >"Move."
  260. >Adagio, with a frown on her face, roughly shoved you aside, nearly knocking you over
  261. >Reaching down, she pulled Anon to his feet
  262. >"Easy!" Anon yelped. "Easy!"
  264. >"Let me see."
  265. >"Is that fucker a golem? Because I swear--"
  266. >Rolling her eyes, Adagio grabbed his injured hand, causing him to yelp
  267. >She carefully looked it over for a few moments
  268. >"Ah. Merely dislocated," she muttered, sounding relieved
  269. >She then pulled Anon's arm
  270. >There was another, almost sickening pop
  271. >Anon yelped, his eyes bulging
  272. >"Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
  273. >He curled in on himself, burying his face into Adagio's neck
  274. >The girl, with a small smile now on her face, began to run her fingers through his hair
  275. >"There we are, all better."
  276. >"Fuuuuuuccccckkkkk... Yoooooouuuu..."
  277. >"Now we know to let the females of the pack do the fighting, yes?"
  278. >"Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk.... Yoooouuuuu... wiiiiittttthhhhh... aaaaa... rrrrraaaakkkkeeee."
  279. >Still smiling, Adagio looked over at Bulk
  280. >She frowned, eyes narrowing, before muttering something under her breath
  281. >...
  282. >Uh oh...
  283. >You might want to tell Bulk about that later...
  284. >As the other Dazzlings crowded around Anon you sighed, your hands on your hips
  285. >You owed Anon one, that's for sure...
  286. >...
  287. >Hmmm....
  288. >Maybe he'd like to go out and do something with the other guys?...
  289. >You'll make sure to ask him after all of this was over...
  290. >You sighed again, looking around the hall
  291. >You did good, Caramel
  292. >You did good
  294. >Be Vice-Principal
  295. >Don't look at her...
  296. >Don't look at her...
  297. >"Luna..."
  298. >Don't do it
  299. >Don't you dare look at her
  300. >"Luuuuunnnnna."
  301. >You know what's going to happen
  302. >You know--
  303. >"Lun--"
  304. "What?!"
  305. >You turned to look at your sister, who was giving you the smuggest, grandest, most shit shit-eating grin that you have ever seen on her face
  306. >"I recall you telling me that no guy would want a women my size," she said, inspecting her fingernails. "I believe that SOMEONE owes me an apology."
  307. "He's a student, Cele--"
  308. >"I don't recall you specifying, dear sister~"
  309. >Celestia took a deep breath, puffing her chest out
  310. >"Yep... This old girl's still got it!... Unlike SOME people I know..."
  311. >...
  312. >Goddammit...
  313. >You were never going to hear the end of this, were you?
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