Jun 22nd, 2016
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  1. Bjalfi opens the pouch for the tenth time, just to have a look and make sure it’s there. The odds of it disappearing were miniscule, but not non-existent. It was a magical artefact after all, one valuable enough to be stolen and one valuable enough to send three sell-swords after it. The ritual of verification had another purpose, though. To distract his eyes from the disturbingly alluring behind of the other male of the group, Vik. Or Vikky as his comrade Mora teasingly calls him.
  3. That comrade, a particularly wolfish Kikimora, currently sits beside him. He couldn’t help but shirk from a certain predatory element in her eyes and he’s certain she’d caught him staring at Vik. Bjalfi feels confident that her vigil is not out of jealousy, for as close as they seem to be, there is very little sexual tension between them. In the past three days they’ve pooled resources and information to hunt down the thieves and split the bounty, yet they haven’t acted the part of a couple at all. If anything Vik seems to swing the other way, which only compounds the issue further.
  5. They found the camp on the third night and Vik was sent to do some quick scouting. It took a bit to find, but it wasn’t too far from Dimm-Bald, the dwarven town nestled in the foothills of Rokkr, a sinisterly looming mountain to the south east of the fel capital of Lyonesse. About an afternoon’s walk from here to there.
  7. It wouldn’t have been so bad to track them down and find their camp if not for the vast wetlands surrounding Rokkr. There were countless mountain paths to reach the solitary volcano, but if you wanted to do it without climbing, you had to approach from the stretch of land to the southwest or the beach to the south. The thieves hadn’t managed to get further than the encirclement of mountains surrounding Rokkr and were on their way to the stretch of land to the southwest.
  9. The thieves totalled nine and only three were awake and on lookout. The ambush was swift and visceral, Vik’s lithe form slipping through the shadows, his small, gauntlet-mounted crossbow sending bolts into unarmoured flesh and his dagger plunging into the throats of the would be sentinels. Vik was silent enough, but Mora’s ecstatic cry as she leapt into the waiting fray with her flamberg sort of defeated the purpose. Bjalfi’s axe tasted plenty of blood in the short scuffle.
  11. Regardless, all’s well that ends well and Bjalfi watches as Vik places his boot to the chest of a struggling survivor and puts him out of his misery with a well-placed bolt between the eyes. Vik bends over to retrieve the bolt and Bjalfi makes sure that the artefact is indeed, still there.
  13. Vik turns, his long grey hair flowing behind him. He wipes the blood off his face, looks to his hand, and wipes it clean on the large headband tied around his forehead. This earns him a vicious scowl from Mora. Caught somewhere between a wince and a friendly smile, he turns to Bjalfi.
  15. “Got it?”
  17. “Uh, yep. Matches her description. Let’s head back and split the reward.” A palpable wave of relief washes over Vik and he flashes a furtive glance to his less than full coin pouch.
  19. The three loot what they can and begin the walk back to Dimm-Bald. The walk is a long and quiet one, the night air still and cold. Vik takes the lead and Bjalfi falls in line with Mora, his mind churning in curiosity.
  21. The ever-grinning wolf speaks first, “’Sup?”
  23. “Nothing much. Just curious, how long have you known Vik?”
  25. Bjalfi had never seen Mora without that air of mysterious intent about her. He pointedly ignores the twinkle of mirth in her eyes as she answers. “Oh, Vikky? We’ve been together since we were kids. Yeah, I’ve known Vikky for as long as I can remember. Why?”
  27. That last question carried with it an ominous weight, but Bjalfi wilfully paid it no heed. “I was just thinking, Vik is very … pretty and I don’t mean to be forward, but you’re rather…” a faint blush comes to his cheeks, “Attractive yourself. And you two seem close, but… not like that. Why not?”
  29. Mora gives a short and quiet laugh, half hidden behind her hand, her tail swishing behind her playfully. “Oh, well thank you. But as for your question,” the wolf-bird leans in closer, positively leering, “Vikky likes men, dear.”
  31. A powerful seaborne breeze blows in, shaking the trees and the low-lying shrubs, sending ripples through the moonlit wetlands. Bjalfi’s pace falters. “He likes men?”
  33. Mora gives that cryptic grin and walks ahead. He stands there for a moment, alone. He turns to the sea and stares into the moon’s choppy reflections. Confusion is etched across his brow. “Am I… gay?”
  35. Vik turns back, “Hey. Bjalfi. We’ll make camp by the stream coming off the mountains up ahead. It’s not safe to walk the wetlands at night.”
  37. “Uh, right.” He nods and shakes his head clear of complex thoughts. A vast array of beasts stalk the wetlands at night. From aggressive panthers to huge alligators and giant bugs. There was no end to the perils of navigating the wetlands at night. And that isn’t even to speak of criminals and the more sentient species of monster. Camp would be good.
  39. He shifts his pack before setting off, making its contents jingle and the head of his axe knock against the rim of his round shield. Bjalfi follows after, leaving deep indentations in the soft soil.
  41. ***
  43. The fire crackles and spits, spreading warmth throughout the immediate vicinity. It and the full stomach were almost enough to lull Bjalfi into a pleasant sleep. Which wasn’t good since he volunteered first lookout. He gets up slowly and languidly. “I’m going to take a bath down-stream. Give me a yell if anything happens.” He heads over to the stream with the sounds of the campfire fading behind him.
  45. “Mora, did you put anything in my food?”
  47. “Fufufu. I wonder…”
  49. The rest of their conversation falls out of earshot as Bjalfi strips down and slips into the stream. He supresses a shiver. The waters were fresh and cool seeing as how it was almost entirely comprised of mountain snow, melted and sent pouring down the side of the mountain to pool into the wetlands some distance from here. He takes a seat in the stream near the bank and the water only comes up to his chest.
  51. Water pools in his cupped hand and he lifts it to his armpits and shoulders, washing away the day’s sweat and grime. Then he sucks in a deep breath and leans forward to submerge his head in the chilling waters. His hair becomes weightless and he shakes his head about, breathing bubbles and running his fingers through his hair before emerging and sighing. He looks up at the sky and zones out. So far out that he doesn’t notice the woman behind him until she’d already sat behind him, wrapped her legs around his hips and draped her arms over his shoulders.
  53. He jolts a bit and twists to see Mora’s grinning face. She’s just as naked as he is, her large breasts pressing against his back. “What has you thinking so hard that you don’t notice me until I’ve already caught you? You don’t strike me as a deep thinker.” She shoots him a look of genuine curiosity.
  55. “I’m not. My mum always said I wasn’t good for anything other than hunting and swinging around an axe.” He sighs and turns back to the front of him. “I think…”
  57. Mora rests her cheek on his shoulder, her fluffy and floppy dog ear ticklish against his chest like the feathers adorning her wrists. “Hmm?”
  59. “I think I might be gay.”
  61. Mora’s eyes go wide. Her lips quiver and for an instant she only lets out the shortest of sounds “Pfft.” Then the dam breaks and her mirth rushes out like a flood. It would be a pleasant and jovial sound, if she weren’t laughing directly at him. A slight blush of embarrassment comes to his cheeks and he frowns. He waits for her to recover and she gives him a tight hug “Haha aww, sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh.” Her grin says otherwise, “Is this about Vikky, then?” Bjalfi nods. “Mmm, I see. Then, do you want to do some tests?”
  63. “Tests?” He furrows his brows in confusion before he stiffens up. Mora’s lips were at his ear, her teeth nibbling lightly against the lobe. Her voice is low and carries with it a seductive quality he’d not heard her use before,
  65. “Yes. Tests.” He gasps as he feels her take hold of his manhood, only now realising that he was already half hard. “I want you to clear your mind and focus on what your body had already realised some time ago.” He looks down to see just what it was that was fondling his cock; both her hands were on his chest. The waters are clear and asides from the odd ripple, he could clearly make out her odd, high-heel mimicking kikimora feet holding his dick. He can feel rather than see the inexplicable softness of the arch at its highest point just before the heel, like the sole of a woman who’d never walked barefoot a day in her life.
  67. She moves her feet as masterfully as one would their hands, stroking and squeezing about his cock. “Focus on the fact that there’s a naked woman clinging to you,” She licks and kisses his neck and one of her hands move to toy with his nipple, the other reaching into the water to assist in her foot-job, to stroke and rub at the sensitive head of his cock, while her feet work the shaft. “Focus on that, and let your body take control.”
  69. He lets out a sigh and abandons his body to the wolf-bird behind him. She strokes and pumps at his cock in perfect, almost mechanical rhythm. Her feet piston independent of each other and he can’t help but feel his balls clench with the way they squeeze and constrict. The way her fingers deftly toy with the head of his cock do nothing but exacerbate the situation.
  71. Bjalfi’s breath begins to hasten and he turns his head to Mora as she kisses and licks at his neck and jaw. Her lips find his readily and she begins to whine slightly as she thrusts her hips against his back, as if begging to be filled with cock. She quickens all her movements up, until she’s grinding against him and stroking his cock with mad and lewd abandon, making the waters around them choppy, filling the area with sloshing sounds.
  73. Bjalfi squeezes his eyes shut and jerks his hips forward, thrusting into her foot-pussy and staining the stream with long streaks of white seed. Mora breaks the kiss and grins, “There’s some soft grass on the shore.” She takes his hand and pulls him up, leading him out of the water. She sits down on the grass and licks her lips at his still hard cock, bouncing and throbbing at her.
  75. She settles down, raises herself up on her elbows and spreads her legs, her wet fluffy feather tail coiling around her right leg. Bjalfi falls to his knees between them and grabs her hips, holding them steady as he slips her thighs over his. His throbbing cock pumps a stream of hot pre onto her own more than wet lips and Mora does a little thrust upwards, rubbing her clit and downy pubes on the underside of his shaft.
  77. He angles his cock to prod at her folds and applies the slightest bit of pressure returned along with the heat of her furnace-like snatch. He feels her legs cross behind his back as he leans forward, braces himself with a hand on the ground and gives the grinning wolf-bird a kiss. “Still worrying about stupid things?”
  79. He offers her a smile and thrusts in, “Nope.” She gasps and claws at the grass as he spreads her wide and fills her up. He doesn’t give her a change to get used to his length and girth, withdrawing until just his head is nestled in her hot depths, leaving a lonely void in its wake. Her slick and tight walls grip at him as he slides back in and he gasps as her thighs clench, adding force and turning the thrust into a pounding. The blow flows through her rigid warrior abs and into her soft titflesh, making them quake.
  81. She lets out a little cry and slips back into her perpetual grin, “Harder.” She wiggles her wide hips, “I’m built to take it, so fuck me silly.” Bjalfi nods, more than a little turned on by her assertive nature and pulls out, leaking pre down her channel all the way before he slams back in. He sets himself a pace and takes her advice from earlier, abandoning his thoughts and focusing on the soft flesh and rigid muscle below.
  83. He shifts his weight and wraps his arms around Mora, resting his elbows on the ground. He rests his forehead against hers and offers a kiss. Standing head to head, they are about the same height, with Vik a few heads smaller, but taking width into account, Bjalfi’s frame overshadows Mora’s. Pinned and below Bjalfi, with his powerful arms enveloping her and his thickness driving through her nethers, something primal and submissive triggers in Mora.
  85. Bjalfi gasps as her cunt tightens and the wolf-bird leans up to lick and kiss at his face. Her thighs tighten around his hips almost crushingly and he can’t manage much more than short, deep thrusts. His balls slap into her ass time and again, her feather tail wagging and fanning a heady cloud of mind-melting atmosfuck over the two. His breath catches as the scent of her arousal spreads through his mind. He spears through her now-sopping folds, grinding the head of his cock against the entrance to her womb, pumping more precum into it with each thrust. Mora rolls her hips against him and bucks upwards with each of his pistons in, grinding their hips together in a wet, sloppy cacophony of lust.
  87. Her chest shudders against his, her nipples digging into his skin. By the tightness of her walls and the coiling, milking contractions he can feel her coming close, or at least as close as he is to climax. She nuzzles into his shoulder and squeezes him tight, moaning before giving a sharp cry and sinking her teeth into his shoulder. Bjalfi grunts as her body quivers and shakes, unable to withstand the orgasmic spasms of the kiki’s cunt.
  89. Already balls deep with no hope of her thighs permitting exit; he has little choice but to blow his load directly into her womb. She can almost make out each and every rope of life-bearing seed that fills her by the rhythmic distending of his thick cock. Her eyes roll back in bliss as the warmth of the post-climax afterglow and the cum in her belly spreads throughout. She giggles softly, unaware of the taste of blood in her mouth. Her thighs go slack and Bjalfi sits up, casting a wince at his tooth-marked shoulder and the small streams of blood seeping from the indentations of some of her sharper teeth.
  91. “Owww.” He pulls out, still hard and spurts the last of his load on her belly.
  93. “Ehehe, sorry. I forgot to tell you I bite.” She grins lazily up at him and her fingers go to scoop up the cum on her belly. Bjalfi’s cock throbs as he watches her lick it up. “Are you still thinking abo-”
  95. Both their heads turn to the sound of a snapping twig. Bjalfi’s head shoots up and his eyes go wide. Mora smirks with the confidence of a master setting up a check mate.
  97. “V-Vik! I-” Bjalfi’s words catch in his throat as his mind gets around to actually processing the sight before of him.
  99. Vik stands, pale skin almost glowing in the moonlight, his long silver hair falling all about her shoulders and chest, no longer held back by the headband. Twin, small horns protrude from his forehead and her face is beet red. He’s breathing so hard she looks like he could overheat at any moment and her short tail flicks from side to side agitatedly.
  101. Bjalfi feels his mind and preconceptions twist and break. But it’s less to do with Vik’s sudden appearance and more to do with Vik’s small horns and tail. Vik’s small yet undeniably feminine and shapely breasts. Vik’s womanly hips and Vik’s aroused and drooling pussy.
  103. “Vik, y-you’re a…”
  105. So lost is he in this mindbreaking revelation, that he doesn’t notice when Mora slips behind him and pins his arms behind his back. She pulls back on his arms and thrusts her hips against his. Bjalfi’s hips roll forwards and his cock bounces with the motion. Vik’s eyes hone in on it and she takes a small step forward.
  107. “Fufufu. Don’t bother. If that potion worked the way it should, Vikky won’t be able to hear a word you say. Although she’ll remember this night at length.” The lithe, silver haired slip of a woman had already fallen to her hands and knees and crawled up to the kneeling form of Bjalfi. He groans as her soft lips latch onto the tip of his malehood, still sensitive from blowing a load inside Mora. Her soft wet tongue explores the head of his dick, flicking and sucking at the glans. He can’t help but grow harder at the sight of her mouth straining to fit his cock in it.
  109. “She’s a Domovoi, a creature like and partner to Kikimora, though their forms are often frightfully deceiving.” She puts her lips against Bjalfi’s ear, “And Vikky very much likes a certain man.” He can’t do anything but groan his agreeance as he is taken deep into the Domovoi’s tight throat and her small button-like nose presses up against his belly.
  111. “Why did you trick me?”
  113. “Oh?” He can almost feel her grin boring into him, “But I never specified if Vikky was a He or She.”
  115. Vik runs her tongue around Bjalfi’s shaft and draws back, cleaning it of his cum and Mora’s juices. Her lips come free of the thick meat with a pop and Bjalfi cock throbs and bounces, glistening in the moonlight. “Fuck.”
  117. “Indeed.” Vikky straightens up and wraps her arms around Bjalfi, pulling him into a kiss. She hooks one of her thick and lean legs around his hips and lines his cock up with her wet and drooling lips. Mora takes this as her cue to separate and leaves Bjalfi resting on his haunches with Vik halfway into wrapping herself around him. “I’ll go watch over the camp, you two lovebirds have fun.”
  119. Bjalfi watches Mora walk away, giggling with her tail wagging happily, his seed dripping down her leg. He doesn’t have long to ponder on the depths of her mischief before Vik grabs his head and turns it to her, pouting slightly before she forces him into a kiss. Bjalfi gasps as she forces his teeth apart and claims his tongue, molesting his mouth with her own hot muscle. Even as she fights to dominate the kiss, she hooks her other leg around his hips and sinks down onto his shaft. She gives a little whimper as her ass comes to rest against his balls and he feels something hot roll down his shaft.
  121. She breaks the kiss and scrunches her face up in an expression of mild pain. Bjalfi smiles softly and bring his hand up to her head, patting it lightly, stroking through her hair and around the base of her small horn. She shoots him a small smile and lifts herself up, quivering as the head of his cock scrapes against her virginal walls on its way out before letting gravity bear her back down. She buries her head into Bjalfi’s shoulder as she begins to bounce and he slips one of his arms under hers, holding her chest against his.
  123. Their body heat increases to a feverous level as their skin rubs together. Her heart thrums powerfully close to his and leaps a beat as he takes his other hand and grabs a handful of her round ass, the thing that had him distracted all day and spun him into a mini sexual crisis. He gives it a squeeze and is rewarded with a quiet yelp from the head buried in his shoulder. She bounces into his lap a little harder for his efforts and he brings his other hand to the base of her tail.
  125. She freezes as his fingers wrap around the base and a mischievous grin splits his lips. He lifts her up by her ass and gives her tail a light squeeze as she falls back down, meeting her midway by thrusting his own hips up. She lets out a keening moan and he feels a sticky wetness as she cums. Her body is wracked by miniature quakes and gently, he peels her off him, to settle her down on her hands and knees.
  127. She recovers and looks back just as he lines his cock up against her entrance. Her face is beet red and she bites at her lower lip in a moment of hesitation before giving Bjalfi a small nod. He grins, and places one hand on her ass, the other around the base of her tail. Gripping both, he pulls her back as he thrusts forward and is rewarded by Vik crying out as their hips wetly collide. He pulls back and gives her round ass a smack as he pushes back in. The skin turns red with his handprint and the flesh bounces. He grimaces as her twat tightens considerably, making it hard for him to push further in or pull further out.
  129. Her arms give out and her upper body falls to the soft grass. She twists her head to a side to avoid a face full of soil and her long hair spills across the grass. The sight of Vikky face down, ass up with her wide hips flowing into her slim waist and slender torso makes Bjalfi anything but relenting. He pounds into her from behind harder yet and her fingers claw at the grass as she slides forward by the tiniest bit every thrust.
  131. His finger and thumb circle around the base of her short tail and he takes his other hand form her ass, reaching around to stroke and rub at her exposed clit. Each tweak elicits a reaction in her quaking depths and a sharp gasp followed by a light moan. Every thrust has the Domovoi crying out and digging trenches into the soil with her fingers. Bjalfi feels her quiver again and another cunt clenching climax sears through her. She buckles entirely, falling flat against the ground, but Bjalfi remains relentless, thrusting into her from behind.
  133. He shifts his weight to better thrust into her prone form, reaching up and under her chest to bend her back just enough to tip her head back for a kiss. Her ass smooshes up against his hips and ripples with each frame-shaking pounding. She returns the kiss as best she can despite being more than half out of it and Bjalfi tracks the aftershocks and her smaller orgasms by how often her probing tongue goes slack only to start up again a moment later. He thrusts in one last time and hilts himself there, cumming for the fourth and last time that night.
  135. The exertion hits him like a hammer and he nearly blacks out and Vik already has if her spasming body is any indication. His balls clench and pump her full of everything he has left, bloating her womb and sending it rushing back out to messy up the back of her thighs. He sighs and rolls off her, his dick coming out with an indescribably lewd sound followed by a spurt of cum.
  137. He grabs Vik by the shoulders and sits her up. She’s breathing heavily, there’s a trail of drool stuck to her cheek and there’s bits of dirt and grass stuck to her chest. Her eyes flutter open and she looks down at herself and laughs. “Wow. I’ve never… Help me clean up.” She wraps her arms around Bjalfi.
  139. “Sure.” He slips an arm under her knees and places the other on her back. Slowly he rises and carries her into the water to set her down in a shallow spot. She rises shakily to clean herself off, scooping up handfuls of water and letting it cascade down her decidedly pear-shaped curves, her small tail drawing circles in the water.
  141. Bjalfi cleans his own thighs off and splashes water on his face to wake himself up. As he moves his hands from his eyes, Vik bends over to wash her legs. His hand itches to give her ass a smack in revenge, but then he’d have to explain what he was avenging. He resolves to keep his earlier misconceptions between Mora and him.
  143. Vik turns, her bright pink nipples standing out on her pale flesh. “Let’s head back, Bjalfi. I need to have a word with Mora.”
  145. He nods, wondering how he’ll manage lookout while being so exhausted.
  147. ***
  149. Bjalfi feels a small chest rise and beat against his own. There’s an oddly sweet and feminine scent about him, and as he gives his fingers a squeeze he feels a soft resistance and the creature sleeping besides him gives a light moan. Bjalfi opens his eyes slowly to see Vikky sleeping to the left next to him, her head on his chest, her left leg wrapped around his right and a piece of ass in his hand. Where it belongs, really. He gives it a squeeze and she squirms again before waking up. Her eyes open and she gives him a smile before yawning.
  151. “G’Mornin’.”
  153. “Morning.” He responds before sitting up. His stuff is all that’s left strewn around the camp. Mora already packed up the rest. The grinning wolf-bird in question walks into view. She takes a look at him and Vik and laughs.
  155. “Well, Master. Aren’t you glad you’re not gay?” Vik tilts her head to a side inquisitively and Mora laughs again.
  157. “Come on. We have to get back to town.”
  159. Bjalfi nods and prepares himself to leave. Wait. Master?
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