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  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 (SM-T580)
  2. Android 7.0 (Android Security Patch 1st Oct. 2018)
  4. Rooting Device(Alert:Your data will be lost)
  5. 1. Download Odin, Magisk(both apk and system file), No-Verity-Opt-Encrypt,TWRP from links below
  6. 2. On development settings(tap on build number 5 times if hidden) enable OEM Unlock and turn off device
  7. 3. On your turned off device press Home+Volume.down+Power buttons to initiate Download procedure
  8. 4. On PC open Odin as admin, choose AP, locate your downloaded twrp, open it and press start(leave the other 3 empty)
  9. (Alert: When the process finishes your device will automaticaly restart, when it does so make sure to press Home+Volume.Up+Power buttons to initiate Recovery Prodecure)
  10. (2nd Alert: You may lose the opportunity from the first alert, just turn off the device and then press Home+Volume.Up+Power buttons to initiate Recovery Prodecure)
  11. 5. With TWRP launched, slide to unlock, go wipe->format data, type yes and tick, your data just got deleted, go advanced wipe, check Cache, Swipe to Wipe, after wiping data and cache go back->Reboot->Recovery
  12. 6. Now you have to move and file) to the device by using your pc.
  13. 7. After doing so, go to install, choose No-Verity-Opt-Encrypt first, install it and clear the cache, afterwards reboot->Recovery
  14. 8. After rebooting to Recovery again, go to install, choose Magisk, install it and clear cache, afterwards reboot-System
  15. 9. Afterwards just setup your device as your would normally do with a newly bought device
  16. 10. When you finish move the Magisk.apk from your pc to the tablet, install it(grant permission to install) and open it.
  17. 11. You can see on the apk whether you have installed it successfully and it has the latest version(reccomended)
  18. 12. To conclude, you can confirm whether you have rooted successfully with the app Root Checker Basic(can be downloaded from playstore), grant it permission and it confirms your success.
  19. 13. It is strongly advised to convert the Magisk Manager into a system app with the use of Apps2SD PRO(can be downloaded from playstore).
  21. No-Verity-Opt-Encrypt
  22. Magisk
  23. Odin
  24.  TWRP
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