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Responding to Recruiters

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Jun 20th, 2022
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  1. When you receive obviously copy pasted messages from recruiters, but you're looking for a new role so you don't want to ignore them just in case... respond with your own copy pasted message:
  3. Hi _____,
  4. Thank you for reaching out. I am currently interested in learning about potential new opportunities. However, I'm also receiving a lot of messages from recruiters and companies at the moment, and so am unable to fully follow up with everyone. Before I decide to set up a call, could you send some additional details about the role? I'm mainly interested in the company name, what technology the role would be working with, what kinds of problems the role will be working on, the role's location or if it's remote, what compensation range the company has in mind, and what their interview process is.
  5. Thanks again for reaching out!
  6. Anon
  8. Tweak the list of details in the middle (e.g., delete the technology question if the recruiter's initial message already had that info) before sending, and then wait and see if you get a response. If they respond without answering any questions, then just ignore them. Otherwise, you'll have to decide if you want to engage based on the answers they provide.
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