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Jun 21st, 2019
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  1. 1: Often times the vehicles were left filled trash by day crew that the night crew had to clean up.
  2. 2: There have been many nights where the trucks had maintenance issues that left them unsafe to drive at times.
  3. 3: Many drivers are still having issues getting scheduled properly even though they made countless efforts to reach out to upper leadership.
  4. 4: There have multiple instances where drivers were pulled over in route to Ontario or told to stop at the weight station and were given tickets under their names for infractions the company is responsible for (such as having the DOT numbers on the sides of the trucks).
  5. 5: Drivers being forced to stay at warehouse for longer hours because trucks are not ready to go in a timely manner which has the potential of leading to minor to deadly crashes on the highways.
  6. 6: And most recently, trucks left close to empty and not having gas cards and drivers being told to make do and get to Ontario the best way they can.
  7. 7: Only a specific job title have the opportunity to reach professional goals to move up while other positions are forced to remain at their same level.
  8. 8: Due to their new change in operations, they are forcing employees to drive their personal vehicles two hours north from San Diego to begin work, work 8+ hours, then drive two hours back home without a compensation of gas or wear and tear on their cars or an increase in pay; or be forced to re-interview for a new day crew position or take a severance package.
  9. 9: With the constant turnover rate, the company fails to understand that as employees quit, they are wasting money, man-hours, and resources on recruiting, training, and re-hiring. There is also no solid training program for all positions either, employees are essentially hired and thrown to the lions.
  11. Now all of these gripes were brought up to HR and to the SoCal Operations head as well as the CEO, but it seems as if the company just tried to get it swept under the rug. Now there is great potential with the company, especially with the technology they created in-house to help get the job done, but the way operations work, specifically in SoCal, it seems the company is just trying to cut corners and weren't exactly aware of what it really takes to run a successful business. It was exciting to work for this company but extremely frustrating due to all of these issues that should've been taken care of previously.
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