MGC Maid Central Butler Requests

Mar 8th, 2015
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  1. MGC Maid Central notice: All interviews are processed to ensure clarity or to include extra information. MGC Maid Central cares for and protects its members and will always attempt to gather extra information wherever possible to ensure the best possible experience for its members. Due to MGC Laws a butler may refuse both public and private requests as many times as he’d like. However, upon signing a contract it becomes final and cannot be cancelled until fulfillment, the only exception being rule breach by the mistress. Please visit the contract department or the contract section on our intranet for further information.
  3. 1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Mistress name: Lady Rose
  5. Mistress type: Kitsune
  6. Suspected Personality: Noble, lustful and affectionate
  7. Butler Title: Personal servant
  8. Contract length: Two years: renewable
  9. Notes: Despite the listed title the butler is also expected to serve Lady Rose her sisters when requested.
  11. Lady Rose has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile.
  13. Lady Rose lives together with six of her sisters at the local shrine in the south west sector of the city. Those familiar with this area will know that this sector is mostly suburban and inhabited by families with an above average income. The shrine itself is a large area consisting of various buildings and gardens. Every inhabitant of the shrine has their own private room for storage and privacy. However there is single large communal building with futons for sleeping. The shrine while open for public is rarely visited throughout the week, the exception being the weekends when Lady Rose holds her daily sermon.
  15. The butler’s duties at the shrine will involve preparing meals and snacks for all inhabitants of the shrine at set times of the day and whenever requested. Besides preparing meals the butler is also expected to personally accompany and help Lady Rose with her daily life and during her sermons.
  17. In addition the butler is expected to perform any task given by Lady Rose or her sisters. Both Lady Rose and her sisters seem to strongly enjoy massages in various forms and shapes and as such these will often be requested throughout the day. The butler is also expected to act as a tail brusher for the inhabitants of the shrine in the evening. Equipment and a course on proper brushing can be provided by MGC Maid Central. Alternatively Lady Rose has stated to be willing to teach her butler proper tail brushing herself.
  19. The future butler of Lady Rose will notice that she and her sisters are all several hundred years old. Lady Rose and her sisters originated from beyond the portal and moved to MGC after the ending of the wars. Her shrine quickly received permanent funding by MGC Admin to act as neutral mediation area, allowing for a safe place to settle conflicts. However its popularity never rose beyond that function attracting few visitors. Due to this reason Lady Rose and her sisters spend most of their days at the shrine finding ways to entertain themselves and each other. MGC Maid Central suspects that a butler who enjoys taking initiative in providing entertainment would be well received.
  21. MGC Maid Central would like to warn their butlers that due to the lack of male presence in their lives, the inhabitants of the shrine have grown lustful. Please take note that the risk of “walking in” on Lady Rose or one of her sisters while changing is fairly high. In addition a butler can expect to often be flirted with and occasionally even be groped at. MGC Maid Central cannot guarantee the safe return of the contracted butler to the Central if he were to accept such behavior or respond to it in a positive way.
  23. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Lady Rose and receive further information.
  25. 2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. Mistress name: Taya
  27. Mistress type: Apophis
  28. Suspected Personality: Lustful, mischievous and caring
  29. Butler Title: Darling
  30. Contract length: 6 months, permanent contract will be discussed afterwards.
  31. Notes: Butler will be requested to perform unusual, not always “moral” tasks.
  33. Miss Taya has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile with additional information.
  35. Miss Taya lives at the edge of MGC in the western suburban sector. This area is well known for being inhabited by those with a very high income. One will see many small gated communities and large family mansions when walking through the pristine streets of this area in MGC. Police can be seen actively patrolling around, in addition to the heavily armed private security companies that guard the many communities and mansions in this area. Miss Taya herself lives in a large mansion and is part of a small gated community consisting of her and two other members named Miss Amélie and Pharaoh Eirene.
  37. Miss Taya is described by our Kikimora interviewer as an older, but fine and healthy looking lady. During the interview Miss Taya wore a blue dress and was noted to wear a simple crown-like head ornament that had a small single red gem encrusted in it.
  39. The butler’s duties at the mansion will be solely focused on directly serving Miss Taya as the mansion is mostly cleaned and maintained by magic. The sole exception being the master bedroom, which Miss Taya expects her butler to clean and tidy on a regular basis. Directly serving Miss Taya involves preparing meals at set times of the day and snacks on request. The butler is furthermore expected to be with Miss Taya at all times, carrying objects for her, giving advice, helping Miss Taya get dressed and other such tasks. Miss Taya in addition enjoys massages and expects her butler to give her a daily body massage or when requested.
  41. MGC Maid Central would also like to mention that while the butler will be provided with a room of his own, Miss Taya is likely to request her butler to sleep coiled up with Miss Taya in her bed. The reasoning for this being Miss Taya’s nature of being coldblooded and her preference for “natural” heaters.
  42. It is further worth noting that Miss Taya believes that it is important to give rewards to her butler in return for his service. A butler can expect to receive massages, headpats, hugs and such on a regular basis from Miss Taya.
  44. Miss Taya has also stated that she will expect her butler to aid her in performing various “friendly pranks” on her neighbor Pharaoh Samira. As such Miss Taya would highly prefer a fit butler, capable of moving silently and staying hidden. In addition knowledge and skill with lock picking, electronics and chemistry would be highly appreciated. Miss Taya however has stressed that while appreciated such skills are not needed, willingness to learn and train being considered enough. Miss Taya also stressed the fact that these “pranks” will never have the intention of putting Pharaoh Samira in harm’s way and the fact to never mention these pranks when she, Miss Sally and Pharaoh are together.
  46. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Miss Taya and receive further information.
  48. 3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. Mistress name: Miss Amélie
  50. Mistress type: Wight
  51. Suspected Personality: Laidback, affectionate, intelligent
  52. Butler Title: The Butler’s first name, various nicknames might be given during contract.
  53. Contract length: trial of unstated length, eternal contract afterwards
  54. Notes: Butler is expected to perform unusual duties.
  56. Miss Amélie has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile with additional information.
  58. Miss Amélie is a member of a small gated community in the western suburban sector on the edge of MGC. This sector is known to typically house citizens with a very high income and consists of many small gated communities and family mansions. Miss Amélie owns one of the three residences on the grounds of the gated community she is part of. Her mansion has an impressive gothic architecture, enhanced by several giant gems and dozens of smaller ones, embedded in the walls and windows. Rumors state that those unwelcome who pass near these gems will feel their energy sapped, their bravery drained and their every step watched. Miss Amélie however has stated that these gems imbued with her family line’s magic, only exist to maintain her mansion in various ways. Miss Amélie has however claimed that she moved her home alongside with her when passing through the gate.
  60. When Miss Amélie entered MGC Maid Central for her appointment, she was initially mistaken for one of the new recruits due to her style of hair and clothing. Miss Amélie can generally be found wearing clothing such as hoodies and sweatpants, while keeping her hair long and unkempt. She seems to dislike wearing any form of accessory aside from a simple watch, stating that “her time may be eternal, but her favorite show is not”. Miss Amélie, aside from her style of clothing has an impressive full and healthy build, causing one of the passing Holstaur maids to state that “such hips and curves ought to be a crime”.
  62. The butler’s duties at the mansion can be described as unusual. Her butler will be expected to wear ‘casual’ clothing at all times, even when accompanying Miss Amélie outside of her mansion. Miss Amélie has stated that the butler in question is to borrow clothing from her own assortment if he cannot supply his own. The butler will not have to perform any duties related to the mansion. Dust does not seem to settle on the floors, electronics never seem to break and the food in the well-stocked larders never seems to spoil. In addition due to Miss Amélie her nature, no meals will have to be provided for her. A butler will only have to prepare food for himself, but can expect fully prepared meals to appear in adjacent rooms whenever he is hungry.
  63. Instead of these normally expected tasks, Miss Amélie her butler is expected to keep her company at all times. Miss Amélie has listed three requirements/rules her future butler must conform too. These are as follows:
  65. - The butler must enjoy watching television, playing videogames and otherwise relaxing on a sofa.
  67. - The butler must be willing to act as living heater and Daki, and is expected to cuddle or otherwise lay on Miss Amélie her chest on request.
  69. - The butler is to resupply the supply of booze and snacks with freshly appeared new supply in adjacent rooms whenever the current supply runs out.
  71. Aside from conforming to the above requirements/rules and performing the related duties, Miss Amélie is known to often visit or otherwise “hang out” with the other two members of the gated community. Miss Amélie has however mentioned that Miss Taya and Pharaoh Eirene have the tendency to “fiddle” with each other. For this reason Miss Amélie would greatly appreciate if her future butler would assist her in ensuring that neither of her two friends can come to any harm. Miss Amélie has stated that she is willing to teach her future butler the “tricks” of her mansion and supply him with an arrangement of magical tools to ensure that any “prank” from either Miss Taya or Pharaoh Eirene results in failure.
  73. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Miss Amélie and receive further information.
  75. 4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  77. Mistress name: Pharaoh Eirene
  78. Mistress type: Pharaoh
  79. Suspected Personality: Energetic, Paranoid (potentially Warm and affectionate)
  80. Butler Title: Servant
  81. Contract length: Month trial, proper contract will be discussed afterwards.
  82. Notes: Butler will be given a large amount of freedom.
  84. Pharaoh Eirene has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile with additional information.
  86. Pharaoh Eirene is one of the three members of a small gated community in the western suburban sector on the edge of MGC. This sector generally provides housing in the form of large family mansions and gated communities for those with a very high income. Pharaoh Eirene owns a temple on the grounds of the small gated community she is part of. This temple, which has been made with an Egyptian theme in mind, is considerably larger than the residences of the other two inhabitants of the community. In addition to the main three story high building, one can find three large and one smaller building on the terrain. Two of these buildings are inhabited by the Pharaoh’s female servants, while the third large building has been designed as a storage and maintenance complex and is home to both magitek and regular machinery. The last and smaller building is to be inhabited by the butler. It is furthermore worth noticing that one will see a massive number of security related features on the terrain, ranging from simple camera’s to magical traps and force fields.
  88. During her interview Pharaoh Eirene wore a blue Egyptian styled dress and silver jewelry. She was reported to have a long sleek hairstyle, fitting well with her blue-silver head ornament. Pharaoh Eirene was also noted to carry a staff, seemingly entirely made out of a blue colored gem. It is further worth noting that Pharaoh Eirene was accompanied by Anubis twins acting as advisors. They were seen franticly writing down notes, whispering advice to Pharaoh Eirene and were responsible for interrupting the interview with Pharaoh Eirene several times.
  90. Pharaoh Eirene has various Monstergirl servants who aid her in her daily life and serve her in various ways. Her two Anubis assistants are responsible for Pharaoh Eirene’s planning and daily agenda and act as second hands for her. Pharaoh Eirene also has a number of mummy servants tasked with cleaning the buildings on the terrain. A group of Khepri’s can furthermore be found in the maintenance building, maintaining the storage and machinery.
  91. The future butler will be tasked with providing food for the Pharaoh Eirene and the various servants on the terrain. MGC Maid Central recommends an expanded cooking course for those who lack experience in this department, as decent meals will be expected. The butler will furthermore also be occasionally expected to aid either the head of security Girtablilu or the Anubis twins in ensuring the security of the terrain and the safety of Pharaoh Eirene.
  93. Please be aware however, that Pharaoh Eirene has explicitly stated that the butler will be given a relatively large freedom, which he is to fill in a way he thinks is most productive. Therefore the butler will be free to spend most of his time aiding inhabitants of the complex to his choosing.
  95. MGC Maid Central suspects that Pharaoh Eirene while initially paranoid and uninterested, is likely to warm up over time if a butler chooses to spend his time with her. Pharaoh Eirene will be likely to become less suspicious over time and be more open to spend her time conversing and eventually performing various relaxing activities with her butler. MGC Maid Central in addition recommends her future butler to perform a long term cuddle therapy to ensure that Pharaoh Eirene is allowed to relax and to allow her to more easily build trust with her butler.
  97. If the butler chooses to spend his time helping the Anubis twins, he can expect to be given many security related tasks. He will be expected to follow a strict schedule and will be tasked with ensuring the security of all buildings and security equipment. The Anubis twins are later on likely to start tasking the butler with more private matters, such as tail brushing and providing massages for the twins.
  99. A butler interested in a more exiting life than just serving is recommended to spend his time with the head of security Girtablilu. Providing her assistance will result in being given various “missions” related to foiling any potential plans of the community member Miss Taya, an Apophis. One can expect to be given tasks to spy and “counter-prank” Miss Taya. The butler is otherwise most welcome to keep an eye on the security feed together with the Girtablilu and enjoy some booze with her on calmer days.
  101. Those who enjoy tinkering with electronics, studying magitek and managing the storage, are recommended to spend their time with the group of Khepri’s in the maintenance building. A butler can expect a very warm welcome from the Khepri’s and is guaranteed to be treated very well. MGC Maid Central however warns the future butler to think very carefully if he is ever offered a “special” gift.
  103. If more simple tasks and company is preferred, a butler can always choose to spend his time helping the various mummies around the complex. Aiding them with basic dusting, cleaning and simple maintenance will be greatly appreciated. The butler is guaranteed to see many genuinely thankful smiles from the mummies and might eventually be requested to aid the mummies with replacing their bandaging.
  105. Aside from the servants listed above, a butler is always welcome to spend time outside with the “pet” sphinx, who spends most of her time lazing around.
  107. Alternatively Pharaoh Eirene has mentioned during her interview that she manages a large patch of land outside MGC. However, it is rumored that those who pass by this area have felt and heard rumbling. For this reason Pharaoh Eirene would like to send someone to this patch of land to end these rumors once and for all. Her future butler is welcome to do so.*
  109. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Pharaoh Eirene and receive further information.
  111. *MGC Maid Central is not responsible for kidnappings and/or forced marriages when butlers are off-terrain.
  113. 5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. Mistress name: Miss Amanda
  116. Mistress type: Quetzalcoatl
  117. Suspected Personality: enthusiastic, energetic and positive
  118. Butler Title: The Butler’s first name.
  119. Contract length: Three months “settling down” after which permanent employment and more can be discussed.
  120. Notes: Prefers to be called without her title, and as such will from now on be referred to as “Amanda” in this profile.
  121. Amanda has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile with additional information.
  123. The western suburbs of MGC contain a variety of housing for upper class citizens and the occasional mansion for the truly well off citizen or family. No industry can be found in this area, and crime rates are extremely low. Amanda owns one of the mansions in this area, in which she lives by herself. Her Mansion was recently renovated and as such is in good condition, containing all appliances and aids one can expect in a modern Monstergirl home. Only light maintenance is required to keep this mansion in good shape.
  125. Our Kikimora interviewer describes Miss Amanda as a lively and optimistic individual that is as energetic as ten Kikimora’s. Amanda enjoys wearing summer dresses, but can be seen wearing warmer clothing, such as sweaters on colder days in MGC. She has a slightly smaller than average build with a modest chest, but makes up for that by being far more energetic than the average Monstergirl. Her four white feathered wings fit well with her green tail feathers and are well kempt. Amanda wears no accessory besides the cultural jewelry at her ears. She furthermore seems to prefer keeping her hair short and letting it flow free, preventing it from getting in the way during any activities.
  127. The butler will be tasked with the usual variety of tasks a butler can normally expect. These include cooking, cleaning, dusting, light maintenance work and directly fulfilling given requests by his Mistress.
  128. A butler will however quickly notice Amanda’s friendly nature as she is very likely to attempt help him in whatever task he is performing, including specific tasks she has given him herself. A butler is recommended to reserve some extra time for any task he performs as Amanda does have a tendency to frolic and dance around together with others and will often interrupt tasks to chat and propose various other activities. For this reason it might be hard to successfully perform your daily duties. Amanda however mentioned not to mind this fact and has stated that spending time together with her future butler will make her far happier than seeing duties fulfilled.
  130. Aside from normal tasks a butler can expect to often be requested to join Amanda in various activities. Amanda seems to enjoy various sports, sightseeing and flying and is open to all sorts of activities if a butler wishes to suggest something. Amanda will be highly enthusiastic no matter the type of activity; one can always expect her to put lots of energy in whatever she is doing. MGC Maid Central suggests her future butler to prepare plenty of snacks and food for Amanda to allow her to stay active during the day. MGC Maid Central in addition suspects that Amanda will highly appreciate a butler that shows lots of initiative in seeking out her attention and frolicking around with her. Her future butler is lastly recommended to follow one of our certified massage courses and to use evenings to help Amanda relax and calm down after an active day. Softly petting her head and wings will prove to be highly effective in achieving these results, as will nuzzling and cuddling with her alongside a cup of hot cocoa.
  132. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Miss Amanda and receive further information.
  134. 6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  136. Mistress name: Lady Sylvia
  137. Mistress type: Shirohebi
  138. Suspected Personality: Clingy, Motherly
  139. Butler Title: Varies
  140. Contract length: Permanent employment, extended interview required.
  141. Notes: Butlers that are interested are to be noted that due contract-length this contract will double as marriage registration. You have been warned.
  143. Lady Sylvia has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile with additional information.
  145. The area south of MGC is sparsely populated and quickly becomes less populated the further south one goes. With a few small forests and lots of farmland, one can find many ranches, farms and small communities in this area. Due to the low population and tightknit communities one will also find little crime here. However rumors of traveling Tanuki’s selling falsely advertised products are well known. As such, both human males and females are highly recommended not to buy any products from unknown travelers to avoid ill-effects.
  147. Lady Sylvia owns a small shrine far south, barely within MGC city its borders. This shrine is a few hours away from a nearby community where Lady Sylvia occasionally travels to provide healing services and stock up on various supplies. It is rare however for any visitors to visit her shrine. This is due to the travel time and the fact that the shrine is situated on a small hill, accessible only by stairs. The shrine itself is a modest complex which consists of two buildings, a well, several vegetable gardens and a large chicken coop. Due to the shrine its location and age, a butler will be needed to perform maintenance duty throughout the year. Noticeable however is the array of solar panels recently installed to provide power for the shrine.
  149. Our Kikimora interviewer describes Lady Sylvia as a young lady around 25 years old, with a rather “curvy” body and larger than average “assets”. Lady Sylvia has long white hair, complimented with a natural looking pearl white lower body. Our interviewer however noticed a large amount of red runes she could not identify which were drawn on Lady Sylvia’s lower body. Lady Sylvia was furthermore wearing a set of white robes, decorated with similar red runes during the interview. Lady Sylvia commented that these runes would bring her luck in finding a suitable partner at MGC Maid Central when asked by our interviewer.
  151. The butler working for Lady Sylvia can expect to perform most basic butler duties alongside various requests from Lady Sylvia during his permanent stay at the shrine. Lady Sylvia however has stated that she insists that her butler will not be preparing any food. In addition Lady Sylvia has stated that her future butler will not be performing any form of maintenance or cleaning in her study, the only area which will be completely off limits until “he is devoted enough”.
  153. A normal day for Lady Sylvia’s future butler will involve waking up at 7am to visit the chicken coop for eggs and ensure the care and quality of the growing vegetables and fruits in the gardens. Lady Sylvia will wake shortly afterwards and prepare breakfast for both the butler and herself at around 8am. After enjoying breakfast together with her butler, Lady Sylvia will perform various duties of her own in her study. The butler is not to be alarmed by any colored smoke or sounds coming from the study during this time.
  155. The butler will meanwhile be tasked with various maintenance and cleaning jobs around the shrine to fill the rest of the morning. At noon Lady Sylvia will finish her duties at her study and start preparations for lunch. After lunch is prepared and enjoyed, the butler will be requested to perform a daily massage for Lady Sylvia as she strongly enjoys a massage after work and lunch. As such a basic course on massages is recommended for interested butlers.
  157. The rest of the day will involve accompanying Lady and is otherwise time for the butler to freely spend. Most of the activities together with Lady Sylvia will simply involve spending time together and as such should not be considered as chores. Lady Sylvia enjoys reading books, tending one of her gardens and likes to visit a nearby creek to bathe or visit the nearby forest to pick various mushrooms, herbs and alchemical plants. Lady Sylvia in addition practices her healing magic during this time and has stated that she is willing to teach her butler the basics if she deems him “suitable” and “devoted” enough.
  159. The shrine itself offers a large library of books, satellite television, and various hobby-related tools including painting brushes, archery equipment and chemistry equipment. The butler will in addition be provided with a large spare room where he is free to practice whatever hobby he enjoys. Therefore a butler will have no reason to be bored when not on duty.
  161. Lastly the butler can expect to spend both the evenings and night coiled up and hugging with Lady Sylvia to provide her with the warmth she needs. Lady Sylvia wishes to make these personal evenings cozy and pleasant for both her and her butler, while also allowing her and her butler to grow closer to each other and being a time to look forward too.
  163. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Lady Sylvia and receive further information.
  165. 7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  167. Mistress name: Mistress Usha
  168. Mistress type: Dark Slime
  169. Suspected Personality: Noble, professional, caring
  170. Butler Title: Butler’s first name
  171. Contract length: Yearly contract, with possible permanent extension.
  172. Notes: The future butler runs a high risk of slime ingestion and corruption by demonic energy. An order approved pendant will be issued to help resist local demonic energy and addiction to slime after ingestion. In addition hearing protection will be issued to the future butler.
  174. Miss Usha has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile with additional information.
  176. The core of MGC stands out and can’t be missed with its many skyscrapers and odd architecture. Many of these giant structures are maintained by vast amounts of demonic energy regulated by MGC’s Admin Central. These structures often serve more than a single purpose and are altered to fit the needs of the various buyers. They serve as strongholds and headquarters to the biggest corporations in MGC, such as MGC Maid Centrals own headquarters. In addition, one can also find the homes of the richest and most politically or business focused MG-types here. It goes without saying those who appreciate their humanity are recommended to stay clear from the MGCs core due to the massive amounts of the present local demonic energy.
  178. One cannot miss the sky-scraper that is seemingly oozing slime from which Miss Usha represents the global interests of the slime MG-type in MGC. This large structure seemingly alive is designed to allow inhabitance of all slime-type MG. While sewer and cave-like architecture can be found on the lower levels, fit for the various slime-types such as the bubble-slime. One will find the upper areas to be designed to fit the various other types of slimes found in MGC, including large pools of seawater inhabited by sea slimes. The most upper floors of the building are inhabited by both queen and dark slime-types. Miss Usha herself resides on the roof of the sky-scraper, basking in the highly concentrated local demonic energy present in the area. While the design of most rooms in the sky-scraper can be considered open and simple, one might be surprised to find many different sound systems playing various kinds of music at a high volume in the complex. MGC Maid Central suspects that this is due the fact that slime-types universally appreciate sound vibrations.
  180. After calling Miss Usha’s visit a domestic disaster and franticly attempting to clean the slime residue in the room. Our Kikimora interviewer described Miss Usha as a deeply colored purple slime and mentioned that she was unaware that a dark slime-type could retain its form so well that it could wear clothing while keeping it mostly dry, emphasizing on mostly. Miss Usha wore a black suit with a purple tie during the interview and notably did not wear any shoes, while having a small puddle below her acting as legs.
  182. Due to the unique nature of both the working location and Mistress-type, a butler should not expect to perform regular duties. The future butler his daily duties will instead partially revolve around maintaining the various climates found in the complex, allowing for optimal living conditions for the various slime-types in their habitats. A butler will for example be responsible for ensuring the quality of the spring and seawater pools around the complex.
  184. The butler will in addition perform basic maintenance and quality control on the various types of machinery which can be found in the complex. The future butler is strongly recommended not to interact or bond too closely with the various slime-types in the complex, as this might impede his performance as a butler or result in an early contract termination due to sudden marriage.
  186. Aside from the above listed duties, the future butler will also directly be serving Miss Usha. This will involve assisting Miss Usha with various activities during her daily life. Miss Usha is active in a political campaign in an attempt to improve the universal living conditions of slime-types in MGC. Due to this Miss Usha has to attend various meetings and will often receive various guests. Her future butler is responsible for ensuring proper reception of these guests and will furthermore accompany Miss Usha on her meetings to ensure her comfort and improving her image.
  188. Besides the above Miss Usha strongly enjoys physical interaction and has stated that she enjoys both touch and straight out having her slime core massaged. Her future butler can therefore expect to have Miss Usha request such interaction with her. For this reason MGC Maid Central strongly recommends the future butler to have followed or follow the “Cuddling with slimes” and “Slimy massages” courses.
  190. It is otherwise worth noting that unlike most other MG-types, the slime-type can exist solely on the absorption of water and demonic energy. Miss Usha however has developed a taste for trying and enjoying new and exotic types of fluids and has made this her hobby. The butler will have the daily task of feeding Miss Usha with various types of vintage wine, spring water and many other fluids. The butler might also be tasked to retrieve various exotic fluids in MGC Lady Usha might be interested in.
  192. Miss Usha has lastly stated that she would be particularly fond of a butler who she can willingly caress and cradle with her body. She stated that it is important that her future butler must enjoy and not mind spending the night cradled by her body and that she sees it as an important way for her to bond with her future butler.
  194. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Miss Usha and receive further information.
  196. 8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  198. Mistress name: Lady Amaline
  199. Mistress type: Leanan Sidhe
  200. Suspected Personality: Royal, Arrogant OR Caring and sweet
  201. Butler Title: Butler’s surname OR Butlers first name
  202. Contract length: Half yearly contract, option for permanent extension.
  203. Notes: Butler is to be discreet and must enjoy painted-art.
  205. Lady Amaline has approached MGC Maid Central with the wish to hire a butler. As per rule an interview was conducted and processed into this profile with additional information.
  206. Surrounding MGC’s core one can find a vast array of smaller services and shops set up to accommodate the various needs of both Monstergirl and humans present in MGC. This area, also known as the shop and serve district is quite popular due the large amount of working class Monstergirls going from and to MGC’s city core. This district is in addition quite accessible by the surprisingly well arranged public transport and many flightpaths. Many consider this district the ultimate place to shop, causing the entire district to be crowded at all times. Even the night is no exception as one will still find many open stores due to the many types of Monstergirl who prefer night over day.
  208. Lady Amaline owns a well-known painted-art gallery in the shop and serve district, displaying and selling many works of art every day. The prices of the artworks sold seem to be directly coupled to the quality of said works. Low quality art being far cheaper than higher quality art. Her art gallery is extremely popular and is known to sell “tasty” art, causing for many other Leanen Sidhe to come and visit the gallery to stock up on various pieces of painted art. Lady Amaline herself is furthermore well known for the highly tasty art she makes. She however only makes a few pieces of art a week, working solo in her own penthouse above her gallery. Other Leanen Sidhes are employed to make the majority of the lower quality artworks for the more common fairy. Instead of painting the lady spends most of the day as a host in her gallery, helping clueless Leanne Sidhe pick the tastiest genre of painted art for them.
  210. You as her future butler will receive your own room to use in Lady Amaline’s penthouse, which you can freely decorate and use to your hearts content. In addition you are free to use any of the facilities in the penthouse to your own needs. Lady Amaline had custom equipment installed in her human sized penthouse to accommodate for her own needs. She however never removed any of the human size equipment, suggesting that she might need it in the future. She states that this is also the reason why she does not live in a home more befitting of her own size. Aside from a room you will furthermore receive a small budget usable for purchasing your own food for consumption, as the Lady herself does not consume regular food. Lastly you will receive a few pieces of art each month, which with you are free to do as you like. Lady Amaline furthermore mentioned not to take note of the fact that both the majority of the art in her own penthouse, and the art you will receive usually involves a fairy snuggling with a human, a fairy playing outside or otherwise having a good and carefree life.
  212. Our Kikimora interviewer first described Lady Amaline as an arrogant little brat that should be swat with a broom. However after some coffee and a few headpats our interviewer gave a more proper description of Lady Amaline. Lady Amaline wore a blue beret and a blue dress decorated with various colorful flowers during her interview. Furthermore Lady Amaline had various other flower decorations around her body, including her boots and on her beret. Our Kikimora further mentioned that it somehow gave her quite a royal look, instead of making her look like an overgrown Troll. It is further worth mentioning that our Kikimora interviewer mentioned that her Kiki-sense tingled and told her that Lady Amaline seemed like a tired person, even if she didn’t display it directly during the interview.
  214. After confirming with us that interviews were confidential and would only be shared with potential butlers, Lady Amaline shared all chores and expectations she had for you as her future butler. Lady Amaline’s expects you to be at her side most of the day. This means being active as a host in Lady Amaline’s gallery alongside her, several days in the week. You will be expected to help maintain Lady Amaline’s royal and high standing image during this time and help costumers with their sales. You will not have to worry about training, as you will receive training by the Lady herself beforehand.
  216. Outside of working as a host in her gallery, you will spend your time together with Lady Amaline in her apartment. Lady Amaline will ask you to avoid calling her “Lady” during this time and simply refer to her as “Amaline” or any other name you deem to be fitting or funny. It will be your task to help both Amaline and yourself unwind from the long and stressful working days. Amaline has mentioned to have long been longing to receive headpats and being snuggled with. She would also highly enjoy playing more “childish” games and was hoping that you as her future butler could perhaps perform these acts to and together with her.
  217. Lady Amaline mentioned that she loves seeing various kinds of art other than paintings and was hoping she could watch, and perhaps help you cook home-made meals. She also mentioned that she’d love to watch you work on some kind of hobby. Above all Lady Amaline would like to be treated like a normal Leanan Sidhe and fairy-kind, and not some kind of high standing art-royalty.
  219. Those interested in this contract can visit their local matching department to schedule a meeting with Lady Amaline and receive further information.
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