10/03/2016 - KTOS Patch Preview

Mar 8th, 2016
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  1. 03/10/2016 KTOS Patch Preview
  3. Are you curious for information on what will happen on Thursdays maintenance?
  4. This post will contain the upcoming updates for those curious saviors!
  6. The Scheduled Maintenance: 03/10(Thu)
  7. Downtime: 04:00AM ~ 11:00AM (7 hours) (GMT + 9)
  9. [01] -'Instance Dungeons Matching changes'
  10. A feature for Cross server integration for Automatic Dungeons/Missions will be added.
  11. Farewell to waiting forever at the dungeon entrance in vain! Play with a variety of saviors on different servers!
  12. Many saviors have wished for this feature for a while, and we also took a long time ( to show it off).
  13. Please enjoy the newly introduced battles faster and more joyfully with the automatic matching system!
  15. (TN: Support-desk is Really only for Koreans at this point)
  16. If there is any problems regarding the Instance Dungeon system, please navigate to:
  17. [Customer > Services Centre > on left side 'Instance Dungeon Inquiries' Category]
  18. And we will be able to look into those problems.
  20. [02] "Would like some additional experience for some benefits doesn't always apply to a specific time period.'
  21. A new feature for receiving additional benefits for experience will be added.
  22. A 'Team Level' benefit will be added so that you can always get additional experience. (TN: This is a different kind of Team LVL, not char lvl. it's like a lodge effect)
  23. The 'Team level' benefit rises depending on the level of the Character & Companion up to a max level of 50, For each level you will receive the benefits of additional experience.
  24. You will be able to see the increased experience displayed in a buff tool-tip on the screen in-game for your characters.
  26. [03] - "It is a pain to individually claim these rewards! We cannot get all the rewards at once? ( Monster killing & Map Exploration) "
  27. - Now it's possible to deliver them all at once~ if there is more than 3 Rewards from Monsters and Maps to claim, You can receive it as a batched reward.
  29. [04] - "I'm a supportive class, making monster kill counts inconvenient."
  30. - Monster kill counts by party members will now be shared in the Adventure Journal records.
  31. Contributing to and also getting the last hit, Will all be recorded as a Kill.
  32. however, In order to get the counts, you must be within a reasonable distance from your party members.
  33. In addition to receiving rewards via the icons in the Adventure Journal, you can now confirm whether or not to obtain these rewards.
  36. Notice:
  37. In addition to this update, various bugs will also be fixed,
  38. For further information, please stay tuned for the (10/03/2016 - Thu) Maintenance.
  39. (Due to Internal affairs some of the updates may be altered, We will give future notices to any alterations in the announcements.)
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  43. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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