Journal Entry Five

Jun 27th, 2013
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  1. >Journal entry Five
  2. >Left Inn to meet up with the group going to the hillside caverns
  3. >Consisted of Lucyne, Goldentouch, Strong Metal, Recon, Silver, Fine Grind, Hidden, Cherenkov, and myself
  4. >Checked to make sure we all had what we needed
  5. > Fine realized no one was wearing pants, for what matters
  6. >Set out mid-morning
  7. >rather a peaceful trip up, spent the time talking
  8. >Stopped in the shade for a little while.
  9. >Eventually, we reached the cave
  10. >Giant lizard crawled out from behind a rock, snapped at Recon
  11. >It missed, Hidden bucked it in the face
  12. >I hit it in the tail with my pickaxe, it quickly whipped around and bit me
  13. >Goldentouch swung at it with a stick, missed and hit Hidden instead
  14. >Lucy smashed it's hand Recon quickly followed up with an axe swing, but missed
  15. >Both Cherenkov and Silver hit it
  16. >Fine caved it's skull in with a nail board
  17. >We split it's teeth as a reward, Recon skinned it , And Silver took samples(for Able) and some meat (for Dusk)
  18. >set up camp at cave entrance, Recon got some leeks for us to eat and started fire
  19. >go in cave
  20. >Silver got caught in a web two spiders descended
  21. >Silver frees himself and guts a spider with his pickaxe, Golden finishes it off.
  22. >Strong smashes the other's head with his hammer
  23. >Afterwords, we mine some limestone
  24. >We go to sleep, Silver, Hidden, and Recon taking first watch
  25. >Hidden wakes us up, says there's a voice coming from inside the cave
  26. >We investigate and find an old camp
  27. >See a stallion's silhouette in an old tent
  28. >He's babbling about an experiment, and "stupid assistants"
  29. >Turns out he's a shade, attacks Silver
  30. >Cherenkov blasts it with light, it retaliates and he's knocked out
  31. >Hidden manages to partially materialize it (no physical attacks could hit till now) and Silver revives Cherenkov
  32. >Strong Metal swung and lost his balance, fell, and I helped him up
  33. >Both torches went out
  34. >Cherenkov manages to relight one, we defeat the shade
  35. >In the camp we find old swords and spears, arcane materials, and a curios journal, which according to Cherenkov was about a "Project G"
  36. >We go back to sleep, Silver, Recon, and I finishing the watch
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