Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Part 5)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. “Sit down,” Skyline said.
  3. You find a chair and manage to sit strangely human-like.
  5. “So,” you say, “what kind of party will this be?”
  7. “Pretty much a rave,” he answers, “so basically I want heavy electronic stuff, but nothing too grating.”
  9. “I’ll see what I can do,” you lie, “also what kind of atmosphere do you want the rave to have?” wow you were running out of questions fast...
  11. “You know, just heavy party and rave like. I can supply decorations if you want,” he replies
  13. “I hate to be a bother, but that would be great.”
  15. The two of you talk a while, and the whole time you feel yourself with the strong urge to sit on his dick and spin. By the time you leave, you were relieved to finally be away from a stallion. At the same time, however, you felt kind of crushed, but you decided it was only the body you were in messing with you.
  16. So you were going to need to learn about music by Saturday. Sure it was this pony’s special talent, but it certainly wasn’t yours. There had to be a way. Bingo! Twilight would have a book, no doubt! If you are really lucky, she may even have some records to listen to! Eagerly, you throw on saddlebags, something you were getting used to, and ran outside towards the library.
  18. On the way there you picked up on something you hadn’t noticed earlier. Ponies of all types were walking much more naturally. Some still seemed to be drunk, but they all had different variations. It’s like the whole world was growing with you. Was this all just in your head?
  20. You find the library faster this time, and rap a hoof on the door. After a few moments, Spines answers. Strangely, Twilight is levitating a measuring tape all around her, like she is recording everything about Spines.
  22. “Hello Spines,” you say, trying your best to ignore Twilight’s shenanigans, “Does the library have any records?”
  24. Spines looks at you, puzzled. “Not really, DJing are we?”
  26. “Yeah,” you answer sheepishly, “what about books about music in general?”
  28. Spines walks off, Twilight still following her.
  30. “Here are several I think will suit your tastes, Vinyl,” she says, removing several books from various shelves and putting them in your saddlebags.
  32. Finally, Twilight speaks, “I don’t get it, Spines.”
  34. “What?” you and spines blurt out.
  36. “Vinyl, I hate to be rude, but can you go in the other room? I want to speak to Spines privately, and no eavesdropping.”
  38. You respectfully remove yourself from the situation and trot into the kitchen. The hardwood floors of the library amplify your hoofsteps. The clip clop sound your hooves make are pretty annoying compared to feet.
  40. For a moment, you considered eavesdropping on their conversation, but decided to keep your promise with Twilight. You look out the window to distract yourself. It’s getting pretty dark. Suddenly, a realization hits you. Why were you worried about being polite to Twilight by keeping your promise? You were in the strangest place you’d ever been, in a body that isn’t yours, and you were worried about manners? Listening in to their conversation could provide crucial information!
  42. You carefully place one hoof quietly on the floor, followed by another, and so on until you can hear Twilight and Spines.
  44. “Okay Spines, I’ll keep trying,” Twilight says. Hoofsteps approach you, and you have just barely enough time to jump back into the kitchen without being spotted. So much for finding out information.
  46. Twilight walks in and speaks, “Okay Vinyl, you can come back in,” she says.
  48. You walk back into the main room, thanking Twilight for the books.
  50. “You seem to be checking out a lot of books lately, Vinyl. Stuff I’m surprised you don’t know already, like pony culture and anatomy,” she says.
  52. Oh shit, your cover may have been blown! Other than Lyra and Octavia, who the hell would believe you?! No doubt you’d be locked up in an insane asylum somewhere if you came clean!
  54. “Uh, well I just like to relearn things sometimes,” you said.
  56. “Never quite struck me as the type, but I’m not one to say reading isn’t for everypony!” Twilight beams.
  58. “Well thanks again, Twilight, but I must get going,” you say, heading for the door, “Octavia probably thinks I’ve been... foalnapped(?) or something.”
  60. You reach for the door to push it open with a hoof. It creaks open, cutting a swath of light into the night. The light slides across the face of a short figure. The figure is bipedal and a bit chubby, with a thick tail. It had claws on it’s hands, green reptilian eyes, and purple scales covering it’s entire body. Green spines ran from it’s head down the length of it’s tail. Lime colored fins sprouted from the sides of it’s head. Bruises, cuts and an all around air of tiredness covered it’s body.
  62. A young male’s voice came from the creature.
  64. “Hi,” it said curiously.
  66. “Who are you?” I asked nervously.
  68. “Spike.”
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