MLSH goes Fishing

Jul 15th, 2012
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  1. 7:57 AM - MasterSubLink: Also did you hear that Mikel finally got his Marine Biology degree?
  2. 7:57 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: I did! thats excellent
  3. 7:58 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: Now we can go after that shark thats been terrorizing the beach
  4. 7:58 AM - MasterSubLink: hahaha
  5. 7:59 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: Weither not we will need a boat of small or larger proportions will be decided in a split moment one us is throwing out chum while not looking in the direction we are throwing it, only to finally turn around to see the beast.
  6. 8:00 AM - MasterSubLink: xD
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