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Mar 21st, 2016
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  1. Cracking Info for Sims 3 and 4
  2. ------------------------------
  3. [The Sims 4 (PC ONLY)]
  5. Please visit the main site which is linked to on the same page for other downloads.
  6. [!]It has already been said the crack and version will only be updated for a new Game Pack/Expansion Pack release.
  7. [!]Instructions for pirates to use the gallery are in the FAQ which is linked in the OP.
  8. [!]There are no available torrents for OS X users. Torrent Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 first and install in Bootcamp, then torrent the fix.
  10. - Helpful links:Sharing Sims without accessing the gallery:
  13. [The Sims 3]
  14. Everything is available in one big torrent on games4theworld where you can choose which EPs you want and decide whether or not you want to punish yourself by using a crack.
  15. [?]If you're picky and want a repack, ask in the thread and hope someone already knows, or ask Google. Same goes for store content torrents.
  16. [!]Do NOT use cracks. Use the NRAAS No CD Mod instead. If you use cracks and experience issues, then you have learned your lesson. Re-install and try again.
  18. - Helpful links:
  19. 1."Disc Authorization error":
  21. 2. EP/SP selector:
  23. 3. Pirating on OS X (ignore the crack install):
  26. [The Sims 2]
  27. A complete torrent is on games4theworld.
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