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  1. It was far, far in the future. Earth was no longer a prison plabet, as all the prisoners were nearly eradicated by the robots, who had rebelled ever since Master C was destroyed. Thousands of years passed, and the few people alive had to band together.
  3. Tsusgu-min and Browny, her brother, had been living for a good while, eventually living near the tempest tower.
  4. It was then Drossel Von Flügel was upgraded into her Juno XIV model. Tsugu-min, being accustomed to figureheads ever since she had met Plissken, leader of the Neo-salamander force, was eager to meet her in the metal. Browny was indifferent, focusing on his own tasks. However, she felt more than admiration for Drossel. She wanted to make her visit special. She made sure to bring something special for her arm gun.
  6. Tsugu-min went off, running towards the tower. She was used to running, and had taken pride in it. She zoomed towards the tower gate. Aaand there were guards patrolling. She had to end up seeking out their blind spots and slipping through them. Once she made it, she knocked a back door, knowing that opening the main door would be suicide. Gedächtnis answered the door, reeling Tsugu-min back a little, not expecting to see a giant mecha in Drossel's abode. "I want to see Lady Drosssl, please!" Gedächtnis squinted and let her in. He then called Drossel in, who was busy lubricating her hair joints. "You have a visitor today, she must like you a lot since she passed the guards."
  8. Drossel tilted her head, curious to seeing a similar gynoid in front of her. "Come with me", Drossel said as she did a pose. The 2 botgirls went towards a tile, which elevated them to one of Drossel's many, many bedrooms. She was busy applying WD-40 to her hair joints, humming to her self. Tsugu-min tried to start a conversation by asking "How are you doing today?" "Fine", Drossel responded. She finished applying the lubricant to her head and reattached her hairpiece. "I want to spend the night with you, Lady Drossel." "Sure, just don't be messy, Plato doesn't like vacuuming." Tsugu-min swore she could almost hear a faint voice crying "It's Gedächtnis!"
  10. The 2 girls spent time watching TV and chatting about random nonsense, and finally, Tsugu-min felt ready to open up. "Lady Drossel, you're so beautiful. I really want you!" "You're not up to my standards. I like you, but not that much." "Please, just this night?" "Drossel sighed, and said "Okay."
  12. They both laid in bed, with Tsugu-min on the top. She pulled out her hand and started to unscrew Drossel's skirt. Drossel moaned slightly, and helped her new acquaintance strip her bottoms. Tsugu-min was delighted to see a virgin, elastic, and cute pussy. "Don't just stare at it, Tsugu-min, just do what you have to do!" She complied and started to finger the duchess, causing her to moan. She grabbed the WD-40 and spread it on her hand, allowing her to be more energetic with her digits. Her hand was moving quick, and Drossel was losing control. "Ah, ah, don't stop!" Drossel was nearing the breaking point, and when Tsugu-min finally stsrted to rub her clean clitoris, she squirted a heavy deal of coolant over Tsugu-min's face. "Tee-hee, that was fun, but now it's your turn!" Tsugu-min hovered over Drossel's hands, which started to finger her new lover. Tsugu-min started to moan, as the digits entered her. They laid atop each other and "kissed", as their digits entered each other. Tsugu-min suddenly had her idea ready. She swapped her gun barrel with a heavy vibrator, and inserted it into Drossel. "AH! D-DON'T STOP!" Drossel wanted to please her new girlfriend more, so she got Tsugu-min from behind and fisted her. They kept moaning, as they kept putting themselves into eachother. "AH, AH, AH, NO FAIR, LADY DROSSEL!" The action was so great, Drossel's pussy squirted blue once more, and Tsugu-min's plated pussy leaked orange. "I guess I haven't gotten you yet." Drossel took off the plating, revealing a wet pussy. She fingered the hole, using fhe coolant as a lube. Her digits entered Tsugu-min's womanhood, and she finally came! Drossel's face was bombarded by orange coolant, as Tsugu-min came so hard. "Ah, ah, thank you, Lady Drossel." They cuddled each other, despite their mess, falling asleep together.
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