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  1. 07:16:01: <Felix|Avery> 14F: -the link between them forms immediately, Felix's 'self' latching onto Nari immediately, yet quietly and lightly, as if embracing in a handshake, and a whisper of him comes through, licking the edge of Nari's words like flames, but not responding himself yet-
  2. 07:19:06: <Nari> 10-unperturbed but intrigued by the ease of the connection, greets him warmly- [Have you done this before?]
  3. 07:19:55: <Nari> 10-if Felix is intuitive in his link then will abandon words himself-
  4. 07:20:07: <Felix|Avery> 14F: [-who are you?-] -same whisper-
  5. 07:20:16: <Felix|Avery> 14-yep, doesn't work on word-
  6. 07:20:18: <Felix|Avery> 14*words
  7. 07:22:58: <Nari> (sorry)
  8. 07:23:03: <Nari> (repost)
  9. 07:23:55: <Felix|Avery> 14F: [-who are you?-] -same whisper-
  10. 07:24:06: <Felix|Avery> 14-doesn't work on words, so impression/intuition is good-
  11. 07:29:18: <Nari> 10[-sends echo of his name again, along with a brief impression of Nariness, warmth and ease, foolishness and amusement, smell of desert sand heated by the sun and an open starry night sky-]
  12. 07:29:30: <Nari> 10[-and you?-]
  13. 07:31:38: <Felix|Avery> 14F: [-echo of his name, impressions of rain and concrete, loneliness, temporariness, an imperfect puzzle, an unfinished painting-]
  14. 07:31:44: <Felix|Avery> 14F: [-have you always been Nari?-]
  15. 07:36:26: <Nari> 10[-rides the impressions lightly, gratitude for them, echo of empathy and gentle inquiry for the last few-]
  16. 07:36:36: <Nari> 10[-what do you mean?-]
  17. 07:37:03: <Felix|Avery> 14F: [-have you always been who you are now?-]
  18. 07:42:12: <Nari> 10[-sense of a tilted head at the question- is anyone ever unchanging?]
  19. 07:43:20: <Felix|Avery> 14F: [-how long have you had this ability-]
  20. 07:45:40: <Nari> 10(is he clarifying that's what he meant or asking another question entirely)
  21. 07:45:53: <Felix|Avery> 14(another question)
  22. 07:45:55: <Felix|Avery> 14(Sort of)
  23. 07:46:15: <Felix|Avery> 14(-- no, it's the same but from a different angle, if that makes sense)
  24. 07:46:34: <Nari> 10(mkay)
  25. 07:47:48: <Nari> 10[-as long as I can remember; why do you ask?-]
  26. 07:48:29: <Felix|Avery> 14F: [-what about before you can remember? do you know if you could then?-]
  27. 07:51:50: <Nari> 10[-gentle amusement, and waits before answering, the link between them rippling easy and open as water-]
  28. 08:01:13: <Felix|Avery> 14F: -patient, his sense of self separate from his conversation with Candy about him, though the gist of the conversation very quietly echos, like he is inexperienced with doing both at the same time-
  29. 08:07:00: <Nari> 10[-comments on the gist of the convo seeping through even if Felix didn't intend it, unperturbed- you have only just met me and already understand that I can be company to many at once, even if that company is not physical; Candy has known me for years, and knows that, as well-]
  30. 08:08:10: <Nari> 10-but otherwise continues to wait before answering his questions, the implication plain that he doesn't mind answering them without Felix returning the favor, but figures he'll give him the opportunity just the same-
  31. 08:12:22: <Felix|Avery> 14[-I know Avery and Candy don't enjoy each other's company, it doesn't matter whether you have gone to be with someone else or not, Candy seems to have already made up her mind what she believes-]
  32. 08:12:57: <Felix|Avery> 14-then, in an undercurrent- [-I have never met anyone else who whispers in their spirit before-]
  33. 08:13:12: <Felix|Avery> 14*who whispers in their spirit like we do
  34. 08:15:06: <Nari> 10[We?]
  35. 08:18:55: <Felix|Avery> 14[-you, and I-]
  36. 08:23:56: <Nari> 10[-considers the idea of whispering in the spirit, intrigued by the way Felix describes it; before memory I would not know if I was always this way, but I do have a longer memory than some. Have you always done this?-]
  37. 08:25:21: <Felix|Avery> 14[-as long as I can surely remember-]
  38. 08:32:29: <Nari> 10[-when did you realize it? This whisper?-] -gentle still-
  39. 08:33:33: <Felix|Avery> 14[-when I woke up for the first time, were you the same?-]
  40. 08:35:32: <Nari> 10[-brief pause, considering- if you mean the first waking that follows birth, then no, I think it took me longer]
  41. 08:36:33: <Felix|Avery> 14[-when you say birth, are you talking of from a mother, or from the world?-]
  42. 08:38:11: <Nari> 10[-a mother-] -after another pause- [-what do you mean by birth from the world?-]
  43. 08:40:38: <Felix|Avery> 14-there's a long pause in the conversation, that wasn't the answer he wanted-
  44. 08:41:28: <Nari> 10-waits-
  45. 08:46:28: <Felix|Avery> 14[-I don't think we are the same-] -almost grieved, but already beginning to distance himself- [-unless you are lying, then I won't ask for more-]
  46. 08:51:31: <Nari> 10[-touches the grief gently, sympathy, but obliges him by drawing away from the link- [-I would be very surprised if we were-] -brief sense of a smile- [-I know what it is to hope in vain for answers. But I hope you find yours-]
  47. 09:02:23: <Felix|Avery> 14[-withdraws, but not as a finality, or a rejection of Nari now he isn't what he hoped, but like curling back into his shell, retreating fully behind his walls, alone, but grateful for his moments of companionship, for a fleeting moment, hope, and not isolated, thank you-]
  48. 09:06:10: <Nari> 10-before he's withdrawn fully- [-do you /want/ to be alone?-] -still gentle-
  49. 09:09:38: <Felix|Avery> 14[-until I find what -- who I am looking for, I will be, wanting is irrelevant-]
  50. 09:12:52: <Nari> 10-another brief pause- [-can you only find companionship with others like you?-]
  51. 09:16:42: <Felix|Avery> 14-tentative- [-this is the most I have ever, in my existence, spoken to someone else-] -'spoken' has more weight, not just conversational, but allowing another person to meet with this self- [-honesty is dangerous, but it isn't natural for anyone to do this in my 'world', so I figure if we're not the same, you are as different as me, than others-]
  52. 09:22:17: <Nari> 10(uhh does he mean he figures Nari is as unique in his own world as Felix is in his)
  53. 09:24:59: <Felix|Avery> 14(no, that Nari isn't like anyone on Earth, just as Felix isn't)
  54. 09:25:20: <Nari> 10(oh okay)
  55. 09:25:59: <Nari> 10-pause, quieter empathy, and gratitude for opening to him however briefly, even if it was because he was hoping for something else-
  56. 09:29:56: <Nari> 10[-I am, but I do not think I am alone in my own world. My brother is different from me, but I commune with him in this way, and have communed with others. Even if you must search a long time for someone like you, you may yet find people in your world who can commune with you in other ways-]
  57. 09:35:01: <Felix|Avery> 14[-perhaps, thank you-] -withdraws-
  58. 09:35:41: <Nari> 10[-warmth to him, gently closes link-]
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