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Feb 9th, 2013
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  1. Session Start: Sat Feb 09 21:41:57 2013
  2. Session Ident: #megamek
  3. 03[21:41] * Now talking in #megamek
  4. 01[21:42] <Deathbane> \\only took me twenty tries
  5. 01[21:44] <Deathbane> Arriving safely to inhabited sectors after surviving a vicious attack by boreas native life, you were greeted by an irate administrator who directed you to the training complex
  6. 01[21:45] <Deathbane> after a terse journey on the underground transit system, you reached the base and were escorted to your quarters in quick fashion by Star Captain Jerrold. Jacob Dorn, taking it as a joke, was assigned overnight cleaning duty on the training cadres locust IIC, Jenner ICC, Stinger and Wasp Battlemechs
  7. 01[21:46] <Deathbane> Shown to your barracks consisting of simpole metal bunks, in spartan surroundings, your first night passed pretty much uneventfully
  8. [21:46] <^Vane^> \\dem simpole bunks
  9. 01[21:46] <Deathbane> thanks to his cheek, Dorn turns in at around 2 am on September the Second, feeling completely knackered. You didnt really get any more information out of Jerrold, but you have a feeling you will soon
  10. [21:46] <Ridian> ..DAMNS IMPOLES, STEALING OUR JOBS
  11. 01[21:47] <Deathbane> (Dorn starts the game with two fatigue damage)
  12. 01[21:48] <Deathbane> It is around 4am, when having barely slept, suddenly the door is kicked open and light spills in.
  13. 01[21:49] <Deathbane> Star Captain Jerrold comes striding in, screaming
  14. 01[21:49] <Deathbane> "Get up you bunch of Wetnose good for nothing ingrates, UP UP UP UP"
  15. 06[21:50] * Dierson_Pyre stands at attention
  16. 06[21:50] * ^Bran^ Gets out of bed and stands to attention.
  17. [21:51] <Ridian> ?/ Rolls out of bed and slumps to attention blearily
  19. 06[21:51] * ^Vane^ jumps out of bed at attention
  20. 06[21:51] * Biorn gets out of bed and begins preparing for the day.
  21. 06[21:51] * Ridian *test* nig nig
  22. 06[21:51] * Jacob_Dorn raises out of bed in a zombie like stumble and ends up falling off of it but he quickly rises to his feet and stands at atention
  23. [21:51] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF STAR CAPTIAN!
  24. 01[21:52] <Deathbane> Jerrold looks at Biorn "DID I TELL YOU TO FUMBLE ABOUT CADET? ALL OF YOU GET IN LINE"
  25. 06[21:52] * Ridian moves into line with the others
  26. 01[21:52] <Deathbane> He looks up and down the line as you assemble quickly
  27. 06[21:52] * ^Bran^ walks to the end og my bed.
  28. 06[21:52] * Biorn gives the star captain an level look and lazely ds to attention
  29. 06[21:52] * Jacob_Dorn looks fatigued
  30. 01[21:53] <Deathbane> "Shabby, TOO SHABBY. DeVega asks me to train his new cadets, his new potential warriors. And what do they send me? A bunch of useless surats that probably cant tell one end of a TX Assault Rifle from a fucking mop brush"
  31. 01[21:53] <Deathbane> He looks at Dorn
  32. 01[21:54] <Deathbane> "Whats the matter, feeling tired?"
  33. 01[21:54] <Deathbane> "Are you bored Cadet? I can always find more mechs for you to clean"
  34. [21:54] <Jacob_Dorn> N.. Neg Captain.
  35. 01[21:55] <Deathbane> "Whats that son, i cant hear you. They snip your bollocks off when they took you bondsman or something?"
  36. 06[21:56] * Stephan_ fidns this amusing
  37. 06[21:56] * Stephan_ bot keeps that to himslef
  38. 01[21:56] <Deathbane> He notices Stephans smile and turns
  39. 06[21:56] * Jacob_Dorn give nis ball sack a slight tap just to be sure before responding with a more firm tone of voice
  40. 01[21:56] <Deathbane> "What do you find funny cadet? You looked like you were dropped on your head at birth."
  41. 06[21:56] * Stephan_ looks serious
  42. [21:57] <Jacob_Dorn> Negative Star Captain.
  43. 01[21:57] <Deathbane> "Good, you use my title. I like that Cadet."
  44. [21:57] <Stephan_> Nothing Star Captain
  45. 03[21:57] * Biorn is now known as Biorn_Berg
  46. 01[21:58] <Deathbane> It is only now your eyes have readjusted enough to see clearly after your rude awakening. Jerrold stands around 5 foot 9 inches in height, solidly built, with shaven head and a ragged scar running across his left cheek.
  47. 01[22:00] <Deathbane> He is wearing the blackened uniform of a higher officer, and he is now staring up and down the line again and begins to pace
  48. 01[22:01] <Deathbane> "Now let me get this straight from the start. I dont give a fuck if you are Mr Trashborn who thinks he can take on the entire inner sphere on his own, or Mr Freebirth who thought it would be funny to take a good old long holiday to this shithole of a planet"
  49. 01[22:02] <Deathbane> "I care only about results, and DeVega and the Keshik are expecting you guys to ship out on an operation as a unit within the next few weeks."
  50. 06[22:02] * Stephan_ thinks to himself, silently: freeborths.. freebirths everywehere
  51. 06[22:02] * Dierson_Pyre thinks to himself that he'll probably have to kill stephan eventually
  52. 06[22:03] * ^Vane^ thinks to himself: That will happen, sure
  53. 06[22:03] * Ridian thinks to self, So, A freebro is in charge
  54. 01[22:03] <Deathbane> "If you fail, and you probably will, you will probably be sucking hard vacuum in no time, or frozen amongst the wastes. Im expecting the majority of you to fail. Now, all of you, get your gear and get outisde. On the DOUBLE cadets."
  55. 06[22:03] * Jacob_Dorn thinks he could realy use a stiff drink right about now
  56. 06[22:04] * ^Bran^ thinks to himself ''I am hungry''.
  57. 06[22:04] * ^Vane^ gets his kit on fast and efficiently, making sure not to be first or last.
  58. 06[22:04] * Stephan_ assembles his gear and gets outside
  59. 06[22:04] * Ridian dresses and suits up
  60. 06[22:04] * Biorn_Berg rolls eyes, dresses and gathers gear to leave, waiting near the door.
  61. 06[22:05] * ^Bran^ gests tressed and suits up.
  62. 01[22:05] <Deathbane> "TOO SLOW. Too slow. Nobody said to wait you surat, GET OUTSIDE GET OUTSIDE"
  63. [22:05] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF!
  64. 01[22:05] <Deathbane> With that he motions to the door
  65. 06[22:05] * Jacob_Dorn would of probably already be dressed and grabs his gear and heads out side with haste
  66. 06[22:05] * Dierson_Pyre turns to run outside
  67. 06[22:05] * Biorn_Berg meanders outside
  68. 06[22:05] * ^Bran^ wanders out and waits with the others.
  69. 06[22:06] * ^Vane^ get's in line with the rest
  70. 06[22:06] * Ridian Heads out with gear in tow with the rest
  71. 01[22:07] <Deathbane> Even as you leave, you feel the lack of oxygen in the air. You realise you dont have any rebreathers. The cold chill hits you as you exit the sealed building, and the sun b eats down onto you from above in the clear day
  72. 06[22:07] * Dierson_Pyre but zero fucks given cause I'm a trueborn
  73. 01[22:07] <Deathbane> "Looks like a good morning for a little jog, does it not Cadets?" He shouts as he leaves
  74. 06[22:07] * Stephan_ feels nothing
  75. 01[22:07] <Deathbane> following the last of you out
  76. [22:08] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF STAR CAPTIAN!
  77. [22:08] <Stephan_> AFF
  78. [22:08] <^Bran^> AFF
  79. 01[22:08] <Deathbane> "GET RUNNING. 30 Laps AROUND THE PERIMETER. First to pass out or lag behind is on cleaning duty"
  80. [22:08] <Biorn_Berg> ...
  81. 06[22:09] * Stephan_ starts running
  82. 06[22:09] * ^Vane^ starts jogging with a small sigh
  83. 06[22:09] * Ridian starts to run at a reasonable pace
  84. 06[22:09] * Biorn_Berg starts off at a measured pace
  85. 06[22:10] * Jacob_Dorn softly sighs and nods he then heads off to jog round the perimiter and tries to control his breathing
  86. 06[22:10] * Dierson_Pyre jogs off passing the others
  87. 06[22:10] * ^Bran^ Starts running at a reasonable pase.
  88. 01[22:10] <Deathbane> "You misunderstood me cadets!" He screams, following behind
  89. 06[22:10] * Stephan_ picks up the pace to follow Dierson
  90. 06[22:10] * Ridian Ignores pyre and sticks to his reasonable jog
  91. 06[22:10] * Dierson_Pyre starts to sprint
  92. 01[22:10] <Deathbane> "When i said jog, i did NOT mean at a leisurely pace! GO faster quiaff?"
  93. [22:11] <Stephan_> AFF
  94. [22:11] <^Vane^> AFF
  95. 06[22:11] * Dierson_Pyre but gradually slows to a fast run
  96. [22:11] <Ridian> *sigh* aff
  97. 06[22:11] * Biorn_Berg speads up a little bit keeping with the back of the pack
  98. 06[22:11] * ^Vane^ speeds up, staying in the middle of the group
  99. [22:11] <^Bran^> AFF
  100. 06[22:12] * Ridian sticks to second last for the foreseable future
  101. 06[22:12] * Stephan_ continues to follow Dierson
  102. 06[22:12] * Jacob_Dorn remains silent to conserve berath and picks up the pace while still trying to control his breathing
  103. 06[22:12] * Dierson_Pyre is a good 30 meters ahead of the group
  104. 01[22:15] <Deathbane> Stephan races ahead, putting unknown strength and speed into his run. He soon catches up to Dierson, and begins to overtake him
  105. 01[22:16] <Deathbane> Bran manages to keep up the pace, and catches Dierson up as you all begin to reach a snowbank outside the chainlink perimeter fencing
  106. 01[22:17] <Deathbane> Dorn begins to lag behind, but its Biorn that begins to find the jog the hardest. As Ridian overtakes him he begins to breathe heavily due to exertion and the lack of oxygen
  107. [22:17] <^Vane^> \\my replacement has arrived, do I need to roll something before I race home?
  108. [22:17] <Ridian> "sup Biorn!
  109. 01[22:17] <Deathbane> "Done already Cadet?"
  110. 06[22:18] * Biorn_Berg begins to regret all the years of hard drink and cheap smokes
  111. 01[22:18] <Deathbane> \\roll 2d6 plus bod
  112. [22:18] <^Vane^> \\3+3+3 = 10
  113. [22:19] <^Vane^> \\4*
  114. 01[22:19] <Deathbane> Vane manages to keep up, but falls behind the trueborn warriors in front
  115. [22:19] <^Vane^> \\brb
  116. 01[22:20] <Deathbane> The pace continues to quicken. Alreasdy now you are around half the perimeter. To your left you cant see any of the other cadets or anything moving on the tarmaced area before the main habitation dome
  117. 01[22:21] <Deathbane> Biorn manages to not pass out and keep up with the main sprints. On the last leg home, Jerrold begins screaming again out loud
  119. 06[22:22] * Stephan_ picks up the pace
  120. [22:22] <Dierson_Pyre> NEG!
  121. [22:23] <^Bran^> NEG
  122. 01[22:23] <Deathbane> THe pace quickens as Stepahn races out in front again
  123. 06[22:23] * Jacob_Dorn tries to muster up some extra energy to cover some of the gap at least
  124. 06[22:24] * Ridian continues to run at pace, only slightly faster
  125. 01[22:25] <Deathbane> In a last burst of effort and strategem, somehow Ridian makes up the distance and gets into the top part of the group.
  126. 02[22:25] * ^Vane^ ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  127. 01[22:27] <Deathbane> Biorn manages to carry on and in a last effort surge to the break away group, and, at that very moment Dorn struggling with fatigue collapses
  128. 01[22:27] <Deathbane> "GROUP HALT" He screams
  129. 06[22:27] * Stephan_ stops
  130. 06[22:28] * Dierson_Pyre halts abruptly
  131. 01[22:28] <Deathbane> "ALL OF YOU BACK HERE, NOW"
  132. 06[22:28] * ^Bran^ stops
  133. [22:28] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF!
  134. 06[22:28] * Dierson_Pyre jogs over
  135. [22:28] <^Bran^> AFF
  136. [22:28] <Stephan_> AFF Start Captain
  137. 06[22:28] * Biorn_Berg just turns and keeps jogging at the same pace
  138. 06[22:28] * Ridian slows to a stop
  139. 06[22:28] * Biorn_Berg *towards the captain
  140. 01[22:28] <Deathbane> He strides over to Dorn who lies panting and breathing on the floor, and grabs him by the back of his tunic and pulsl him up
  141. [22:28] <Stephan_> star*
  142. 06[22:28] * ^Bran^ walks to the star captain
  143. 06[22:29] * Dierson_Pyre stops near SC, hands behind back
  144. 01[22:30] <Deathbane> "Cadets, because this man has gone down, the group has now failed. You " he points to Stephan
  145. 06[22:30] * Ridian takes time while dorn is being manhandled to catch breath a little
  146. 01[22:30] <Deathbane> "Take him tot he barracks. All of you back to the parade square. You have all just bought yourself cleaning duty tonight!"
  147. 06[22:30] * Stephan_ loks awkwardly
  148. [22:30] <Stephan_> looks*
  149. [22:30] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff Star Captian
  150. 06[22:31] * Biorn_Berg heads back to Stephan to give him a hand up.
  151. 01[22:31] <Deathbane> "WHEN ONE OF YOU FAILS, YOU ALL FAIL. In the field, if one of you brings weakness to the star, you will all die. Ill let you contemplate that in the cold."
  152. 06[22:31] * Stephan_ "AFF"
  153. 06[22:31] * Stephan_ drags dron back to the barracks
  154. [22:32] <^Bran^> AFF
  155. 06[22:32] * Ridian heads off to the parade square
  156. 06[22:32] * Stephan_ throws Dorn in the barracks.
  157. 06[22:32] * Jacob_Dorn is wisked away breathing fairly heavuly
  158. [22:33] <Stephan_> *to Dron as he throws him in* drunken freebirth scum.
  159. [22:33] <Dierson_Pyre> stephan! you should probably handle him better, you heard the SC, he will not pass with broken limbs
  160. [22:33] <Dierson_Pyre> and if he does not pass, I do not pass
  161. [22:33] <Stephan_> He does not have to pass.
  162. 03[22:34] * Retrieving #megamek modes...
  163. [22:34] <Jacob_Dorn> IF i fail. You fail.
  164. [22:34] <Dierson_Pyre> and if I do not pass I can not gain a honorable death
  165. [22:34] <Stephan_> The more reson to get rid of you, scum.
  166. [22:34] <Stephan_> *to Jackob*
  167. [22:35] <Biorn_Berg> Clanners...
  168. 06[22:35] * Biorn_Berg heads for parade ground
  169. 03[22:35] * ^Vane^ (~IceVamp@ has joined #megamek
  170. [22:35] <Dierson_Pyre> ...and if I am thwarted my chance at that you will be as well, quiaff?
  171. [22:35] <^Bran^> Stephan he needs to pass or we get the chop. simple as as that.
  172. [22:36] <Stephan_> You will get your chance trueborn
  173. [22:36] <Stephan_> you kept up.
  174. [22:36] <Dierson_Pyre> ...what you are not grasping is that the Freebirths must pass as well
  175. [22:36] <Stephan_> In my time of trainang underperforming cadets were cut form the trainaing.
  176. [22:37] <Stephan_> training*
  177. 06[22:37] * Jacob_Dorn has passed out due to extreme exaustion
  178. [22:38] <Dierson_Pyre> aff, however, I think with this Captian we will be repurposed if we all fail
  179. [22:38] <Dierson_Pyre> we must not let them fail
  180. [22:38] <Dierson_Pyre> quiaff?
  181. [22:38] <^Bran^> AFF
  182. [22:38] <Stephan_> if that is true, Aff.
  183. [22:39] <Stephan_> But we will see.
  184. [22:39] <Dierson_Pyre> we will
  185. [22:39] <Stephan_> Indeed
  186. 06[22:39] * Dierson_Pyre walks off
  187. 01[22:41] <Deathbane> AS Biorn reaches the parade ground, Jerrold hails him "WHERE ARE THE OTHER SURATS? STOPPED FOR REST?"
  188. [22:42] <Biorn_Berg> Stopped to debate the finer points of successfully team building, sir.
  189. 06[22:43] * Biorn_Berg nods behind him
  190. 06[22:43] * ^Vane^ is not far behind
  191. [22:43] <Ridian> "judginf from what I have seen, drinking, fighting or argueing
  192. 01[22:44] <Deathbane> "Point taken Cadet! For you who got here in decent time, 30 laps. For those who come late, 50 laps simple. SFrom the beginning, GET MOVING"
  193. 06[22:44] * Dierson_Pyre arrives at parade ground
  194. [22:44] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff!
  195. 06[22:44] * Ridian hops to it once again
  196. 06[22:44] * Stephan_ arrives with Dierson
  197. 06[22:44] * Dierson_Pyre starts off for 50 laps
  198. 01[22:44] <Deathbane> For the next 3 hours, Jerrold has you complete this run up to three times
  199. 06[22:44] * Stephan_ stars behind Dierson
  200. [22:45] <Stephan_> starts*
  201. 06[22:45] * Biorn_Berg sets off at exactely the same pace as last time.
  202. 06[22:45] * Jacob_Dorn is more likely slumbed upon teh florr of teh Barracks
  203. 01[22:45] <Deathbane> Finishing off with some 'light' calisthenic exercises, he then addresses the assemboled, tired recruits.
  204. 01[22:46] <Deathbane> "Good, good, Im surprised you all made it. Not bad for a bunch of useless wetnoses"
  205. 01[22:46] <Deathbane> "30 Minutes break. Get back to the barracks, get yourselves refueld on the provided rations. Meet outside the eastern mech bay, and be on time."
  206. 01[22:46] <Deathbane> He walks off
  207. 06[22:47] * Dierson_Pyre jogs to barracks
  208. 06[22:47] * Stephan_ goes to the barracks
  209. 06[22:47] * ^Vane^ jogs to the barracks
  210. 06[22:47] * Ridian walks steadily to the barracks
  211. 01[22:48] <Deathbane> As you arrive, Dorn ahs come around and is dejectedly sittong on his bottom bunk
  212. 06[22:48] * Stephan_ at the barracks picks up one ration and begins to eat it
  213. 06[22:48] * ^Bran^ walks to the barrecks
  214. [22:48] <Dierson_Pyre> do not worry freebirth, we will help you sweat the poison out
  215. 06[22:48] * Biorn_Berg heads to the barracks and makes a b line for his bunj
  216. 06[22:48] * Dierson_Pyre grabs ration
  217. 06[22:49] * ^Vane^ strips down to cool of, lays down and scarfs down the ration.
  218. [22:49] <Stephan_> *At Dorn* That is why I despize you.
  219. 06[22:49] * Stephan_ turns away and heds to his bunk
  220. 06[22:49] * Dierson_Pyre glares at Stephan
  221. 06[22:49] * ^Bran^ grabs some rations and eats silently.
  222. 06[22:49] * Ridian walks into barracks, acquires ration and jacks on a stim
  223. 06[22:50] * Ridian sits to watch the caberet
  224. [22:50] <Jacob_Dorn> Just like back home...
  225. 06[22:50] * Dierson_Pyre finishes ration and heads out to the mechbay
  226. [22:50] <Stephan_> *at dorn as he is walking* You should get some rations. So maybe you will colapse later.
  227. [22:50] <^Bran^> *at dorn* I would not worry about him
  228. [22:51] <Jacob_Dorn> Lets se what we have for lunch hmm? hopefuly not helish blue snow worm
  229. [22:51] <^Vane^> Could be worse, like spiced cardboard.
  230. [22:51] <Ridian> Yer home featured shouting tosspots and stick in the muds? Sounds like a pleasent place for a holiday
  231. [22:52] <^Vane^> Lightly spiced.
  232. [22:52] <Jacob_Dorn> More or less yeah.
  233. 06[22:52] * Biorn_Berg grabs rations to eat them on the way to mech bay.
  234. 06[22:52] * Ridian finishes what counts as a food in some states then ambles to the mech bay
  235. [22:52] <Biorn_Berg> See you ladies at our next dance class.
  236. 06[22:53] * ^Vane^ sighs. Having cooled off, he dresses slowly to make his way to the mechbay
  237. 06[22:53] * Ridian stimmed up for the next session
  238. 06[22:53] * ^Bran^ walks to the mechbay.
  239. 06[22:54] * Jacob_Dorn opens up the ration pack and examines its contents but shows down any way, he also takes a swig from his "stash" just for good measure
  240. 06[22:54] * Dierson_Pyre arrives at mechbay well ahead of the others
  241. 06[22:54] * Stephan_ heds to mechbay after eating hid ration and resting for the rest rest of his break minus the time he needt ot walk.
  242. 06[22:55] * Jacob_Dorn having regained him self he heads off to the Mech-bay hopefully ariving in time
  243. 06[22:57] * Ridian skips to thge mech bay
  244. 01[22:57] <Deathbane> Jerrold is waiting at the mechbay and hails your arrival
  245. 01[22:58] <Deathbane> "Almost on time!" He calls "Follow me, amd try not to damage anything " he calls as he walks inside
  246. 06[22:58] * Dierson_Pyre follows
  247. 06[22:58] * Stephan_ follows the star captain
  248. 01[22:58] <Deathbane> the mechbay is large, and elongated, and has another large hangar door at the other side
  249. 06[22:58] * ^Vane^ follows
  250. 06[22:58] * Biorn_Berg follows
  251. 06[22:59] * Jacob_Dorn follows teh Star Captains lead
  252. 06[22:59] * ^Bran^ follows
  253. 06[22:59] * Stephan_ 's eve shines when seeing all the mechs
  254. 06[22:59] * Ridian follows, heading swinging from left to right as he tries to look at the entire room in the same instant
  255. 01[22:59] <Deathbane> AS you walk through the mechbay, you see several battered Stinger and Wasp battlemechs in different states of disrepair
  256. 06[23:00] * Biorn_Berg begins assessing the damage on a few of the closer models
  257. 06[23:01] * Stephan_ distinguishes all the mech (if GM has a list, pist it now otherwise I just know aht they are).
  258. 06[23:01] * Dierson_Pyre (thinks) leftover stravag garbage
  259. 06[23:01] * ^Vane^ also scrutinizes any open sections containing fibre
  260. [23:01] <Ridian> "looks like these boys went on a fun run, yup yup. One more shot on those cockpits and we will have truebirth pate
  261. 01[23:01] <Deathbane> Biorn can see many of the mechs are batterd, showiung signs of obvious battledamage and neglect
  262. 06[23:01] * Jacob_Dorn "thinks" Man these guys really are desperate for equipment
  263. 01[23:01] <Deathbane> one or two are missing legs or arms
  264. 06[23:01] * ^Bran^ hopes he isn't going to get put in a mech that will fall apart around him.
  265. 01[23:02] <Deathbane> at the other end of the bay, you see the barrells of a warhammer poking out from a cubicle. Jerrold leades you up several flights of corrogated iron stairs, past a control room and into a small briefing room dominated by several chairs and tables. "Sit"
  266. [23:02] <Stephan_> Classic clan training mechs.
  267. 06[23:02] * ^Bran^ sits
  268. 06[23:02] * Dierson_Pyre sits
  269. 06[23:02] * ^Vane^ takes a seat.
  270. 06[23:02] * Ridian sits down and slowly vibrates in teh chair
  271. 06[23:02] * Stephan_ sits
  272. 06[23:02] * Biorn_Berg leans back in a chair near the back
  273. 06[23:03] * Jacob_Dorn responds and sits down with a nod "Star Captain"
  274. 01[23:04] <Deathbane> He beckons you to your seat and continues "So now you have been formally... welcomed to our training facility, I have several things of importance to go over with you."
  275. 01[23:04] <Deathbane> "Many of you arrived here as Bondsman, and still have your attached Bondscord. As of this moment, you are free to remove them. You are all officially cadets in my care, and your masters have been suitably rewarded by the Keshik"
  276. 06[23:04] * ^Vane^ listens intently
  277. 06[23:05] * Dierson_Pyre stares at SCpt without moving, being not a bondsman
  278. 06[23:06] * Stephan_ also glares. He was released before his assighment
  279. 06[23:06] * Ridian strips chord and rips chord with reckless abandon
  280. 06[23:06] * ^Vane^ relaxes. Uninteresting info thus far.
  281. 06[23:06] * Biorn_Berg slips if off, folds it up and places it in a pocket (I assume these things have pockets)
  282. 06[23:06] * Dierson_Pyre crosses arms and waits
  283. 01[23:06] <Deathbane> "On another note, i have been going over your personal files. From the reports, i have drawn up preliminary plans for the unit. You will be assigned to two stars, which means i require two team leaders"
  284. 06[23:07] * ^Bran^ doesn't react.
  285. 06[23:07] * ^Vane^ perks up
  286. 06[23:07] * Biorn_Berg cocks an eyebrow
  287. 01[23:07] <Deathbane> "I have picked out two likely candidates."
  288. 06[23:07] * Dierson_Pyre assumes out of this bunch he will be picked as SC
  289. 06[23:07] * Jacob_Dorn pays atention and listens to the Star Captain
  290. 01[23:07] <Deathbane> He walks forward with two dossiers in hand. One lands on DIersons desk with a thud
  291. 01[23:08] <Deathbane> He continues down the line, all the way to the back of the unit
  292. 06[23:08] * Dierson_Pyre looks at dossier unsurprised
  293. 01[23:08] <Deathbane> He stops in front of Biorn, and drops the second.
  294. 01[23:09] <Deathbane> "Quite an impressive fight you put up there, when you were taken" he says straight to Biorn
  295. 06[23:09] * Biorn_Berg eyes the dossier with part interest and part scorn
  296. 06[23:09] * Stephan_ thinks to hinself: Immpossible. I am a true born and my experience with commanding people, even if they are scientist caste, alone hsould have guaranteed me that spot.
  297. 06[23:10] * Stephan_ is angry.
  298. 06[23:10] * Ridian continues vibrating, zero fucks given
  299. 06[23:10] * ^Bran^ cocks his eyebrow at that.
  300. 01[23:10] <Deathbane> "Ill give you a few minutes to consider it"
  301. 06[23:10] * ^Vane^ hides his disappointment.
  302. 01[23:10] <Deathbane> He walks back to the front and continues
  303. 06[23:10] * Jacob_Dorn ponders on what star he will be put in
  304. [23:11] <Biorn_Berg> ./me opens the dossier and without taking the papers out begins leafing through the tops of the sheets
  305. 01[23:12] <Deathbane> "Like i said, birth origin means nothing to me. I am a freeborn of Clan Wolf, and have served my clan honourably. "
  306. 06[23:12] * Ridian thinks, Hope it get the truebirths star, ignoring his orders will be 50% more fun then ignoring the freebirths
  307. 01[23:13] <Deathbane> "My codex has more kills than anyone else in even several Black Fang units. If you have the skill, our clan will reward it. Failure means you will be reaved from the bloodline. It is that simple"
  308. [23:13] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SCpt as expected
  309. 06[23:13] * ^Vane^ nods.
  310. 01[23:13] <Deathbane> He nods in Diersons direction
  311. 01[23:14] <Deathbane> "So" he says to Biorn. "What is your answer? Are you up to the task?"
  312. 06[23:14] * Biorn_Berg looks from some of the sheets to the men they describe.
  313. [23:15] <Biorn_Berg> Better to get myself killed than die for one of these clansmen. I'll do it.
  314. 06[23:15] * Biorn_Berg says sarcastically
  315. 06[23:16] * Stephan_ thinks with anger: He does not even respect the position he was given.
  316. 06[23:16] * Dierson_Pyre gives Biorn a loooooong considering look
  317. 01[23:16] <Deathbane> "Excellent." he replies. "However, i have yet to decide who takes the priority star. Although not usually one for decision, i believe that this should be settled in the normal manner. By trial"
  318. [23:17] <Jacob_Dorn> Ah....
  319. [23:17] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SCpt, immediately?
  320. 06[23:17] * Ridian Chants mentally, "Freebirth Freebirth Freebirth" <vibrates>
  321. [23:17] <Stephan_> Obviousle the trueborn should take priority.
  322. 01[23:17] <Deathbane> "Our techs have reported that two stinger battlemechs have been readied for combat after being disabled in a garrison action
  323. 01[23:17] <Deathbane> they are ready for immediate use. I have prepared them on the field, to our east"
  324. 01[23:18] <Deathbane> Are you ready for the trial? " he addresses both Biorn and Dierson
  325. [23:19] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SCpt
  326. [23:19] <Biorn_Berg> Knowing you lot the sooner this is over with the sooner we can get on why where here. Ready when you are.
  327. [23:19] <Ridian> "Gooooooooo Freebirth!! *cheers*
  328. 01[23:20] <Deathbane> "Aff. All Non combatants will be able to observe from the eastern observation tower, you two with me. Get going"
  329. 06[23:20] * Stephan_ Dissaproces wih ridian, silently
  330. 01[23:20] <Deathbane> He turns to Ridian - "Hold your tongue"
  331. 06[23:20] * Ridian takes literally
  332. [23:20] <Stephan_> disapproves*
  333. 06[23:20] * ^Vane^ stands to leave.
  334. 06[23:21] * Biorn_Berg falls in behind the SC
  335. 06[23:21] * Dierson_Pyre heads to trial grounds
  336. 06[23:21] * ^Bran^ walks to to tower.
  337. 06[23:21] * Jacob_Dorn give the wall a blank stare for a moment and follows the others in a confused manor
  338. 06[23:21] * ^Vane^ heads to the eastern tower.
  339. 06[23:22] * Ridian Follows the fun patrol to the ops point
  340. [23:22] <Stephan_> And who is assighned under what commander, Star Captain?
  341. 01[23:22] <Deathbane> The star captain leaves, followed by Dierson and Biorn. He walks across the gantry and begins to climb into his warhammer
  342. 06[23:23] * Stephan_ goes ot the tower
  343. 01[23:23] <Deathbane> "Follow me out, I will describe the rules when we arrive. Seyla!" WIth that, he powers up and heads out
  344. 06[23:23] * Dierson_Pyre heads towards the less battered of the two wasps
  345. 06[23:24] * Biorn_Berg jogs after the mech
  346. 06[23:24] * Dierson_Pyre climbs in and starts powerup sequence
  347. 06[23:25] * Dierson_Pyre jogs after warhammer
  348. 01[23:26] <Deathbane> *on foot after existing the wasp he accidentally started
  349. 01[23:27] <Deathbane> As you arrive at the field, you see both Wasps in a powered up state, humming gently. Both are crouched, ladders extending from the cockpit hatch
  350. 06[23:31] * Ridian Watching the two mechs, Ridian starts
  351. [23:31] <Ridian> Welcome freeborn and gentlebirths to the latest in the trials series of combats
  352. [23:32] <Ridian> today we see free vs true in a loving brother blood match which will see the primary position award to the victor
  353. [23:32] <Ridian> who will win in the age old arguement of blood over working bollocks
  354. [23:33] <Ridian> Both pilots today are using stock wasps. With a combination of laser and SRM we should have an exciting match today folks
  355. 06[23:33] * Jacob_Dorn seems to have fallen asleep standing up while looking out the window
  356. [23:34] <Stephan_> What argumant?
  357. 06[23:34] * ^Vane^ chuckles
  358. [23:34] <Stephan_> Trueborn is always better thent freeborth
  359. [23:34] <Stephan_> that
  360. [23:34] <Ridian> *ignoring* We watch now as the match is about to commence, this announcement is brought to you by stim
  361. [23:35] <Ridian> Stim, Feel peppy as your insides pulsate
  362. 06[23:35] * Ridian looks around
  363. 06[23:36] * ^Vane^ meets his gaze and shakes his head smiling.
  364. [23:36] <Ridian> Todays co announcer is our favorite lovable drunk Vane, Vanes whats your money on today?
  365. 06[23:36] * Jacob_Dorn slowly veers over to the side then falls, hitting the floor with a thud and dispite this he is still asleep
  366. [23:37] <^Vane^> Well, Rid, it's hard to say, having never seen our combatants in action.
  367. 06[23:38] * ^Vane^ walks over and checks dorns pulse, satisfied he walks back.
  368. [23:38] <Ridian> Very true, we wait now for the first signa
  369. [23:42] <^Vane^> The crowd is holding their breath. Do you think our truborn feller will go all out here Rid?
  370. [23:42] <Stephan_> Obviously
  371. [23:43] <Ridian> Its hard to speculate at this point, But we could be in for an upset today folks
  372. 01[23:43] <Deathbane> *The rules for this engagement are simple* you hear over the intercom*
  373. [23:43] <Stephan_> Would oyu please observe
  374. [23:43] <Stephan_> and learn mybe, freeborth
  375. 01[23:43] <Deathbane> *The first mech to be immobilised, or otherwise close to destruction, I will call a cease fire. The loser will be the mechw ith the most operational damage*
  376. [23:43] <Stephan_> birth
  377. [23:44] <^Vane^> The crowd is getting antsy for some action it seems Rid. They want blood.
  378. [23:44] <Dierson_Pyre> (over comms) I will try and not kill the stravag then
  379. [23:44] <Ridian> Yessirey Vane, looks like Dierson wants to really chow down on some freebirth ass
  380. 01[23:44] <Deathbane> *The rules are, distilled, to not from from engagement, and continue to duel until one of you has lost. Hitting any non commited unit will lead to the fight becoming a free for all engagement. Physical combat in this trial is being permitted*
  381. 01[23:45] <Deathbane> *Any questions cadets?"
  382. 01[23:45] <Deathbane> *
  383. [23:45] <Dierson_Pyre> neg SCpt, if he commits to physical combat I can not assure his survival
  384. 01[23:47] <Deathbane> *Negative, this fight is not to the death.*
  385. [23:47] <Dierson_Pyre> SCpt, he does not even know how to pilot a mech
  386. [23:48] <Dierson_Pyre> I claim on this alone that he is not fit to lead both stars
  387. [23:48] <Ridian> We are off to a fault start folks as it looks like our freebirth pilot is unfamilar with thos model, as common as it is
  388. 01[23:48] <Deathbane> *Negative, prepare for trial start in*
  389. 01[23:48] <Deathbane> *3, 2 , 1 , commence*
  390. [23:48] <^Vane^> Ohh! The smack talk has already begun! And heeere we goo!
  391. [23:49] <Ridian> A forward charge, that was....un expected to say the least
  392. [23:49] <Ridian> is this the legendary IS piloting that we have all hear of?
  393. [23:50] <Ridian> *heard
  394. [23:50] <Stephan_> Hah.. the freebirth allowed Dierson to come behind him
  395. [23:50] <^Vane^> It's unconventional, that's for sure.
  396. [23:50] <Ridian> And an alpha strike from dierson, biorn was lucky that the laser missed but those missles pack a punch
  397. 06[23:51] * Jacob_Dorn is still asleep
  398. [23:51] <Ridian> What do you think of biorn chances vane
  399. [23:51] <^Vane^> They sure do Rid. How will the spheroid respond?
  400. 06[23:51] * Jacob_Dorn on the floor
  401. [23:51] <^Vane^> they loook slim at the moment rid
  402. [23:52] <Ridian> Agreed, unless he can manouver his mech and take advantage of range, we may have a wipeout on our hands
  403. [23:52] <^Vane^> OHHHHHH!
  404. [23:52] <^Vane^> A suckerpunch by the spheroid!
  405. [23:52] <Ridian> We have mecho o mecho!
  406. [23:53] <Dierson_Pyre> fair play freebirth, your death will be swift
  407. [23:53] <Stephan_> heh... now the freebirth wil be shown no mercy!
  408. [23:53] <^Vane^> Do you think this was his plan all along, Rid?
  409. [23:53] <Ridian> and the trueborn does not like that love tap vane
  410. [23:53] <Ridian> I would think so Vane, otherwise I would think him insane
  411. [23:54] <Ridian> He really needs to swing that mech around though, hes wide open
  412. [23:54] <^Bran^> oh dear. I think Dierson is getting angry.
  413. [23:54] <^Vane^> That's true.
  414. [23:54] <Ridian> Ladys and gentlemen, our guest announcer has finally arrived, say hello to the folks people
  415. [23:54] <Ridian> Everyone welcome Bran!
  416. [23:55] <Ridian> And we see a rwetreat from Dierson, not expected from the trueborn
  417. [23:55] <^Vane^> I'm surprised as well Rid.
  418. [23:56] <Ridian> ANd it looks like Biorn is keeping on with his tactic, will we see more melee?
  419. [23:57] <Ridian> We have a legger people! thats a solid blast to the right leg
  420. [23:57] <^Vane^> One can sure hope. I think all bets are off in this match.
  421. [23:57] <Ridian> U wiuld say so Vane, speaking of which, who is your money on Bran
  422. [23:58] <Stephan_> Bah... Bets
  423. [23:58] <Stephan_> like freeborth surat techs
  424. [23:59] <Ridian> hes swung around folks, trying to stay out of biorn arch of fire
  425. Session Time: Sun Feb 10 00:00:00 2013
  426. [00:00] <Ridian> And hes charged again! this is the most oddball mechnequie I have ever seen
  427. [00:00] <Ridian> Thats it folks
  428. [00:00] <Ridian> Its all over
  429. [00:00] <Dierson_Pyre> he fought well, I will let him live
  430. [00:01] <Ridian> With a laser to to the leg that mech is outta there
  431. [00:01] <Ridian> Winner of this bought and in charge of both stars is dierson!
  432. [00:01] <^Vane^> Seems the trueborn went easy on him. Can he have a heart?
  433. [00:01] <Ridian> Truebirth has triumphed!
  434. [00:02] <Ridian> I dont know about a heart vane, but that iron liquid transport unit of his seems a little less solid than normal
  435. 01[00:02] <Deathbane> *The Trial is over. Dierson has won. Cadets, get that cadet out of the downed wasp and to the infirmary!*
  436. [00:02] <Stephan_> Trueborn, NOT truebirth
  437. 06[00:02] * Ridian continues to ignore
  438. [00:03] <Ridian> And with that, teh trial is over folks
  439. [00:03] <Ridian> we will see you next time for trials of the jade wolves
  440. 06[00:03] * ^Vane^ slaps Rid on the shoulder.
  441. [00:03] <Ridian> its by from me. Say by Vane
  442. [00:03] <^Vane^> Let's get Biorn.
  443. [00:04] <Ridian> ..... *shakes head*,,,oh yeah, lets do that then shall we
  444. 06[00:04] * ^Vane^ heads off to get Biorn
  445. 06[00:04] * Ridian follows quickly behind
  446. 06[00:05] * Dierson_Pyre heads back to hanger in wasp
  447. [00:06] <^Bran^> Stays where he is for now.
  448. 06[00:06] * Stephan_ goes to mechby to greet dierson
  449. [00:06] <Stephan_> mechbay*
  450. 01[00:06] <Deathbane> Jerrolds warhammer strides forward and props the wasp up with one of its ppcs
  451. 06[00:07] * Dierson_Pyre turns wasp around to help
  452. 06[00:08] * Biorn_Berg mumbles slightly
  453. 06[00:08] * ^Bran^ looks over to dorn and makes sure he is ok.
  454. 06[00:08] * Dierson_Pyre gently opens cockpit and lifts out Biorn
  455. 06[00:09] * Dierson_Pyre turns to SCpt
  456. 06[00:09] * Jacob_Dorn is by all acounts fine just passed out due to fataigue
  457. [00:09] <Dierson_Pyre> I will take him to medical
  458. 06[00:09] * ^Vane^ arrives with Rid.
  459. 01[00:10] <Deathbane> *Aff, team lead* He replies through the vox unit
  460. 01[00:11] <Deathbane> *Once he is there, come back tothe briefing room all of you*
  461. 06[00:11] * Dierson_Pyre turns to heads at 25% speed to med bay
  462. [00:11] <^Vane^> Let me check him over.
  463. [00:11] <^Vane^> Or not..
  464. [00:11] <Dierson_Pyre> (comms) fall in line cadet
  465. 06[00:12] * ^Bran^ pokes Dorn to wake him.
  466. 06[00:12] * ^Vane^ raises and eyebrow.
  467. [00:12] <Ridian> ....Follow behind a mech.....well that
  468. [00:12] <^Bran^> We need to go to the breifing room.
  469. 06[00:12] * ^Vane^ starts jogging back to briefing.
  470. 06[00:12] * Ridian skips off to brief
  471. 06[00:13] * Jacob_Dorn rises from slumber a little confused and in a slight panic then shouts "Worm Sign!"
  472. 01[00:13] <Deathbane> Jerrolds warhammer thunders across back towards the Mechbar, leaving huge rents in the snow where the 70 ton warmachine has been
  473. [00:13] <^Bran^> What? no breifing.
  474. 06[00:14] * Dierson_Pyre arrives at med bay and deposits Boirn with the med techs waiting there
  475. [00:14] <Jacob_Dorn> Wait what? where?
  476. 01[00:14] <Deathbane> They check him over. Biorn is concious now
  477. 06[00:14] * Dierson_Pyre turns and heads back to mechbay at half speed
  478. 06[00:15] * Jacob_Dorn stands to his feet and asks
  479. [00:15] <Jacob_Dorn> Where to now?
  480. [00:16] <^Bran^> The briefing room so let us go. And if you need to lean on me.
  481. 06[00:16] * Dierson_Pyre arrives at mechbay and proceeds with shutdown sequence
  482. [00:16] <Jacob_Dorn> Better head of then...
  483. 01[00:16] <Deathbane> The medtech looks down and says to Biorn " From what i can see its mostly superficial. Mostly minor injuries, but you took a serious head hit. You dont appear to be concussed, but you should be cautious"
  484. 06[00:16] * Stephan_ as diesron exts the mech: Good work, lead. I will gladly follow oyu into battle.
  485. 06[00:16] * Jacob_Dorn yawns softly and rubs his eyes before making his way to teh Briefing room
  486. 06[00:17] * Dierson_Pyre exits mech and turns to stephan
  487. [00:17] <Dierson_Pyre> I would expect nothing less than that
  488. [00:17] <Biorn_Berg> And here I thought it was the other one I had managed to muss up their pretty face. How long till I can get out of here Doc?
  489. [00:17] <Dierson_Pyre> and that's SC from now on
  490. 06[00:18] * ^Bran^ makes his way to the breifing room and makes sure that Dorn doesn't fall
  491. 01[00:19] <Deathbane> "Well other than a few stitches, their is nothing we can do for you"
  492. 01[00:19] <Deathbane> "Id wait for the commander to clear you."
  493. [00:19] <Stephan_> Aff.
  494. [00:19] <Stephan_> (to dierson)
  495. 06[00:19] * Dierson_Pyre turns and heads toward briefing room
  496. 06[00:19] * Stephan_ follows
  497. 01[00:19] <Deathbane> Commander Jerrold meets Dierson within the briefing room
  498. 06[00:20] * Biorn_Berg waits to be released
  499. [00:20] <Dierson_Pyre> SCpt
  500. 06[00:20] * ^Vane^ has taken a seat.
  501. 01[00:20] <Deathbane> "That was quite a show Cadet Dierson. You have been promoted to lead of Claw 2. I expect the best of you."
  502. [00:21] <Dierson_Pyre> you will get nothing but
  503. 01[00:21] <Deathbane> "Until you face your full trial of position, you will remain cadet rank"
  504. [00:21] <Dierson_Pyre> ...
  505. 01[00:21] <Deathbane> "Good, i expect DeVega will be pleased." he continues
  506. [00:21] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff...and when will that be?
  507. [00:22] <Dierson_Pyre> the trial that is
  508. 01[00:23] <Deathbane> "Ill go over those details now with the team. Its my duty to first check on your opponent, Cadet Biorn. Ill be back int en minutes, ensure the other cadets are ready for briefing wheni return quiaff?"
  509. [00:23] <Dierson_Pyre> aff SCpt
  510. 06[00:23] * Dierson_Pyre moves to front of room
  511. [00:24] <Dierson_Pyre> LISTEN UP, the SCpt will be back in Ten minutes and expects our compliance
  512. [00:24] <Dierson_Pyre> and I expect it
  513. 01[00:24] <Deathbane> Jerrold leaves for the medbay. When the arrives, he addresses Biorn directly. " That was a ballsy move, going for the cockpit. How Dierson avoided that punch i dont know. "
  514. [00:24] <Stephan_> Aff, lead
  515. 06[00:25] * Stephan_ sits down
  516. [00:25] <Biorn_Berg> If he's that good at dodging hits to the head like that, I'm glad he'll be up front... sir.
  517. 01[00:26] <Deathbane> Jerrold nods. "For your efforts, you are awarded team leader of Claw 3. This is not a rank increase, but a responsibility until you are promoted from cadet rank. "
  518. 01[00:27] <Deathbane> With a quick conversation with the medtech, he turns to Biorn and says "You are cleared, return to the briefing room now your wounds are treated."
  519. [00:27] <Biorn_Berg> Aye capt
  520. 01[00:27] <Deathbane> "Aff, you mean Cadet"
  521. 06[00:28] * Biorn_Berg stares for a moment
  522. [00:28] <Biorn_Berg> Aff SCpt
  523. 01[00:28] <Deathbane> "You have potential or you would not have been picked. I am more forgiving than DeVega"
  524. 01[00:29] <Deathbane> He walks you back to the briefing room in silence, and enters to see the other assembled cadets.
  525. 06[00:29] * Jacob_Dorn sat down the moment he enterd teh rom
  526. 06[00:30] * Ridian had sat down during his absence
  527. 01[00:30] <Deathbane> "The contest was decided, and the Wasp on the field awaits salvage. Dierson will lead Claw 2, Biorn Claw 3. "
  528. 06[00:30] * Ridian vibrating moar
  529. [00:30] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SCpt
  530. 01[00:30] <Deathbane> "Now, i will relate to you your mech assignments and trial of position date"
  531. 06[00:31] * Dierson_Pyre tenses slightly...only slightly
  532. 06[00:31] * ^Vane^ sighs inwardly. He hasn't seen a single Black Lanner since he arrived.
  533. 06[00:31] * Stephan_ tenses a bit more than slightly, but only a bit
  534. 01[00:32] <Deathbane> "and of course, method. DeVega has given me a list of mechs he has requisition to be assigned based on your position within each claw. These are fine machines, compared to our training wasps"
  535. 01[00:32] <Deathbane> "AS such, i will relate them to you now"
  536. 06[00:32] * Dierson_Pyre (thinks) I would hope
  537. 06[00:32] * ^Bran^ is waiting to see what mech and who is to be put under who's command.
  538. 01[00:32] <Deathbane> Dierson, Claw Two, Point One, Thunderbolt
  539. 06[00:33] * Jacob_Dorn waits for the calling
  540. 01[00:33] <Deathbane> Vane, Claw Two, Point One, Stalking Spider
  541. 06[00:33] * ^Vane^ raises eyebrow.
  542. 06[00:33] * Stephan_ laughs
  543. 01[00:33] <Deathbane> \\*point two
  544. 01[00:34] <Deathbane> Bran, Claw Two, Point Three, Clint IIC
  545. 01[00:34] <Deathbane> Jacob, claw two, Point four , cobra
  546. 06[00:34] * Stephan_ s laugh fades.
  547. 01[00:34] <Deathbane> Remus, claw two, point five, Urbanmech IIC
  548. 06[00:35] * Jacob_Dorn mutters silently "Balls deep."
  549. 01[00:35] <Deathbane> Biorn, claw three, point one, locust IIC
  550. 01[00:35] <Deathbane> Joseph, claw three, point two, incubus
  551. 01[00:35] <Deathbane> Shinzi, claw three, point three, icestorm
  552. 01[00:36] <Deathbane> Ridian, claw three, point four, Jenner IIC
  553. 01[00:36] <Deathbane> It will be up to the unit commanders to tell those not present due to simulator runs their assigned units
  554. [00:37] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SCpt, they will be informed
  555. 01[00:37] <Deathbane> \\for logs benefit, Joseph is Stefan. Dont taze me
  556. 06[00:37] * Ridian pew pew missle time then huh?
  557. 01[00:37] <Deathbane> \\ Stephan christ
  558. [00:37] <Dierson_Pyre> \\yes
  559. 01[00:37] <Deathbane> "now" he continues
  560. [00:37] <Stephan_> You CAN NOT be serious. I canno't follow a freebirth. You *points at Jackob* I will trial you for a position in star one!
  561. 06[00:38] * Dierson_Pyre turns to look at stephan with mild amuzement
  562. 01[00:38] <Deathbane> Jerrold withdraws his clan pulse laser pistol
  563. [00:38] <^Bran^> Stephan I do not think it is up for debate quif?
  564. [00:39] <Dierson_Pyre> raises eyebrows with even MORE amuzement
  565. 06[00:39] * Biorn_Berg stops, aff stuck in his throat
  566. 01[00:39] <Deathbane> "You will apologise immediately to your commanding officer"
  567. 01[00:39] <Deathbane> he says
  568. 06[00:39] * ^Vane^ smirks
  569. 06[00:40] * Ridian smiles, considerwes reaching for the second stim of the day
  570. [00:40] <Dierson_Pyre> SCpt,....he does have a right to challenge. Perhaps he can after we have been given rank above cadet?
  571. 06[00:40] * Jacob_Dorn keeps a straight face as he stares at Stephan with a smug look in his eyes
  572. [00:40] <Stephan_> *to Jerrold* I appologasi for my miscunduct, Starcaptain , But I cannot accept this assighments. As is my right I will trial Jackob for a position in star one.
  573. 06[00:41] * Dierson_Pyre turns to Stephan
  574. [00:41] <Stephan_> claw 2 isntad of star 1*
  575. 01[00:41] <Deathbane> "You will do as you are ordered Cadet. Cadet Dierson has a point, but it is not the time for further trials"
  576. [00:42] <Stephan_> Aff, but I will trial for that position.
  577. [00:42] <Dierson_Pyre> is up to the commanding officer if we are allowed to trial, as cadets we do not have the right....
  578. 01[00:42] <Deathbane> "You will immediately stand down, and will follow your lead until the time comes for a trial. Refusal means summary court martial."
  579. 06[00:42] * Stephan_ sits down, still angry
  580. 06[00:42] * Biorn_Berg continues to stare at them all incredelously
  581. 01[00:42] <Deathbane> Jerrold holsters the pulse laser pistol.
  582. [00:43] <Dierson_Pyre> (aside to stephan) there will be time for honor to be satisfied...later, he fought not forget
  583. 06[00:43] * Ridian winks at biorn with lul grin on face
  584. 01[00:43] <Deathbane> "Now, as i was detailing before the interruption. Your trial of position. Due to our limited number of active
  585. 06[00:43] * Biorn_Berg mouths to Ridian "Gorran Clanners"
  586. [00:43] <Stephan_> (to Dierson) Immagine yousrelf under the command of a freebirth. You will know my anger, but oyu are right.
  587. 01[00:44] <Deathbane> warriors, we will be initiating a new plan for trials of position. AS such, your trial of position will instead be fought against an active enemy target on a real mission"
  588. 06[00:44] * Dierson_Pyre grunts, (thinks) well that would never happen...but if it calms him down
  589. 01[00:44] <Deathbane> "I do not know the extent of how this will be performed or where, that is for DeVega to detail"
  590. [00:45] <Jacob_Dorn> Intresting, a Trial by Fire.
  591. 06[00:45] * ^Vane^ nods.
  592. [00:45] <Dierson_Pyre> We are prepared to die in the service of the Clan SCpt
  593. 01[00:45] <Deathbane> "ALl i can tell you is that this method of trial involves being dropped against a target, without support. You will be expected to complete your mission, or die in the attempt. You will not have extraction until the mission goal is complete"
  594. 06[00:45] * Ridian rolls eye to himself
  595. [00:45] <Stephan_> Seyla (to Dierson)
  596. [00:46] <Dierson_Pyre> I will not let them fail SCpt
  597. [00:47] <Biorn_Berg> I will not let them die SCpt
  598. 06[00:47] * Dierson_Pyre looks at Biorn
  599. 01[00:48] <Deathbane> "With the assignments complete, you will have three days at this facility to make of it what you will. Our simulators are fitted with cokcpits typical of our light Jnner IIC, Locust IIC, Icestorm and wasp and stinger rebuilds."
  600. [00:48] <Dierson_Pyre> That cannot be promised, but they will at least not fail
  601. 01[00:48] <Deathbane> "Of course, you will enjoy morning physical training and additional marksmanship in the afternoons."
  602. [00:48] <Dierson_Pyre> with pleasure SCpt
  603. [00:49] <^Vane^> Star Captian. Will we have access to our assets as well?
  604. 01[00:49] <Deathbane> "IF you fail, their bloodlines fail. You are responsible for them Cadet DIerson. You are all dismissed, minimum hours must be logged on the simulators or you will be reprimanded"
  605. 01[00:50] <Deathbane> "Neg, your mechs are not here, but are instead being prepared for sortie"
  606. [00:50] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF STAR CAPTAIN
  607. [00:50] <^Vane^> Aff.
  608. [00:50] <Stephan_> Aff.
  609. [00:50] <Biorn_Berg> Aff
  610. [00:50] <^Bran^> AFF
  611. [00:50] <Jacob_Dorn> Aff
  612. 06[00:50] * Ridian Consideres just living in the sim to spend less time with the fun patrol
  613. 01[00:50] <Deathbane> "After your three days are up, you will be transfered to the elementary training facility 100 clicks west for further endurance training. From there, you will be taken back to DeVegas posting at the starport"
  614. [00:50] <Ridian> Aff
  615. 01[00:51] <Deathbane> *Elemental
  616. 01[00:52] <Deathbane> "Any questions cadets?" he states
  617. [00:52] <Dierson_Pyre> Star Captain?
  618. 01[00:52] <Deathbane> "Yes cadet?" he replies
  619. [00:53] <Jacob_Dorn> Hou many hours is teh minimum clocked for Sim training?
  620. [00:53] <Dierson_Pyre> do I have permission for special training of my fellow cadets?
  621. 01[00:53] <Deathbane> "They are your charge now, do with them what you will. In three days, a total of 18 hours simulator training must be done"
  622. [00:53] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff SCpt
  623. [00:53] <Dierson_Pyre> Dorn! get over here
  624. [00:53] <Biorn_Berg> SCpat
  625. [00:54] <Stephan_> aff
  626. 06[00:54] * Jacob_Dorn walks over Direson
  627. [00:54] <Stephan_> Why will we be able to trial for our position in claw 2
  628. [00:54] <Stephan_> when*
  629. [00:54] <Jacob_Dorn> Aff team lead?
  630. [00:55] <Dierson_Pyre> When did you last sleep?
  631. 06[00:55] * Jacob_Dorn thinks for a moment
  632. [00:55] <Dierson_Pyre> speak up!
  633. 06[00:55] * Ridian internally sighs....Am I the only person happy with their placement in claw 3
  634. [00:55] <Jacob_Dorn> roughly 36 hours ago...
  635. [00:56] <Biorn_Berg> Claw 3 with me. We have work to do.
  636. [00:56] <Dierson_Pyre> go to your bunk and sleep, 6 hrs...starting now
  637. 06[00:56] * Ridian walks over to biorn
  638. [00:56] <Jacob_Dorn> Aff!
  639. [00:57] <Dierson_Pyre> if you are to not waste clan resources and the limited time in the simulators you will rest
  640. 01[00:57] <Deathbane> Jerrold turns and answers Stephan "After you are a warrior and deserve one, wetnose"
  641. [00:57] <Dierson_Pyre> there will be little time after to do so
  642. 06[00:57] * Jacob_Dorn heads off to his bunk and colaspes onto it falling fast asleep
  643. [00:57] <Stephan_> aff, star captain, than you
  644. 06[00:57] * Dierson_Pyre turns to the rest of the cadets
  645. 06[00:58] * Stephan_ relustantly follows Biorn
  646. [00:58] <Stephan_> Reluctantly *
  647. [00:59] <Dierson_Pyre> The remainder in Claw 2 head to the simulators for the next 5 hours
  648. [00:59] <^Bran^> Aff
  649. [00:59] <^Vane^> Aff
  650. [00:59] <Dierson_Pyre> Boirn...take charge of your claw, I would suggest physical train in the manner of light combat
  651. 06[00:59] * Biorn_Berg takes Claw 3 to the mess for briefing and go over the points tatical history.
  652. 06[01:00] * ^Vane^ leaves for the simulators.
  653. 06[01:00] * ^Bran^ Follows Vane.
  654. 03[01:00] * Focks ( has joined #megamek
  655. 06[01:01] * Dierson_Pyre heads to the simulators
  656. 03[01:01] * Focks is now known as Remus
  657. 06[01:02] * ^Vane^ finds a simulator with high speed and pref. a ppc mech, since there are no stalking spider simulators.
  658. 06[01:04] * Dierson_Pyre climbs into Jenner IIC cockpit
  659. [01:04] <Dierson_Pyre> I piloted one of this for a time in the Refusal war,
  660. [01:04] <^Vane^> I piloted a Black Lanner. It was beautiful.
  661. 06[01:05] * ^Bran^ gets in a resonalby fast mech with an lbx 10.
  662. [01:06] <Stephan_> to Biron. WHY are we disobaying orders from lead of claw 2?
  663. [01:06] <Stephan_> We were ordered to have physical training.
  664. [01:06] <Remus> /WATAMDO//
  665. [01:07] <Remus> //WERAMEH?//
  666. [01:07] <^Bran^> I was on garrson duty and piloted a hunchback IIC.
  667. [01:07] <^Vane^> \\You're stuck for 5 hrs in a simulator.
  668. [01:08] <Dierson_Pyre> I piloted a StormCrow as a abahka warrior for clan wolf
  669. [01:08] <Dierson_Pyre> it....was a true extension of my every action
  670. 06[01:08] * Dierson_Pyre closes hatch to start sim
  671. [01:08] <Biorn_Berg> Cause before I waste time making you play computer games I want to know each of your service histories and training. Then we can worry about you proving what a big man you are. Understand, trashborn.
  672. [01:09] <Stephan_> We were not ordereed to play "comuter games", command, we were ordered to physical training.
  673. 06[01:09] * ^Vane^ starts sim.
  674. 06[01:10] * Remus seems to have been in the sim the whole damned time
  675. 06[01:11] * ^Bran^ starts sims
  676. [01:11] <Biorn_Berg> Either way, I will have what I have asked of you or perhaps your precious "trueborn" commander would like to hear about how you're disobeying a direct order, hmm?
  677. 06[01:11] * Ridian while vibrating
  678. [01:11] <Stephan_> I am already disobeying a direct order...
  679. [01:11] <Ridian> Zing!!!
  680. [01:12] <Stephan_> But I will follow your ordered, for now, freeborn.
  681. 06[01:16] * Biorn_Berg has each of the pilots assigned to him take about 5 minutes each to go over their history and service record so that he is briefly understands their skills and abilities before having them move out for a physical training session.
  682. [01:18] <Stephan_> \\ basically if you ahve a Guss rifle, give it to me and, better yet, let me look at it, my history is fll of gauss rifles and i know how to upgrade them...
  683. [01:32] <Stephan_> \\wololo
  684. 02[01:37] * Stephan_ ( Quit (Quit)
  685. 02[01:37] * Ridian ( Quit (Quit: Page closed)
  686. 02[01:38] * Biorn_Berg ( Quit (Quit)
  687. 03[01:38] * Dierson_Pyre ( has left #megamek
  688. 01[01:39] <Deathbane> With the cadets dismissed to training, the sun begins to rise on the formation of a new unit. ----> SESSION TWO END
  689. 02[01:40] * ^Vane^ (~IceVamp@ Quit (Quit)
  690. 02[01:42] * Jacob_Dorn ( Quit (Quit)
  691. 02[01:44] * Remus ( Quit (Quit: I leave, to sail beyond the sunset)
  692. 02[01:46] * ^Bran^ ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 18.0.2/20130201065344])
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