Mar 17th, 2013
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  1. Ben was a really big fan of this 90's TV show called "Animorphs" where this group of people could transform into different animals but the catch was that they had to touch the animals first in order to be able to transform into them but the other catch to it was that if you stayed as that animal for more than one hour you would stay that way forever but Ben forgot about that part and when he became like the people in the show he started switching into all different kinds of animals but he would usually stay as one for about a half hour because he got bored of them and missed using his hands but after he became a fan of My Little Pony he found a pony and touched it so he began to switch to a pony more and more and he started to like it so much that he actually fell asleep as a pony and when he woke up he wasn't able to transform anymore and he was stuck as a pony for the rest of his life so he started going to all these different conventions and stuff because he was super popular there and would get paid enough money to hold him over to the next one pretty easy but he didn't buy many things because most "things" out there require hands to use them so instead he started giving all of his excess money to this company that made prostetic hands in the hopes that one day they would be able to give him hands again but he soon found out that it didn't matter because he had so many loving people around him to take care of him and he learned that the most important thing in life is happiness and he found it because there were so many around him that loved and took care of him and that's what matters most but also because no material object could POSSIBLY bring as much happiness as a good belly rub which he got more than enough but he would disagree because he would say that there's no such thing as enough belly rubs.
  2. The End
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