Sep 1st, 2016
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  1. Hello! Its DJ Sylveon!
  3. So I wanted to talk about mapping and what is going on there. So, first things first, I am starting a new semester at a new university and living halfway across the state from where I used to live. This does mean more opportunities for me to work on my maps. However, my classwork comes first as well as finding a job. Its my priority to have those before mapping.
  5. Anyways now on to mapping specifically. As you may have been aware the 2016 Summer 72 hour TF2 Jam happened and I did participate again. Leading up to it I had planned on making a passtime map that closely resembled American Football called PASS_Thedream. On the day of the start I started to look at what I had and panicked realizing I couldn't get what I wanted done in 72 hours. I had little knowledge in passtime map making and the research I did into it was going to help me that much. So at the last second I scrambled to figure out what I wanted to do. I ended up settling for Player Destruction and made PD_Sylveonneedshelp (appropriate title). Here's the link if you want to check it out [] What I wanted out of this map was knowledge in how PD gameplay worked. What I got was how PD doesnt work. The ma was terrible and was a major blow to me. Yes I still took the medal from it but I still didnt feel satisfied. I even stopped at the 48 hour mark because i lost all motivation to continue. This motivation to map stayed with me for a while till I looked at what I had made and reminded myself why the map came out the way it did. Now I'm back at it and here's what I got planned.
  7. PD_Spaceprogram:
  8. This map I've been working on for ages now. Its a1 version hasnt been released yet. The reason is because of what I want to do with this map. A lot of people dislike PD because it plays like a DM map but you get points for capping those kills. The goal with Spaceprogram is to change that. I have been writing in new logic to make the map dynamic and to encourage new play styles that will make it more team oriented. This will be the next thing I release so look out for that.
  10. CP_Tampa:
  11. This map I have nicknamed "Zero Hero" because I am taking my first ever map which was absolute trash and making it something respectable. I do believe I am on the right track with it and this next update will have a big focus on something it has always had a problem with; height variation. While I dont know exactly how I am going about it I will promise that it will happen. While I expect this map to be in alpha for a while I do want to see this all make it all the way to a full release.
  13. PL_Shipping:
  14. This is a map idea that originally started out a koth_toph. For now I decided to abandon the map to work on later. The idea of the map is based around its lore which is this. Blu and Red are rival shipping companies. Blu has a special delivery for Saxton Hale, no its not animals to punch, its a bomb from RED. RED are away of this and will do anything to keep BLU from putting it on the semi to Mann Co. So they will take the fight to BLU's shipping wharehouse and make sure they do not loose respect with Hale.
  16. Anyways that is what I have planned and I hope you get to see these soon!
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