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Dadonequus Discord Part 282

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  1. "Scoots..."
  2. >You just sat next to her, she was still shivering, She was very very weakly calling out for Rainbow Dash for help.
  3. >You grab the blanket with your teeth and put it over her, but it didn't seem to help at all.
  4. >You could blame her. You really could. But you knew who she was, you should have figured out that something was going to go wrong.
  5. >And so...
  6. "Scoots...I'm sorry....I should have been an adult. I should have been responsible enough to just tell you no no matter how much you wanted to come."
  7. >She didn't respond, her eyes were closed. But she was still awake. She was just lost in some sort of despair and pain.
  8. >You say nothing more. She couldn't hear you. So instead, you move up close. You carefully remove her pillow and gently raise her head and let it rest on your belly. But she slowly turns and starts to feel around your body before cuddling close. And yet, she was still unresponsive to anything you had to say. "R-rainbow Dash..I'm scared...I'm...s-scared...W-whee...where are you?..A-am I alone?"
  9. >It was almost like a waking nightmare.for her. She was so drained. And yet her spark for Rainbow Dash still shined.through. Although faintly
  10. >...would this...would this work?
  11. >You start to mimic Rainbow Dash's voice the best you can.
  12. "Don't worry squirt, I ain't gonna let nopony get to you. You don't have to be scared when I'm around"
  13. >It wasn't the best. But...Scootaloo actually responded to it as she hugged gently on to you. "R-rainbow Dash?...i-is that....is that really you?"
  14. "You know it. Are you alright? What happened?"
  15. >But Scootaloo doesn't respond to that line of questioning..not at first.
  17. "..Squirt?"
  18. >"...I...I almost thought....I wouldn't care about anything anymore..." tears start to flow from Scootaloo's weak and tired eyes as she squirms and whines. "R-rainbow Dash...A-am I broken?...Will...will I never get the chance...to fly with you?.....am I...useless?"
  19. >..Scoots...
  20. "What? Who told you that? pfft, whoever said that is a big idiot. EVERY pegasi can fly. You know that, you're just a late bloomer. And Let me tell ya, the way you move on your scooter? That's wicked fast. Can't wait to see your speed when you take to the air. I bet you'll even be able to top my Sonic Rainboom"
  21. >Some color starts to return to Scootaloo, but she was still very weak.
  22. >You could see it though, a small hopeful smile on her face "Y-you really think so?"
  23. "Yeah, it's gonna be super cool. Kindaaa makes me wonder what would happen if we both did a boom at the same time. What do ya think Scootaloo?"
  24. >"I think...it will...be so....rad" She snuggles into you, some energy returning to her. But just as her energy went up, it suddenly went down. "Oh no...."
  25. "Hmm? What's wrong?"
  26. >"I-it's Anon.....I remember, I tried helping him...I tried...I...I...I tried helping him with a friend he has...I..I thought...I-I-I...I thought. I thought I was good enough...I thought I could fix everything for him....I've been treating him so badly lately...and...I feel bad...I...he..gave me these wings...and...All I wanted to do was return the favor...I..I don't know where he is...I don't know if he's hurt...I..I hope he's ok.."
  27. >Tears start to run down your eyes from those words. Even in this state. She was worried about you. She must have thought she angered Chrysalis enough for her to attack both you and her. You gently rub the side of your cheek against hers Which seems to calm her.
  29. "Don't worry, he's ok. But look at you, how are you supposed to get better if you don't rest up? You can train all you want, but if you don't get any rest, you're gonna fall asleep before the finish line. Don't want that right?"
  30. >"N-n...no.." Scootaloo starts to unconciously get more comfy, rubbing her face on your belly before settling in under your blanket. It made you giggle just a little.
  31. >"S...so e-everything's ok?" she stammers as she starts to fall asleep.
  32. "You bet, trust me. You're gonna feel a lot better when you wake up.
  33. >"o-ok..." Scootaloo could say nothing more as she snuggles onto you and drifts off into a deep sleep.
  34. "...dammit"
  35. >You just lay there with her. You were angry. You thought you'd be angry with Chrysalis. But really? That was par for the course with her. It would have been better if you told Scoots not to come along. You couldn't blame her. It was your house.
  36. ".....fuck..."
  37. >You really were the one to blame. Why didn't you say no? Why couldn't you just tell her no?
  38. >You knew why? Because the prospect of her settling things for you with the rest of the CMC seemed too good to pass up.
  39. >Well good job, you got what you wanted. You moron.
  40. >Scootaloo didn't seem to be having a nightmare. But she was cuddling and nuzzling quite a bit in her sleep. She practically was hugging you at this point as she slowly positioned herself to use your neck as a pillow. This..was awkward.
  42. >You just laid there and pondered. Pondered on your decisions. And possibly. Your mistakes.
  43. >First, Chrysalis...was she redeemable? You knew it was possible. But the way you knew of was an extreme situation. Still, there had to be a way.
  44. >Sunburst? Well....you guessed you could at least TALK to him before you obliterate him in some way.
  45. >Then there was that other you. Everyone he ran into liked him better...
  46. >You feel Scootaloo squirm along your body in her sleep...
  47. ".....Well, I guess almost everyone"
  48. >You whispered to yourself. Maybe that was it though. Maybe because he was the princesses' kid that he was able to have stability in his life.
  49. >You knew your cutie mark. It was chaos. And chaos was what you were good at because it was always fucking happening around you.
  50. >But, it wasn't bad. Without it, without that random or chaotic aspect you can add to your own plots. You wouldn't have been able to save Starlight or that other Equestria. You wouldn't have the chance to reform Chrysalis. You wouldn't have been able to reform even Spoiled Rich. It definitely wasn't bad. You knew that much.
  51. >But for every good thing. Bad things has happened. Such as the way the princesses treat you,. Twilight week, and Chrysalis trying to get ahead of you in the whole reformation thing. Because she was right. It was a game, she was trying to make you see her side of things the same way you were trying to get her to see yours.
  52. >But what was yours at this point? Petty revenge? Using others to achieve this revenge? Recognition? You lost sight of the good side of your chaos abilities so rapidly that you didn't even have a chance to notice it.
  54. >And now...here was Scoots. Who was now counting on you, without even realizing it. To give her love and care to get her back to her old spritely self.
  55. >..This was it? Wasn't it? To be a hero....no....no it wasn't. You still caused this. The best you could be right now is a friend, and try to make up for your mistakes. You weren't a hero. You were a shmuck.
  56. >You just looked forward with emptiness in your heart.
  57. >You were just one gigantic schmuck. Weren't you? You felt ashamed. Hell, if Fluttershy knew....would she stop loving you? Would you lose your friendship with Starlight if she knew?
  58. >Fuck man, how bad did you fuck everything up by being a raging faggot?
  59. > You had to calm your tits. You had to take care of the matters at hand while protecting those you care about.
  60. >You'd deal with Sunburst as soon as you can. BUT...you'd deal with him in a calm manner. Only making his life hell if you didn't like what he had to say. You also had to find a way to tell Starlight without upsetting her.
  61. >The CMC...well. You deserved to be looked down upon now.
  62. >And then there was this "Other you". You didn't even know how he was really like. But since he was royalty, he'd probably look down upon you too for what you've done if he ever found out. Hell, considering he probably came to avenge his girl. It was probably not even due to rage, but some sort of chivalry. How could you fault him for that?
  63. >....maybe, it'd just be better....that if he ever came back. To just talk to him. Only zapping him if it turned out he was a douche. And boy oh boy. You'd have three charges to play with.
  64. >But no, you had to be fair first, you had to give him a chance because really?...you were the one who fucked up.
  65. >And so you laid your head down. Unale to sleep. LEtting Scootaloo rest on you until she awoke.
  66. >Time passed. You watched the hours go by on your clock until it was about six o' clock.
  67. >Scootaloo began to stir and awaken.
  69. >Scootaloo, first her eyes fluttered as she woke up, then immediatly after, she raised herself and looked around "Agh! W-what happened?! W-where am I?!"
  70. "You're in my room"
  71. >Scootaloo turns around to see you. And boy, did you feel relieved. Her color had fully returned. And given how fast she raised herself up. So did her energy. You gave her a cheerful smile.
  72. "Hey, how are you feeling Scoots?...are you ok?"
  73. >"I..uhh...uhm...mngh.." Scootaloo put a hoof to her head, she felt like she had a slight headache "I guess, I feel a little...OH WAIT!" She then realizes what she was doing last. "I JUST REMEMBERED! Did bug breath decide to turn good after seeing how much stuff she's putting you and Scrappy through?"
  74. >....wut?
  75. "Uhm..well...no. Uhh"
  76. >What do you even say? Didn't she find it weird she woke up here? Or was wondering what happened to her?
  77. >"Oh..." Scootaloo looked down, feeling she failed "Sorry Anon, I tried..I thought I saw a way to fix things myself. But I guess I screwed up and....wait" Scootaloo takes a look around "w-what even happened?" She felt spooked now that she realized she was in your room. When she remembered being in a cave. "Anon...w-what happened?"
  78. >You sigh as you sit up and plop your butt on your pillow.
  79. "I screwed up Scoots. I screwed up and put you in danger. That's what happened. Thanks for trying, but because of me, you almost...well..I don't know what would have happened to you. But you didn't deserve it, nor should I have put you in danger like that....I'm really sorry"
  80. >Scootaloo now realized how much she failed. She didn't see why you were sorry though.And at least, she knew you'd protect the captain. "Anon, why are you sorry? I wanted to come. I wanted to try. All I remember really is that you're going to protect Scrappy.....At least we managed that, right?...Kinda wish I didn't screw up though. I don't even know what happened to me. How did I end up here? Like, really..did they attack me or something?"
  82. "They fed off you. All at once...Scoots...I really got worried. I was afraid. I even thought you'd never come back or be the same....How do you feel right now even?"
  83. >"I...I..umm" Scootaloo began touching her chest and hear, then looked back at her wings. "I..think I'm ok...but...oh...I really did screwed up then huh?" Scootaloo finally began to realize how much she fucked up "I remember now...I got all mad that bug breath was pretending to be Rainbow Dash...ugh.." Scootaloo slumped down onto the bed, agitated with herself. "I remember feeling all weird and getting angry..and then..nothing. I-if they were feeding off of me...does that mean I got knocked out?"
  84. >You nod
  85. "Yeah....I almost thought I was going to lose you. You were breathing pretty slowly."
  86. >Hearing that, and now understanding it. Scootaloo groaned as she covered her face with her hooves and pressed her face on the bed. "UGGH! I REALLY DID MESS UP! I can't believe I let her get to me like that!...I remember..I remember just feeling...empty. I never thought I could feel anything like that...I was scared...and then..nothing..but.."
  87. >Scootaloo uncovered her face as she slowly raised herself and looked around. "..You got me out. Y-you saved me. And...mnnngh" Scootaloo looked into your eyes, feeling absolutely ashamed. "I'm really sorry Anon...I thought, I really thought I could do it. But I messed up. A-are you mad at me?"
  88. >You shake your head. She was finally fully coherent.
  89. "I'm not, I'm mad at myself for bringing you along. It was too dangerous but I let you come anyway despite what could happen. It was irresponsible, and for that...I'm sorry...I really am"
  90. >"I-it's ok..I reeeaaalllyyy wanted to try." Scootaloo let out a sigh, realizing that the both of you had failed. "I guess we both messed up, huh? That might not be so bad. At least we can't be mad at each other. And at least we know what she's planning...right?"
  92. >Scootaloo was trying to find a reason as to not feel so bad. She was trying to cheer you and herself up. But, it didn't help you.
  93. "I guess..."
  94. >"Awww, come on Anon" Scootaloo gave you a gentle jab on the chin "Buck up! we're still ok. And now we know what she's planning. That's something right?" Scootaloo was looking for some positivity out of you, she was losing hope again, feeling maybe things were really that bad. "Didn't she say she wanted a horrible changeling stopped? I-I mean, doesn't that mean in that some way..she's reforming?"
  95. >...maybe, and then there's the fact. That IF she was telling the truth. She didn't feed off Scootaloo herself.
  96. >And that was the odd thing...wasn't it? She didn't even have her changelings follow you. At first, you thought she couldn't do too much because others would get suspicious. But no, she could easily come up with a lie to explain away whatever happened to Scootaloo not being related to her. Not like they knew Nymous was Chrysalis. Hell, she even held back before she herself lost her cool. That really was something. Along with the fact she saved your ass of course.life debt or no life debt.
  97. >And looking at Scootaloo's wavering enthusiasm...you couldn't let her fall apart right after watching over her, not after she tried to make the situation sound better than it was.
  98. "Y'know..you're right Scoots. It might mean some progress was made. But we got a ways to go. Or at least I do. Scoots, you gotta leave her to me ok? She's too dangerous to anypony she doesn't care about. Please understand that it's not me wanting to exclude you, but..I don't want this to ever happen again."
  100. >"No, I think. I think i get it. I'm not really ready to take on Queen Stinkbug yet. But look at Scrappy. He's a changeling, and he's super cool and nice too! So I'll work to keep it that way by being his friend and showing him how to be like everypony else. Me, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle. We can do that by being his friend." Scootaloo felt, in this grand scheme, that that was her place.
  101. "And...I'll just continue what I'm doing."
  102. >"Yeah...and if you ever need support. Just come and see us ok? I'll let Sweetie Belle and Applebloom know just how crazy the stuff you do really is. But, I...hmm" Scootaloo realized something "I better not say too much though, they might get the same idea I got and try to show Bug Breath who's boss...which...kinda didn't work when we tried. I'll just let them know that we tried and that she was just being really mean and tricked you into helping her and stuff"
  103. ">..Scoots, she even remembered the original reason she wanted to help you out.
  104. "Thanks Scoots, but really. Keep it at the absolute minimum information. But also let them know that it is pretty dangerous. I don't want them getting the same idea you did. Being Scrappy's friend and helping him out should be good enough."
  105. >"Yeah...trust me. I'll figure it out. But hey....does...does that mean you don't mind Scrappy hanging out with us? Because that'd be really cool! I kinda noticed you don't really seem to like him too much" Scootaloo would really just want you to get along with him.
  106. >And..could you? You forgot to even consider him. Well, yeah. You could. The guy may be an idiot. But he was genuine. Hell, he was even trustworthy. Maybe you could like him as a friend. It shouldn't be that hard.
  108. "I guess I'll find out tomorrow when we go take out that changeling."
  109. >You tap at your horn
  110. "One thing you don't have to worry about is him getting hurt. I'll protect him, ok? No matter what"
  111. >Scootaloo moved in for a hug. She loved hearing that. She cared deeply for the little runt. "Thanks Anon, you're the next coolest pony behind Rainbow Dash!"
  112. >You hugged her back. Hell, you pulled her in for a very compassionate hug. You were glad she was ok. You were glad that there didn't seem to be any permanent effects.
  113. >After that. You and Scootaloo decided it was time to split up for now. Scootaloo would go to the clubhouse after she refined what she was going to tell Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. You and Scoots agreed that today may have gone wrong. But you wouldn't let it turn into a loss.
  114. >As for you, you were just glad she was ok. You were so scared. So damn scared she would have been lost. or come back with no emotion. You were glad you stuck with her the entire time until she recovered. You almost felt like an older brother. You just wanted to protect her, and make sure she was ok. That's how you felt now anyway. She respected you. The least you could do is help her whenever she was in trouble.
  115. >As to what you were going to do now? Well, you wanted to avoid Chrysalis. And who was the opposite of a love draining bug? Fluttershy!..well..actually Cadence...but whatever. You wanted to spend some time with your Aunt. You felt spending time with her. Would get your heart back in track.
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