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  1. Let's make a game!
  2.     name:ClickerClicker
  3.     desc:A game where you click on clickers
  4.     created:08/12/19
  5.     version:1
  6. Settings
  7.     background:
  8.     building cost increase:125%
  9.     building cost refund:75%
  10.     spritesheet:icons, 48 by 48, stuff/
  11. Buttons
  12.     *slimeButton
  13.         name:Extract slime
  14.         desc: Click on this to get slime
  15.         on click:anim icon wobble
  16.         on click:yield 1 Slime
  17.         icon:,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.u4.jpg
  18. Resources
  19.     *Slime
  20.         name:Slime
  21.         desc:This is slime your key to success. You can use them to recruit monsters and build things. Your goal is to get as much as possible!
  22.         icon:icons[0,0]
  23.         class:noBackground
  24.         show earned
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