More than just a massage

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Day massage in Equestria
  2. >you are Anonymous and Virgo is currently giving you a massage from loosing a bet
  3. >and he’s really good at it
  4. >”Oh that hits the spot...”
  5. >Virgos hooves massage your lower back as you lie on the massage table in absolute bliss and relaxation
  6. “Do I really have to do this?”
  7. >”Yes, you agreed on a full body massage, now get to it”
  8. >you feel the towel covering your butt being lifted off of you and Virgos hoofs now massaging your butt
  9. >there is nothing to feel awkward about since both of you are guys
  10. >but soon, you start to feel something all right
  11. >you’re getting a bit of a stiffy
  12. >but you disregard it as just being so relaxed
  13. “Wow, you’re sure getting awfully relaxed Anon...”
  14. >you do not bother replying because of how good it feels to just lay on the table, not doing anything
  15. “Let me get some more oil~”
  16. >you close your eyes and hear Virgo taking some more massage oil into his hooves and spreading it on them
  17. >you’re not sure why but somehow it feels a
  18. >then you hear Virgo closing in on you again and prepare for more sweet pleasure
  19. >but instead feel Virgo climbing on top of you
  20. >ah well, he’s just going to massage your back with vigorous motions
  21. “Suprise...”
  22. >oh you do love su- what is that against your anus?
  23. “BUTTSEXS!”
  24. >your eyes shoot open as something slippery, warm and hard sinks into you, deep
  25. >your anus stings and burns a bit as you feel uncomfortably filled
  26. >”Virgo what the he-Aaaagh!”
  27. >Virgo pulls his meat out and then jams it back in
  28. >oh god it hurts your anus and painfully hits deep inside of you, sending a ripple of...pain throughout you
  29. >but there was that one jolt of pleas- OH GOD
  30. >”Virgo stop!”
  31. >you plead Virgo to cease this but he is now hammering away at you
  32. >you grit your teethes and clench your fists as you feel your anus being stretched and then allowed to return, only to be stretched again, over and over again as something forcefully slides within you, in and out, and send waves of... oh my
  33. >Virgo now pushes you against the table as he keeps forcefully fucking you
  34. >except, it’s not that forced now...
  35. >you feel your own erection growing rapidly between the table and your tight as the ramming starts to feel very pleasant
  36. >it is like a burning fire of pleasure is starting to roar throughout your body from within
  37. >it is like your body is giving in to Virgo as you feel your anus relax and let Virgos burning hot member to slide in and out more sloppily and easily
  38. “Submitting already Anon?”
  39. >Virgo sounds rather triumphant and you feel a lot of things
  40. >you start to move your own hips a bit
  41. >it’s like you’re a dirty little slut
  42. > want to feel like that more
  43. >so you start to use your bowels a bit more
  44. >every time Virgo pushes in, you gently push your bowel muscles, kind of like trying to poop a little, and every time he pulls out, you try to keep his member in with your bowels, kind of like holding in a poop
  45. “Oh god Anon that feels amazing, how did you learn to do that? It’s like your butt is giving me a blowjob”
  46. >you smirk
  47. >”Pull out for a second and let me move my legs a bit and I’ll show you another cool trick~”
  48. >Virgo looks a bit unsure
  49. >”Virgo, just do it, I am not going anywhere. I need more of you inside me~”
  50. >well, that seems to do the trick and you can move your legs again
  51. >you cross your legs and then give Virgo an inviting look
  52. >he looks so cute, his wet cock looking like it might explode any minute now and his face clearly giving it away
  53. >Virgo wastes no time and once again enters you
  54. >but this time meets a bit more resistance
  55. “O-oh Anon you’re so tight!”
  56. >you purr in pleasure as you feel your anus stretch as Virgos meat slides into you, filling you up
  57. >you can’t keep still as Virgo resumes to ruthlessly use your ass, the pleasure is too much for you as jolts of pleasurable electricity travel throughout your body
  58. >you’re in bliss, it feels like your whole body has given up on being anything else than a fuckpuppet as you feel precum all over your tight as your erect penis painfully struggles against the unforgiving table, trying to reach its normal position of pointing
  59. >you can feel every throb and twitch within you as Virgos tip hammers against your inner wall, sending vibrations throughout your insides
  60. >your bowels are moving on their own, pushing out and pulling in at their own pace completely out of your control
  61. >”Oh god Virgo don’t stop”
  62. “Anon I’m going to-“
  63. >and then Virgo cums and end you over he edge
  64. >you loose all control of your body as your mind goes blank and hot waves spread trough all of your body as all of your muscles feel tingly and contract against your will
  65. >your cheeks feel like they are on fire as your dick feels like it is twitching out of control, leaking your own seed everywhere
  66. >you bowels forcefully push Virgos cock out from your ass with a healthy amount of sperm as well as it feels like your bowels are trying top push themselves out while emitting intense pleasure
  67. >and then your whole body relaxes
  68. >you do not think about anything, just lie there, panting while letting drool fall from your open mouth onto the table and form a small puddle
  69. >you can feel your anus twitching every now and then but staying open none the less
  70. >and then you feel Virgo falling on top of your back
  71. >his body feels hot
  72. >but not as hot as that semi-flaccid wet thing between the two of you
  73. >it makes you feel even more lewd and you grin at your own lewdness
  74. >Virgos hot breath tickles the back of your neck as he tries to catch his breath
  75. >but then you feel him gaining back his erection
  76. “Anon... I hope you are ready for round 2...”
  77. >you answer by pushing your butt out a bit, helping your cheeks spread
  78. >Virgo pushes himself back in and you bite your teethes together at the familiar feeling of being filled up by cock
  79. >but this time it feel even more intense and your eyes roll to the back of your head
  80. >Virgo stays lying on top of your back and starts to pound you again, his whole body moving against your back
  81. >oh god it makes you feel even more dirty, not to mention some of his seed is still inside of you, acting as lube
  82. >you can’t even form words anymore so you just squeal like a little girl beneath Virgo
  83. >his hooves are scratching your back in lust and you do not mind
  84. >and then you feel him bite onto the back of your neck and hold some of your flesh between his teethes
  85. >you feel like a bitch in heat being sexually submitted
  86. >the air is heavy with sloppy sounds of all kinds
  87. >but that is not all
  88. >all this movement is making Virgo trap some air inside your ass with his thrusts and it is stretching your insides in places where his dick can’t reach
  89. >it feels painful but good as more waves upon waves of pleasure rock your whole body
  90. >you feel another orgasm and you fart some of the air out, but this does not seem to stop Virgo
  91. >he keeps pounding more and more, stretching you up again and you experience yet another mind-blowing orgasm
  92. >it is an endless sea of orgasms for you as you loose all awareness of the world
  93. >all you feel is like you would cum repeatedly again and again without shooting anything out
  94. >at some point as your body is rocked by more pleasure while being completely out of your control Virgo collapses on top of your back and falls asleep instantly
  95. >you just keep twitching and jerking about in the afterglow as your body feels like it has gone trough all the sexual pleasure you could ever experience
  96. >soon you fall asleep too
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