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  1. Enhanced Default v1.071:
  2. - Fixed various amd driver bugs, latest amd driver (19.2.3) should work again. Thanks to Tinyds for testing! (tested on a RX580)
  4. Enhanced Default v1.07:
  5. - Added ingame option Water texture to the reflections screen, allows you to turn off the water texture, so it will just be color.
  6. - Added new ingame options screen Normal map, contains the changes below:
  7. - Added support for parallax mapping
  8. - Replaced option bumpmapping with RP support, toggles between off/bumpmapping/parallax
  9. - Added ingame option RP Resolution, set it to your resourcepack resolution or higher to make pom smoother.
  10. - Added ingame option POM Depth, adjust to your liking.
  11. - Added ingame option POM Distance, adjust the distance at which parallax mapping renders.
  12. - Fixed composite error when turning off reflections while keeping godrays enabled.
  14. Enhanced Default v1.06:
  15. - Added godrays, disabled by default
  16. - Added option menu Sky, includes options for godrays, godrays intensity and godrays quality.
  17. *Fast godrays cause a low performance hit while fancy godrays cause a high performance hit.
  18. - Added debug option draw bumpmap normals.
  19. - Fixed and improved Bumpmapping, it's now fully working.
  20. - Fixed a bug with the horizon being visible underwater.
  21. - Fixed an issue with the sky being reflective at certain times.
  22. - Minor code optimizations and the sky bug being fixed results in another performance boost!
  23. - Removed the [redone] tag, should be clear by now that this is the rewritten version.
  25. Enhanced Default v1.052:
  26. - Fixed tallgrass / doubleplants again, my previous fix broke in the latest optifine preview 6.
  28. Enhanced default v1.051:
  29. - Adjusted lighting to prevent blocks from being overblown by light, like sand.
  30. - Added ingame option lighting strength to the shadows screen.
  31. - Added bumpmapping support, WIP, causes some lighting issues.
  32. - Fixed tallgrass / doubleplants from waving out of sync in 1.13+ (top and bottom half)
  33. - Fixed underwater fog!
  34. - Now works with 1.12.2 and below. 1.13+ requires optifine E3 pre4 or newer.
  36. Enhanced Default v1.04:
  37. - Added support for 1.13/1.13.1, use v1.031 for 1.12.2 and below.
  38. - Minor code changes/updates
  39. Currently broken: Underwater fog
  41. Enhanced Default v1.031:
  42. - Added ingame option Fog
  44. Enhanced Default v1.03:
  45. - More code cleanup and optimization, should increase performance by 10-15%
  47. Enhanced Default v1.02:
  48. - Fixed an issue with normals, resulting in an overall performance increase of about 30%!
  49. - Code optimizations and cleanup, further increasing the overall performance
  50. - Added debugging options in misc, depthbuffer isn't really used but might be neat for some screenshots
  51. - Added support, allowing you to easily add waving and reflections support for new blocks (modded blocks)
  52. - Removed individual reflections options, they are now grouped together due to block id mapping using (see below for more on that one)
  53. - Reduced shadow acne
  55. Enhanced Default v1.01
  56. - Improved performance, I get about 15-20fps more compared to v1.0. Make sure to update your optifine version, otherwise you might not gain that much of a boost.
  57. - Fixed fog under/in lava. You might have to update your optifine version for this to work.
  58. - Added ingame option Reflections Quality. (fast|fancy, default: fast)
  60. Enhanced [redone] v1.0
  61. - Initial release of rewritten enhanced default, everything has been improved.
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