Xenos Hunters Session 24

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  4.         antoine Navarre runs his knife through the gut of the last blood daemon, sending it back to the warp. As he does this the warp anomoly receeds, the various hues lose their Lustre and slowly dissolve into nothing. Leaving you in an empty room with chaos runes on the floor and a baleful feeling left behind by the daemonic presence that was just here.
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  8.         Balmung ++So now what?++
  9.         Omniel  checks his vox again, to see if the mysterious signal is still broadcasting.
  10.         Bellerophon     ++Now I must report to Oriel the news.++
  11.         Bellerophon     ++If the taint has been contained then we must move to assist our erstwhile Astartes.++
  12.         Balmung ++Don't we still have the Tau to worry about also?++
  13.         Bellerophon     ++That is the problem of which I speak.++
  14.         Bellerophon     ++I have been informed a Tau strikeforce moves upon the world's parliament building.++
  15.         Bellerophon     ++They are not there to negotiate.++
  16.         Balmung ++Sounds like fun, is that our next stop?++
  17.         Bellerophon     ++Pending the all clear from Brother Omniel.++
  18.         Balmung looks at Omniel
  19.         Omniel  ++I am still picking up the signal.++
  20.         Bellerophon     ++From whence it comes?++
  21.         =-=     Mir_SHOWERTIEM is now known as Sinbad
  22.         Omniel  looks around the room. ++My scanners are detecting it from the ceiling... strange.++
  23.         Balmung looks at the ceiling ++Want me to make a hole?++
  24.         Omniel  ++If you would be so kind.++
  25.         Navarre ++That course of action seems detrimental to Brother Balmung's health.++ Would be Navarre's opinion on the whole cieling smashing. ++As for... what we just faced, perhaps we should contact the Watch Captain to tell the Ordos Malleus?++
  26.         Balmung ++I cn shoot it with my melta you know....++
  27.         Omniel  activates his Auspex, hoping to more accurately pinpoint the location if it is indeed nearby.
  28.         Bellerophon     ++I am attempting to contact Oriel.++
  29.         Bellerophon     ++We have not the equipment at the moment to attempt to or to raise Captain Oeris.++
  30.         Bellerophon     ++For the moment, find the signal. Destroy it however. Bring it down.++
  31.         Navarre ++The Sorceror bothers me. Traitors travel in packs. Where there is one, they will have followers. And not just humans. It is my opinion that the Tau are secondary until we track down that sorceror.++
  32.         Bellerophon     ++We have some time but not much.++
  33.         Bellerophon     ++Brother, what news from your auspex?++
  34.         Omniel  ++I am zeroing in on the signal.++
  35.         Navarre ++Though, we could drag him out by attacking the Tau and making it appear that we are distracted. Perhaps we could have one great enemy fight another?++
  36.         Bellerophon     ++I have no great confidence they would be dissauded, though perhaps the arguement has merit. We have elements of the defense force en route.++
  37.         Bellerophon     ++Should we be able to locate the source in a timely manner we perhaps might have a chance to cleanse the scourge before it takes hold.++
  38.         Navarre ++Who says anything about dissuaded? We lead the Tau into a trap.++
  39.         Omniel  ++Hunting down the sorceror should be our immediate priority. If this world falls to Chaos, then it is less than worthless to us.++
  40.         Omniel  ++Hunting down the sorceror should be our immediate priority. If this world falls to Chaos, then it is less than worthless to us.++
  41.         Navarre ++Still no reason to not lead the Tau into a meatgrinder filled with daemons and traitors and heretics.++ He'd turn to Balmung. ++Brother Balmung, you are Fenrisian, yes? Is it not common for you to use wild packs of wolves to take down larger creatures that are now worn out from battle with the lupines?++
  42.         Omniel  peers into a section of the ceiling, knocking away a bit of facade. ++I have located the transmitter. It seems to be connected to a larger system...++
  43.         Omniel  works to disconnect the thing, hopefully without damaging it.
  44.         Omniel  retrieves it, holding it out to the others before checking his vox once more for any further sign of the signal from elsewhere.
  45.         Bellerophon     ++...What is it, Brother?++
  46.         Omniel  ++A vox transmitter... I am attempting to determine if it was the sole source of the signal, or merely part of a larger network.++
  47.         Navarre ++Just once, I would appreciate if the work of the Emperor was simple...++
  48.         Balmung chuckles
  49.         Omniel  ++I feel there is much more to be done here... but I fear we may have no further leads. Given the circumstances, perhaps we should proceed to Brother Anselm's position, if it is not already too late.++
  50.         Navarre ++A thought occurs to me. What if the Tau and the Sorceror are working together?++
  51.         Bellerophon     ++That seems unlikely, Brother.++
  52.         Bellerophon     ++But continue, perhaps there's merit to this thought.++
  53.         Omniel  ++At any rate, the signal has been terminated.++
  54.         Bellerophon     ++A Librarian would be most convienent at the moment.++
  55.         Bellerophon     ++However there is nothing else for us to do. We combat the xenos menace, not speculate on the vagaries of the warp, however malign. Oriel has been informed. For now we must turn our gaze and bolters towards the our wayward sibling.++
  56.         Omniel  ++I agree. Let us make haste, before it is too late.++
  57.         Navarre ++It is nothing more then just that. A thought. The Tau are still... young. Naive. The honeyed lies of the Sorceror may have convinced their leadership to side with him. He would not need to make use of any warpcraft, just sweeten the pot with a world ripe for conquest and to bring into their despicable Greater Good...++
  58.         Bellerophon     ++Your vigilance is admirable, Brother-Apothecary, but I feel it may be misdirected. Regardless, we must move to combat the most immediate threat, even if it is not the largest.++
  59.         Bellerophon     ++We will meet our elements of the planetary defense force at the base of the Spire. We will create a battle plan en-route.++
  60.         Navarre ++It was only a thought, at that. If there is a sorceror, we will let the agents of the Malleus deal with it. Let us rescue our lost brethren.++
  61.         Balmung growls at the mention of the ordo Melleus
  62.         Bellerophon     ++Then we are agreed. We move to the foot of the Spire.++
  63.         Bellerophon     leads the way out and back to the Elevatus
  64.         Balmung follows Bellerophon
  65.         Omniel  tucks the vox transmitter away and heads after them.
  66.         Navarre forming a rearguard.
  67.         antoine The Elevatus sits at the end of the hallway, the hardwood interior clashing with the rusty pipes running along the walls of the corridor.
  68.         Bellerophon     pushes the G for Ground Floor button
  69.         antoine With the team in side of it the elevatus slowly and creakily raises itself up from the subbasement to the ground floor. The doors open with a *ping* and a female servitor voice intoning "Work hard and remember your duty to the parliament."
  70.         Navarre ++They certainly have a rather high opinion of themselves.++
  71.         antoine Outside is a huge lobby, PDF and civilians running to and fro in the panic of the attack on the spire high above.
  72.         Bellerophon     turns his Vox from voxnet to 11
  73.         Bellerophon     ++Stop!++
  74.         Balmung ++huh?++
  75.         Bellerophon     was yelling at the civilians and the PDF
  76.         Navarre ++Try not to kill anyone, Brother.++
  77.         antoine The sound blares across and echos through the great expansive room. The occupants do as you command and turn around to see the source. Many shocked and frightened at the sudden appearance of four black clad giants in power armour.
  78.         Bellerophon     retunes his voxcaster to a more reasonable volume setting.
  79.         Bellerophon     ++Where is the commanding defense force officer?++
  80.         antoine A man in a officers uniform places his hand in the air tentatively.
  81.         Navarre ++Once more, do not kill him, Brother. It will be easier to get the rest of the cortie to follow if we let their officers live.++
  82.         Bellerophon     strides toward him
  83.         Omniel  ++Bellerephon has a way with people.++
  84.         Bellerophon     ++What forces have you at the Spire, Officer?++
  85.         Navarre ++I was briefed on his way with people.++
  86.         Bellerophon     takes off his helmet, for now, that danger is no longer imminent
  87.         antoine "A Battalion stationed around the the lower sections" replies the colonel (judging by his rank marks)
  88.         Bellerophon     ++Muster them. Immediately. A Tau strike force moves towards your Parliament building in all of their fury. Where is your voxman?++
  89.         Balmung ++Bellerphon is not as bad as Annselm, he'd shoot the man for raising his hand++
  90.         antoine "Gerald!" shouts the man and a vox operator moves over. Some of the other PDF and civilians continue on their way, if a little unsure what will happen if they disobey your original order.
  91.         Navarre ++I will have to give him a talk as well.++
  92.         Bellerophon     "All those not affiliated with the planetardy defense force or not willing to stop the maurauding xenos from destroying your world, clear the area."
  93.         Bellerophon     motions to Gerald to come closer
  94.         Bellerophon     "I have need of the vox. Come."
  95.         antoine the two men follow bellerophon
  96.         Omniel  looks around the area. ++That went better than expected...++
  97.         Bellerophon     "Brothers, begin organizing the forces and prepare them for the counter-assault. I must coordinate with elements abroad. We must strike as a single unit."
  98.         Balmung ++Alright++
  99.         Bellerophon     manipulates the Vox and picks up the Vox recieverunitthing
  100.         Navarre ++Right away.++ Navarre would find whoever would stay and organise triage units. Pulling the wounded away as soon as possible for treatment by medics and civilian physicians as soon as possible. "We want them healed as fast as possible, since they may be going back to the frong line."
  101.         Bellerophon     "This is Sergeant Bellerophon, Squad Leader of the Kill-Team on the planet of Carthoga. All of those belonging to the defense force are to meet at the Carth Spire. The Parliament Building is under attack."
  102.         Bellerophon     "I repeat, all those units capable are to consolidate at the Carth Spire to counter-attack. Who am I to expect to assist?"
  103.         Bellerophon     makes sure the vox was on the "Everybody Everywhere," setting
  104.         Omniel  begins to check on the PDF equipment, making sure everything is in working order.
  105.         Balmung looks at the colonel "Do you have any mines?"
  106.         antoine A chorus of affirmative replies are heard, a lot of the forces are tied up fighting the traitors at the fortress but two mechanised companies are headed towards the spire to assist, several tank squadrons surrounding the spire outside are taking a traitor tank squadron into custody.
  107.         antoine "Uh, no my Lord"
  108.         Bellerophon     "Colonel?"
  109.         antoine "Command has not provided any mines to my units sir."
  110.         Bellerophon     realizes he was talking to Omniel
  111.         Balmung "Any explosives?
  112.         Bellerophon     "Your brothers and sisters of the defense force will be here soon, Colonel. Perhaps this planet can yet be saved. What is the most powerful vehicle you have at your disposal?"
  113.         antoine "I have a few supply trucks outside, the tank squadrons are also outside but I am not in command of them."
  114.         Balmung "You are now!"
  115.         Bellerophon     "Begin preparing your troops, Colonel. As soon as the other elements reach us we are departing."
  116.         Bellerophon     "Time is of the essence."
  117.         Balmung ++Ironleg if it is alright with you I shall ride with the tanks and do some tank hunting++
  118.         Bellerophon     "I was expecting to do the same, should an adequate vehicle be available."
  119.         Bellerophon     turns away for a moment
  120.         Navarre ++That would leave myself and Omniel to look after the mortals?++
  121.         Bellerophon     turns back
  122.         Bellerophon     "Negative. We will be forming the core of the vanguard force."
  123.         Omniel  ++Excellent.++
  124.         antoine Outside, high up you hear a huge explosion.
  125.         Bellerophon     "That is of some concern."
  126.         Navarre ++I was under the impression that I would stay back and assist with medicae, but alright.++
  127.         antoine You also hear the sound of promethium run engines approaching from the space port.
  128.         Anselm  can be heard bellowing a furious warcry.
  129.         antoine very meekly from so far down but hear you hear it nonetheless.
  130.         Bellerophon     "Reinforcements. We will ride soon, Brothers."
  131.         antoine [actually anselm was on the vox, and I fail at reading comprehension]
  132.         Navarre ++He sounds like he is enjoying himself. I doubt we should let him have all the fun?++
  133.         Omniel  ++I trust there will be plenty for us.++
  134.         antoine A few more elevators open up to show more of the colonels men being brought down to the main level to reinforce the rest of the battalion.
  135.         Bellerophon     gets on the vox again to request ETAs on the outstanding units
  136.         Omniel  goes over his equipment one more time, changing clips, ensuring the proper missiles are loaded, and so on.
  137.         Navarre "Colonel, do you have any flyers?"
  138.         Bellerophon     "We have two Valkyries and a single Vulture inbound, one minute."
  139.         Bellerophon     "The rest of the forces will be here in five. The moment is almost at hand."
  140.         Omniel  ++Shall we ride with the Valkyries?++
  141.         Bellerophon     "Perhaps. Depending on the composition of the tank and infantry units we are going to recieve."
  142.         Bellerophon     "We will go wherever we can be the most useful. It might be that I will operate the weapons on the Vulture."
  143.         Navarre ++Do you have training on punisher gatlings?++
  144.         Bellerophon     "Yes."
  145.         antoine The three flyers arrive outside, their engines blowing detritus away as the passenger doors of the transports are hauled back into their open position. Twelve tanks also rumble around to this side of the spire as the men from the colonels battalion form up inside of the lobby.
  146.         Navarre ++For want of a thunderhawk.++
  147.         Bellerophon     examines the Lemans and the Vulture to see if they have any equipment worthy of his prowess
  148.         antoine The Vulture is armed with a chin mounted heavy bolter, two lascannons and a pair of missile pods. The Leman Russes have the ubiquitous battle cannon and heavy bolter side sponsons, a single lascannon mounted on their front hull.
  149.         antoine the Valkyries have a neck mounted lascannon and a pair of hunter seeker missiles under each wing.
  150.         Bellerophon     calls in the commanding officer from every unit to prepare a battle plan
  151.         Navarre would sit in on this battleplan. As an Imperial Fist, he has some knowledge in the ways of siege warfare and may have some insight to add if needed.
  152.         antoine The Colonel and a Tank commander seem to be the other officers of note before the chimera and sentinel companies arrive, their captains join the discussion.
  153.         Bellerophon     tries to assemble a single, cohesive picture of the intelligence they have and attempts to draw up the best battleplan he can given the information
  154.         Bellerophon     feels like he did a pretty good job!
  155.         Omniel  gives Bellerephon a thumbs up
  156.         Bellerophon     thumbsup.gif
  157.         Bellerophon     disseminates the information among the officers, informs them of their plan to ride ahead in the Valkyries, dismount, murder, etc
  158.         antoine The colonel adds, once we deal with the skimmers above we can drive out the Tau from their colony in the south while uniting with other units along the way. The plan should work.
  159.         antoine " " for the speech
  160.         Bellerophon     "I agree. Now we enact it."
  161.         Omniel  ++Moving out.++
  162.         Bellerophon     puts the helmet back upon his head and strolls over to a Valkyrie and mounts up
  163.         Balmung hops in the back of the valkyrie
  164.         Omniel  climbs in after him.
  165.         Navarre would mount one of the valkyries, probably the one that the other four chose.
  166.         Bellerophon     gives the pilots the all clear for dust off
  167.         antoine The flyers take off as the other troops begin heading to the south and the Tau colony to get a headstart on the quicker flyers. The Valkyries and the Vulture angle up and power towards the six devilships and a single hammerhead.
  168.         antoine The devilfish are deploying troops into the spire's parliament.
  169.         Balmung ++Should I take out the hammerhead?++
  170.         Bellerophon     "I will engage the Hammerhead."
  171.         Bellerophon     "Focus on destroying their troop carriers."
  172.         Navarre ++Rocket pods, then?++
  173.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  174.         Omniel  ensures that krak missiles are loaded.
  175.         Navarre waits for the fireworks to start.
  176.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Omniel, valk, Navarre, Tau, Belle, vulture, valk”
  177.         Balmung lowers the rear ramp on the Valkyrie
  178.         Balmung ++See you on the ground++
  179.         Balmung jumps out the back ramp and rockets down to the sufface aiming at a devil fish
  180.         Bellerophon     engages the magnetosleeves on his power armor's boots as he opens a side door on the Valkyrie and attatches himself with cabling
  181.         Balmung jumps off the rear ramp and propells himself towards the devilfish
  182.         antoine Balmung swipes his axe at the rear of a devilfish, damaging the vehicle lightly.
  183.         Omniel  secures himself with the aid of his servo-arm and lines up the targeting reticule of his missile launcher at the next nearest devilfish, thumbing the trigger lightly.
  184.         antoine The missile streaks up into a enemy transport, blowing a huge section off of its armour before it turns and starts to fall into a terminal decent.
  185.         antoine The Valkyrie you are in fires two hunter seeker missiles that slam into another of the devilfish, turning the transport into burning shrapnel that rains down onto the lower spire.
  186.         Omniel  ++These ones are more effective than I expected.++
  187.         antoine The vehicle Balmung assaulted turns and attempts to ram the other Valkyrie
  188.         Navarre would have his magboots on and take aim with his bolter, switched for Metal Storm rounds. He's looking for the perfect group of Tau warriors... before unleashing the FURY!
  189.         antoine The rounds smash into the Tau warriors that were standing in the opening blow in the side of the 71st floor.
  190.         antoine The ramming flyer misses
  191.         antoine Another flyer moves in to deploy more troops as the other transports disengage, heading in different directions to escape your wrath.
  192.         Bellerophon     draws a bead on the Hammerhead, and opens fire on its exposed surfaces
  193.         antoine The hammerhead explodes into molten metal shards that scatter across the sky, the shockwave buffets your flyer.
  194.         Navarre ++Wonderful shot, Brother!++
  195.         antoine The Vulture sends out two lances of light, one impacts a retreating devilfish which it cuts in half, sending the flaming debris down into the city below.
  196.         antoine Two more anti-vehicular missiles leave the other Valkyrie's racks but the targeting machine spirit is perturbed and they smash into the side of the spire instead.
  197.         antoine Balmung attempts to get to the Devilfish but the Jump-pack protests and he has to spend several agonising seconds just to stabilise himself.
  198.         Omniel  switches his aim to the next nearest ship in his view, lining up a second shot quickly.
  199.         antoine Omniel's missile flies true but the devilship disembarking troops sees it coming straight for them and throws the transport into a spinning jink. The missile misses the target but a squad of fire warriors fall out the back of the transport to their eventual re-use as blue paint on the sidewalk of a street far below.
  200.         antoine You pilot calls over the vox ++Do you want us to persue the last two transports? I only have two missiles left++
  201.         Bellerophon     ++Destroy them.++
  202.         Bellerophon     ++Should the missiles fail, we will not.++
  203.         antoine The Valk turns and fires its last two missiles.
  204.         antoine They smash into the rear of the enemy transport, blowing it out of the sky. Two Tau pilot's bodies are seen as they are blow into several chunks that fall with the rest of the wrecked vehicle.
  205.         antoine blown*
  206.         Navarre would take aim at the last transport with his bolter and switch to kraken rounds. Surely the extra penetration would do something!
  207.         antoine The scattered round penetrate the right engine and the Xenos transport begins to spin, faster and faster, end over end before the stresses are too great and it is torn apart into fragments that fall lazily towards the earth.
  208.         Navarre ++Shoddy construction. As to be expected of such filthy xenos.++
  209.         Bellerophon     ++To Parliament now. With haste.++
  210.         antoine The pilot brings the Valk up next to the large hole in the side of the spire ++Here you go My Lord++ You hear the female pilot call out.
  211.         Bellerophon     turns his vox to Loud again
  212.         Bellerophon     ++Anselm?++
  213.         Anselm  turns his head to the new arrival.
  214.         antoine Inside the room are dead bodies, further in is a set of doors that are now open, inside you see Anselm and a man in a tattered black uniform conversing.
  215.         antoine around Anselm are the bodies of men in fine robes, soiled by blood.
  216.         Anselm  steps forward, leaving behind the black-clothed man - his armor is nearly completely repainted in two colors of blood and gore; a head rests driven upon one of his his helm's horns.
  217.         Navarre would head out. ++I am going to assume that you were the perpetrator of this massacre?++
  218.         Anselm  nods. ++I have culled the unrighteous.++
  219.         Bellerophon     ++You have perpetrated genocide, however I have neither the time not the inclination to manage your insubordinance. Get in. Now.++
  220.         Anselm  ++This one, the one who bears the symbol of the Golden Son... he is our new Apothecary?++
  221.         Navarre ++That I am. Brother-Apothecary Navarre of the Imperial Fists. Are you hurt, Brother?++
  222.         Anselm  snorts audibly over the vox. ++I can manage.++ The pocks in his armor speak for themselves.
  223.         Anselm  looks back at the man. "Come, Joffery," he shouts over the Valkyrie's thrusters. "I would hear your explanations while we part."
  224.         Balmung comes back in through the hole in the wall after the valkyrie leaves
  225.         Navarre ++I am going to look over you just the same, Brother.++ Navarre would... do so, after they board the valkyrie.
  226.         antoine The man in black, hefts his lasgun and leaps onto the back deck of the Valk.
  227.         Anselm  steps aboard the Valkyrie, and salutes the Fist. ++I am Knight-Brother Anselm of the Knights Teutonic,++ he says, before allowing Navarre to tend to him.
  228.         Bellerophon     returns his vox to its normal setting
  229.         Bellerophon     ++Make speed for the armor column.++
  230.         Balmung ++Looks like you've had fun Anselm++
  231.         Navarre ++That is certainly one way of putting it.++
  232.         Anselm  shrugs. ++The heresy of the planet's tainted nobility has ended, and the Defense Force is back in the Imperial Fold... and it would seem that some among the Adeptus Arbites still live and fight on.++
  233.         Anselm  gestures to Joffery.
  234.         Anselm  "Now, mortal," he calls out, "were you sent here under order, or are you working alone?"
  235.         Omniel  ++Then our situation has improved considerably...++
  236.         Navarre Having assessed what is wrong with Anselm, the apothecary would go about to heal the marine.
  237.         antoine "I am the only one left of my squad, I have been scratching out a living for months until your distraction allowed me to close on the betrayer."
  238.         Balmung "Impressive"
  239.         Anselm  "Are you aware of what happened to your Precinct?"
  240.         antoine "I haven't had any contact with other survivors, I know the PDF over took it after they left us to die to the Tau."
  241.         Anselm  "You realize that you are, in all likelihood, either the last Arbitrator on this world, or one of the few."
  242.         antoine He looks down for a moment, considering this statement. "Yeah, I figured that might be the case. Thought I could do some good before I died though. I never expected this."
  243.         Anselm  nods. "Your devotion has impressed me greatly, Arbitor Joffery. My offer still stands."
  244.         Navarre ++No one evers expect Astartes.++ Navarre would say from his position in treating Anselm's wounds. ++You should be good now, Brother.++
  245.         Anselm  nods to the Apothecary.
  246.         -->|    Balmung181 (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  247.         Bellerophon     ++How much longer until we rejoin the Leman tanks?++
  248.         Anselm  unlatches his helmet and removes it from his head, staring down at the Arbitrator. "Men of your caliber are a rarity. It pleases me to know they exist even in a realm as warp-damned as this one."
  249.         antoine ++Not long, our forces are near the outer habs++ the pilots voice comes through via vox once more.
  250.         |<--    Balmung has left (Ping timeout)
  251.         antoine You spot the Arbite fortress on fire, tanks and men pouring in to kill the traitors still holding it.
  252.         antoine The flyers swoop down closer to the ground, the armoured and mechanised column in the distant outer habs are soon directly beneath you, their tracks stirring up dust.
  253.         Anselm  leans forward. ++Serve beneath me, and you will bring meaning to the deaths of your comrades. You will fight on in places where you are needed more. We will cleanse the cancer which poisons the Reach together... the Astartes and the righteous mortal. A fitting duo, I think."
  254.         Anselm  holds out a gauntlet to the Arbitrator.
  255.         Bellerophon     ++We're going to the Tau garrison. Inform the other flyers.++
  256.         antoine The Arbitrator hovers for a moment, considering his oath to the Emperor and how he must interpret it to follow you before he clasps your gauntlet with his hand.
  257.         Anselm  "Gloria Imperialis," the Knight-Brother says, before letting the Arbitrator go and reclasping his helmet. He looks up at the Space Wolf.
  258.         antoine ++This is Oeris, I am leading resistance fighters to the outerhabs, I will link up with the ground forces momentarily.
  259.         antoine ++
  260.         Bellerophon     ++Watch Captain.++
  261.         Bellerophon     ++We have been informed our presence and prowess is needed elsewhere. The Emperor protect.++
  262.         antoine ++Very well, I will lead the ground forces++
  263.         antoine The trio of flyers push onwards to the Tau colony further south.
  264.         Omniel  reloads his missile launcher on the way.
  265.         Navarre ++Yet more xenos to purge.++ Navarre let a bit of a sigh. ++I can only hope that they have not corrupted more of the Emperor's citizens. And that Sorceror...++
  266.         Bellerophon     ++Is none of our concern.++
  267.         Anselm  looks over at the Apothecary. ++Sorcerer?++
  268.         Balmung181      ++Aye++
  269.         Anselm  ++You killed him, did you not?++
  270.         Navarre ++Not for lack of trying. As we unleashed our fusilade, the coward used some form of warp craft and teleported away. But not before summoning a group of daemons.++
  271.         antoine ++SHIT, I am getting radar returns. HOLD ON, evading!++ The three flyers pitch and roll before diving to fly in nape of the earth towards the base.
  272.         Bellerophon     ++Hunter-killer installations.++
  273.         Bellerophon     reengages his magboots and reconnects his tether
  274.         Anselm  pushes through the force, ignoring the obvious sounds of combat around them - the matter is too severe to drop. ++What the blazes are we doing going for the Tau again, then?! The Archenemy is here, and you want to dally with these pathetic xenos? Has the lesson of the hundreds of worlds lost to the machinations of the Dark Powers not been sufficient to appreciate the dangers of
  275.         antoine Two Tau missiles rise up, contrails left behind as they harmlessly pass through your formation and explode on the other side.
  276.         Anselm  letting them roam free?++
  277.         antoine The other Valk fires two missiles in return which blasts the first installation up
  278.         Navarre ++Calm yourself, Brother. We are the Deathwatch. The corrupted Servants of the Dark Powers are for those of the Malleus to deal with. The Watch Captain knows of the presence and has taken the steps needed to deal with it. For now, we will do our job, and when the Agents of the Daemon Hunters arrive, they will do theirs.++
  279.         antoine The lascannon totting Vulture obliterates the other site and the flyers stabilise for the end of their approach.
  280.         Anselm  ++And what if it's too late then? We are responsible for the neglect. Just because we now specialize in the alien does not mean our duties are precluded to xenos anymore.++
  281.         Anselm  grunts and sits back, recognizing the futility. ++Where is Brother Sinbad? Has anyone heard from him?++
  282.         Bellerophon     ++Unless you understand the nuances of the warp, Astartes, be silent. Your mouth outpaces your knowledge.++
  283.         Bellerophon     ++He is several hours away, even by air. More than that I do not know.++
  284.         Navarre ++But we specialize in Xenos, Brother. And right now, we do not have the equipment needed to safeguard ourselves, nor utterly defeat our opponent. So I would do as the Ultramarine says and bite your tongue.++
  285.         Bellerophon     surveys the landscape from his perch in the Valkyrie. Any targets to engage?
  286.         antoine ++Where do you want to land?++ the pilot calls out?
  287.         antoine The colony is fairly big, a central squat building sits in the center with various others of unknown significance surrounding it.
  288.         Bellerophon     ++Into the largest, central building. Stay alert.++
  289.         Bellerophon     ++I destroyed some of their exosuits but there could be more.++
  290.         Navarre ++There is always more.++
  291.         antoine The transport slows rapidly before touching down on the top of the central building.
  292.         Bellerophon     declamps and dehooks and jumps out
  293.         Balmung181      jumps out following Bellerophon
  294.         Anselm  stands and steps out. "Come, Joffery! Let's see your mettle at work!"
  295.         Omniel  hops out as well, launcher primed and ready.
  296.         Navarre is, once more, rear guard.
  297.         antoine The Arbite steps down onto the Tau structure before the Valk takes off ++We will circle to provide cover++
  298.         Bellerophon     ++The Emperor protects.++
  299.         Anselm  draws his swords.
  300.         Bellerophon     does what the voice inside his head tells him to do
  301.         Navarre has his bolter at the ready.
  302.         Bellerophon     hopefully ends up doing it right
  303.         antoine Bellerophon turns right and jumps down to the ground level, the grassy plains beneath his feet rustle in the wind.
  304.         Bellerophon     looks for a ...mag-lev terminal?
  305.         Bellerophon     ++This way.++
  306.         Anselm  looks down beneath his feet, and, so-inspired, lifts his foot and then drops it with a hammering stomp.
  307.         Bellerophon     turns left, a little stiffly, and walks towards the set of doors
  308.         Omniel  ++Brother Bellerephon, you're familiar with the layout?++
  309.         Omniel  heads to the edge of the roof and uses his grapnel to begin rappelling down.
  310.         Bellerophon     ++A guiding hand.++
  311.         Omniel  ++Well enough, then.++
  312.         antoine Anselm begins cutting through the roof but it takes a fair amount of time but achieves little.
  313.         Navarre would follow the rest. Jumping down as well.
  314.         Balmung181      follows the group
  315.         Anselm  ++Confound whatever material these xenos make their buildings from...++
  316.         antoine *retcon, can't manage to pound through*
  317.         Anselm  picks up Joffery and then hops down, letting his jump pack lighten the fall.
  318.         antoine The door opens unbidden
  319.         Anselm  catches up with the others.
  320.         Navarre ++I can only imagine what we will find here.++
  321.         Bellerophon     steps inside, following the unseen hand's bidding
  322.         Bellerophon     really hopes this is Oriel and not something or someone else.
  323.         Omniel  switches to his bolter as they enter the building, in preparation for close quarters combat.
  324.         antoine Inside is a single large room with a wide stairs heading down into earth. No Tau seem to be present.
  325.         Balmung181      checks his grenade launcher
  326.         Omniel  engages his trusty scanners for life signs!
  327.         Anselm  looks around before storming ahead. "Remain alert," he calls back to his serf.
  328.         Omniel  ++Life signs, beneath us, off the charts.++
  329.         Omniel  begins to back away from the room carefully.
  330.         Navarre ++Human?++
  331.         Anselm  ++I will inspect,++ the Knight declares.
  332.         |<--    Sinbad has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
  333.         Anselm  moves towards the stairway.
  334.         Navarre ++Perhaps someone with more control of their temper should go. We do not need you mistaking refugees for traitors.++
  335.         Bellerophon     ++I agree. I shall investigate.++
  336.         Anselm  holds a sword up. ++I am the most capable of surviving any trap. It is best I go.++
  337.         Bellerophon     ++Denied.++
  338.         Bellerophon     makes his way towards the stairs
  339.         Omniel  covers Belle from a distance.
  340.         Navarre ++Do not think this is about surviving a trap, brother. This is about how your behavior has followed a pattern. Our orders are to make sure we keep civilian casualties toa mininum. What have you been doing to follow that particular command?++
  341.         Anselm  ignores the Ultramarine's attempts to command him, and moves ahead. ++Our orders were to terrorize the Tau and their sympathitzers, and avoid detection. Of course, that was a disaster.++
  342.         Balmung181      grabs Anselm's shoulder ++Calm down++
  343.         =-=     Balmung181 is now known as Balmung
  344.         Balmung ++Listen to Ironhoof++
  345.         Navarre ++And the only solution is more senseless murder of humans. You are an astartes, brother. You have a duty to protect the citizens of the Imperium, first and foremost.++
  346.         Bellerophon     retunes his vox so it's voxnet only
  347.         Bellerophon     ++That is a lot of Tau.++
  348.         Anselm  ++Gloria Imperialis,++ the Knight-Brother says through breaths. ++My yearnings are made manifest.++
  349.         Navarre ++Then know this, strength is not measured by how much blood you spill or how much glory you gain in battle, it is at the end of the day when you can say that you saved a life. That you prevented someone from being snuffed out in a cruel, bloodsoaked, dark world.++
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