Dadonequus Discord Part 196

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  1. >Luna's tone and expression becomes serious, but she doesn't say a word.
  2. >How...irksome.
  3. >Then luna puts a hoof under her chin, it seems her thoughts went kerplop. "hrn, actually. I don't think there's actually a problem with this arrangement."
  4. >Arrangement?
  5. >Dare you ask?
  6. "...what do you mean by that?"
  7. >"The little filly, Diamond Tiara. It's clear she fawns over you yet she does not know the truth of who you are. And yet, who you are might be different from who you used to be. You have been granted new life. And although we expect you to conduct yourself better than any other foal. It's hard to ignore that you must live a foal's life before you grow into a stallion."
  8. >This was becoming more curious by the moment, you looked up at Luna, wondering what she could possibly be getting at?
  9. "I'm having trouble following Princess Luna, can you be a little more specific, please?"
  10. >Luna took a moment to wipe her reddened nose, and take a sniff before continuing. "I'm merely wondering what would happen if she knew the truth. If it's even necessary for you to tell it. Your old life was full of strife and pain. And it is now the past, beyond dimensions and physical form."
  11. >....what? Was she just talking, thinking out loud, giving you advice? What was she talking about exactly? You only had some idea.
  12. "Are you saying I shouldn't tell her?"
  13. >Luna just closed her eyes, and looked out her window, to gaze at the stars. "I'm merely saying that if I was in your place. I'd probably never tell her of the past, or anypony really. It's irrelevant. It is a past that has nothing to do with Equestria, or even yourself at this point. It only seems to dictate your actual intelligence and mannerisms. Although, that is not to say that if you ever felt comfortable that you would let her know."
  14. >Well, that makes things clear.
  16. "I don't think I want anypony else knowing about it. I'm in too deep, and I could only imagine how hurt some of my friends would be. And then their's Fluttershy....I really REALLY don't want her to know....I kind of like being her "nephew" to speak"
  17. >Luna nods and looks back to you, giving her nose yet another wipe. "Indeed, this entire situation is quite volatile. Usually, my sister and I wish for all our subjects to be honest and just. But a secret like this is best kept buried. It is not even an awful thing to keep a secret. We all have a few, some that are ours to know, and know alone"
  18. >Well, that was actually reassuring to hear. Luna being on the same boat as you when it came to the whole secret thing made you feel. Well, less guilty about it. She's been alive since forever, so you thought of her opinion being super valid. She was...being pretty damn based all things considered.
  19. "Wow, Princess Luna, that's. That actually takes a load off my mind. I always felt guilty just holding it in all the time. It felt wrong. Knowing that you'd keep it a secret too, really helps me."
  20. >Luna smiles at you, giving a small nod "Indeed, it's a secret that must feel like you are lying at every moment. But do not worry, as long as you are still you. Then it is merely a secret. With that being said, I only have one further question to ask you"
  21. >You nod, and smile back at her, yeah. Sure. Whatever question it was you were glad to answer it.
  22. "Anything, whatcha got?"
  23. >"Well, as it seems this is the natural course of things. I wonder if I'd be invited to your future wedding."
  24. >...goddammit! DAMMMIT LUNA!
  25. >You chuckle nervously
  26. "I...don't wanna think that far ahead yet.."
  27. >Luna's smile turned into a grin, then she laughed "Haha! You were not expecting to be teased after such a serious talk, but I have made you feel comically uncomfortable. And therefore, hearty chuckles are to be ha-haaaa--HACHOO!" Luna nearly falls backwards as she sneezes hard into the air.
  29. >you duck the snot as Luna looks up into the air with rage, her face became as red as her nose. "VILE ILLNESS! TIME AND TIME AGAIN YOU THINK YOU CAN CONQUER ME! BUT I SWEAR! ONE DAY, I WILL FIND A WAY TO ERADICATE YOU FROM EXISTING....FOREVER!"
  30. >That strikes you as funny, and you double over in laughter. Served her right, adorably cute night horse.
  31. >Luna just narrows her eyes at you, miffed at your laughter "....that is not humorous, this is a very serious illness"
  32. >You raise your eyebrow at her, you were smirking, still letting out a few titters.
  33. "What? A cold? ohhh scary."
  34. >"YES A COLD!" Everytime Luna yelled, it was "Canterlot voice" levels of loud. Luckily, you were used to such things by now. "HOW COULD SOMETHING WITH SUCH A SIMPLE AND MISLEADING NAME CAUSE SUCH MISERY!? IT IS NOTHING TO SCOFF AT, YOU WHO ARE NEW HERE KNOWS NOT THE HORROR OF THE COLD!"
  35. "Accctuaaallllyy, we have colds in our dimension too. I've gotten them a alot. And given your reaction. You...probably barely do and.."
  36. >You let out a chuckle
  37. "You're such a baby foal about it"
  38. >Now Luna was showing visible frustration at you, she growled a little as she let out a "A baby foal you say? YOU DARE TO SPEAK TO ME THIS WAY?!"
  39. >Oh shit...OH may have overdone it.
  40. "W-woah, wait a s-second! WAIT!"
  41. >You start backing up as Luna hovers upwards in the air, looking down at you as her eyes glow white, shining like the moon. "I SHALL NOT WAIT! YOU HAVE TAUNTED MY CONDITION, AND NOW YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!"
  42. "I-I'm sorry ok! Don't hurt m-WOAH!"
  43. >You backed off so far off the bed that you actually fall off, falling on your head and landing on your back.
  44. "Ngh..."
  45. >You look upwards, and try to flip off your back to get on your hooves. But you are suddenly grabbed in a dark blue aura.
  48. >You start screaming in fright as you are lifted up into the air with a sudden jolt. Holy shit, this wasn't Discord. This was Luna, so she could suddenly actually...
  49. >Actually...
  50. >She just puts you back on the bed as you fidget and put your forelegs over your head to protect it.
  51. "Don't hurt me! I'm sorry! Ok?!"
  52. >You take a chance to glance at Luna while you shook in fear. And she had sat back down on her bed at this point. Annoyed, she was wiping her nose again. Practically getting the tissue up in her nose. "grrr, confound this contemptible disease. Even when I wish to strike terror in the heart of somepony for the fun of it, it must get in the way."
  53. >Fun of it?
  54. >You look up at Luna as you move your forelegs down onto the bed to sit up. Then you narrow your own eyes at her
  55. >"Do not give me that look Anon, I've been ill for two days. Fun is scarce and I will indulge in it. Or need I remind you that you have done the same thing?"
  56. >.......egh...she got you there
  57. "Ok ok...fine"
  58. >You say begrudgingly
  59. >"Good, because you're face will be one to remember. Now then.." Luna's horn glows again as the chessboard resets itself "It is time for my victory, can you please go fetch little Diamond Tiara?"
  60. >You really should be better humored about what she just did. Discord's done it, you've done it, she did it. bah, whatever, let it go. Accept that she got you.
  61. "Sure, gimme a moment. Though, you shouldn't get too cocky, she's already seemed to beat you a whole bunch"
  62. >"I'm not too worried, I am focused this time"
  63. >Was she? who knows. You go and get Diamond Tiara, and let her back in the room
  65. >Diamond Tiara stops in front of you, she heard the yelling. "Is everything ok? What happened?"
  66. "Oh nothing. Princess Luna just having trouble with her cold"
  67. >"Indeed, but this will not hold me back from victory young foal. Come, our final battle awaits!"
  68. >Seems you and Luna were at least on the same page of not explaining the extra fluff. Yup, despite even her joke. Based Princess...maybe even more based than Celestia afterall.
  69. >Diamond smirked at her as she climbed up on the bed "Oh, is that all?" She sits in front of Princess Luna, still smirking, but with admiration in her tone of voice "Princess Luna, let me say that it's been a real honor to spend time with you, to hear your stories, and to play chess with you. But I also have a goal in mind" Diamond Tiara looks to you, her smirk then turning to that of a loving smile.
  70. >She then looks back to Luna, with determination. "And I'm not going to lose, even if you are a princess!"
  71. >"Good! Then we shall play at the peak of our abilities! Prepare yourself young Diamond Tiara, for victory will be swift!"
  72. >....and it was pretty swift.
  73. >you didn't even get a chance to really get into the game and cheer Diamond on as Diamond nearly immediately demolishes her.
  74. >"And checkmate, I know it'll be awhile, but I'd like the cake to be taller than a building, and the wedding itself to be royally themed. You can remember that, right?" Diamond says arrogantly...christ, old Diamond was bursting through on that one.
  75. >Luna just looked at the board. Astonished that she still lost. "Yes.....well.I that.... ahrm..."
  76. >Luna then looks to Diamond and gives her a congratulatory nod. "Well done, you have bested me in tactical combat. Furthermore. You have shown me that I need to improve my skills. Excellent young Diamond Tiara, truly a skilled player if I've ever seen one"
  77. "Yeah, geez..I couldn't even really keep up with all that. It happened so fast."
  79. >"Of course.." Diamond Tiara looked to Luna with respect. Now that she had her victory, she acknowledged the princess as a worthy opponent. "Princess Luna and myself are probably the best chess players in Equestria. Like I said, I was trained to be the best at everything."
  80. >"Verily, I am inclined to agree. Again, I thank you for the time we have had. The both of you. I will remember my promise. But, I now must ask you two to vacate my room. Although I know I need my rest, there is work to be done" But Luna leans back enough to open her forelegs up for a hug "Although, if we could part with a friendly hug. As I have found the company of both of you to be of both a fun and healing experience. It would be appreciated."
  81. >Diamond Tiara's eyes entered that usual state of awed wideness. "O-oh my gosh..I-I'm actually going to h-hug...t-touch..." And she couldn't even finish her sentence as she went in for the hug.
  82. >As for dunno. She did have a cold.
  83. >But the moment just seemed...too happy and energetic? Ehh, why not a small risk? Not like Luna was disgusting enough to just wipe snot wherever like a slob.
  84. >You join in on the hug. And all three have a gentle and hearty laugh at how adorable the moment was.
  85. >yeah...everything went fine.
  86. >Luna has a bat guard personally escort the both of you back to the train station. With a written note to allow you both free entry onto the train. Something both you and Diamond appreciated.
  87. >Though, as you left her room. You couldn't help but have a little giggle at Luna once again going on a rage rant over a sneeze.
  89. >You summarized things in your head as you both were lead back to the train station. You look up at the stars, lost in thought. You lost your horn for awhile...yeah. Celestia was probably right to take it from you...maybe. As for keeping the secret? Yeah...for now anyway, that would be best. And then...there was the date...It was...actually successful. It was clear she didn't get to spend time with Celestia, if any. But she still got her wish with spending time with a princess....but goddammit. She still won that wager.
  90. >And as the bat guard dropped you both off at the station. You noticed Diamond Tiara taking the time to look up at the stars.
  91. >"Anon, you know. When I was with Princess Luna. She told me the story of the night sky. That stars are said to hold the hopes and wishes of everypony everywhere. And if a star falls, it means that star has been filled with so much hope and wishes, that it is too heavy. And so falls down to release itself upon Equestria. Granting the hopes and wishes of everypony that sees it. I thought it was beautiful but..."
  92. >Diamond Tiara notices a falling star, as do you.
  93. >Diamond Tiara then sighs. She didn't hear you...not once..acknowledge her as your real special special somepony. And while she got what she wanted. She didn't really get that "Romantic moment" with you. "I don't think it's true, stars fall all the time and nothing really seems to happen"
  94. >.....well. It seems you really do have to make due with the life you have now. Luna was definitely right. Your old life is dead. Dead and gone. The only thing that came with you was...just you. This wasn't a simple move of dimensions. You were essentially reincarnated. And weren't perfect. But you were you, and you have managed to make friends that actually care about you. And thats all it really was about.
  95. >As for the falling star...
  97. >You silently walk over to Diamond Tiara and plant a gentle kiss on her lips, making it last just a little longer than a peck. And then
  98. >Diamond went completely red, and silent.
  99. >now was the time....for the actual move.
  100. >You lift your leg, and give your best "Cutely dashing" look.
  101. "Diamond Tiara, would you be my special somepony?"
  102. >She just looked in awe......before falling over, unconscious.
  103. "...ah shit"
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