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Sep 11th, 2015
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  1. me: Hello, i have been having a issue with my essentials. I have posted on 3 different forums for answers with no luck. so let me explain the issue, i am resetting my faction server so my players can have a fresh restart as i have done for years now. but this time i ran into a problem i can not seem to remove the essentials user data without it coming straight back. i stop the server, remove the file and then start the server back up and its back every time. i have tried removing all essentials files/jars all together then putting just the jars back but the user data file just comes straight back.i have tried different jar versions of of essentials and different minecraft versions with no luck. i have also tried disabling some plugins i thought might of had a backup of the file in it but no luck. i don't like to bother you guys with stuff like this but i have absolutely no other option everyone i ask has no clue why this would happen.
  3. thanks so much for your time and for reading this! any help would be great thanks again!
  5. Beastnode: What data exactly comes back? If you are deleting the /plugins/Essentials/userdata/ folder then restarting the server then anything that was saved in this folder and the files in it will no longer be on the server, there is no way for the server to recover the data.
  7. me: Yes i'm deleting /plugins/Essentials/userdata/ and the when i turn the server back on bam its back. i don't understand it either that is why i came here. no one on spigot or bukkit forums knows either i have tried many ways of removing it but it just comes back. give it a go it will come back on you to i think at least.
  9. beastnode: As asked previously - What data exactly is coming back? What is still there ingame that should not be.
  11. me: The .yml files for all the players that is inside the plugins/essentials/userdata i have deleted the entire directory /userdata but it comes back i tried deleting the .yml files inside the /userdata 1 by 1 as well these are the files that come back.
  13. beastnode: The files will come back, it has one file for each player on the server regardless, it just generates new ones when you delete them. If the data itself is coming back then set homes and nicknames will still be present ingame.
  15. me: I know this much but i want it removed for a reset that im doing. i have done these resets countless times about every 3 months and i have never ran into this issue before. i delete these files so that players that have been on the server will not have there homes, nicknames etcetera. i want it like the day they first joined. i should be able to delete them because i have countless times in the past. i would like to know what is different this time that keeps regenerating.
  17. beastnode: We cannot tell you this as as far as we can see there are no issues. Either the files have not been deleted correctly whilst the server is offline, or they have simply generated new files as you have still not told us whether ingame data like their set homes is still present or not. We cannot tell you anything without full information.
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