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Nov 10th, 2015
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  1. “Just imagine a sequence where someone is left ending up transforming into Milky Way themselves (even better if they were originally male), and then spent a full week without milking themselves, as their own breasts/crotchtits would keep swelling up on them without end until they eventually would be left with such gigantic tits/cotchtits, and left truly in need of release, mainly by drinking their own milk since they don't know really how else to tend to those needs. But with them not realizing by drinking their own milk, it's making their flanks and curves swell up larger by the second the more they drink and gulp up that milk. Until fully such an immensely well-grown, sexy milkmare before everyone.” - Anon
  3. Unnf. You start to wake up. Things look… Different? You crack your eyes open to a dark twilight-colored room. This certainly wasn’t your dingy apartment. Your laying on some sort of silk. You reach out to the edge of the surface and run your fingers down what you realize is a circular bed.
  4. “Wha.. What happened?”
  5. “Nothing.”
  6. “Eep!”
  7. Why did you say “Eep”? You don’t remember ever saying something like that in your entire life, but more importantly, who startled you? You look over towards the noise, and you see the silhouette of a three-foot figure… On all fours?
  8. “Don’t be scared.”
  9. “Wh- Who are you?”
  10. “My name’s Milky Way”
  11. What a stupid name. Who in their right mind would name their child that? Or was it even their birth name? Why would you assume that? It was probably a nickname or something.
  12. “Why am I here? Was I kidnapped?”
  13. “In a sense. I needed a new mare.”
  14. “A new... mare? Isn’t that a female horse?”
  15. “Actually, you didn’t exist a couple of seconds ago, and in a minute, you'll assume your new form. To be honest, ponies are just born with the power, we don’t really know how it works. But for the most part were infertile, so we have to ‘make’ new ponies.”
  16. What was this stallion “stallion”? You've never worked with horses in your life, and it's practically pitch black in here. Anyway, what was this stallion going on about? But you have a creeping thought that you’ll soon find out.
  17. “I should probably stop talking. I hear the process is pretty.. painful. So I’ll leave you alone.”
  18. He left the room leaving you to process everything you just heard. What was he going on about? Why should you care? You need to get out of here. You try getting up but fall straight on your face. You didn't trip, so what caused your fall? You look down at your legs. The seemed… different. You stand up again and fall right back down. It seems your legs are bending back the wrong way.
  19. “What the buck?!”
  20. What did you just say? You try to process for a moment but your feet start to hurt. A lot. You hear fabric rip and you look down to see your feet pushing through your socks. The skin of your feet also has a yellowish tone to it. You don’t remember getting a full-nude spray tan. The socks fall right off your legs. Your toes look kind of.. melty. They push together and harden. You tap them with your fingers. They felt like your fingernails.
  21. “What the BUCK?!”
  22. Your feet start to lengthen and get more tube-like. You feel the soles of your feet and they feel plush. Your gut hurts and you suddenly double over on your knees. You clench your teeth in pain and look down at your hands. They seemed to be doing the same thing your hooves… had just done a moment ago. You watch in horror as your fingers meld into each other. You arch your back and it feels natural. You get on all fours and test your hooves. It seems you can stand upright at least. You unclench your teeth but they still hurt, and for a good reason. You feel your nose flatten out and push away from your face. Your teeth feel bigger in your mouth as well. You lick them and they feel flat. You feel a rustle. Your peripheral vision gets covered in what you assume is dark blue hair. You reach up and use your hooves to feel your snout and hair. As you dishevel your mane your hooves touch your ears, which had migrated to the top of your head and got a lot pointier. Things seemed to have calmed down for the moment so you search for a mirror. You find one mounted above a dresser which fit your height perfectly. You gaze into the mirror and find that not only has your face turned yellow, but that you now have freckles and giant green eyes. This is too much for you. You start to have a panic attack. But before you could go full blown-crazy you're racked with more pain again. Your eyes tickle and you feel your lashes getting longer. Your back hurts and you feel hair shoot out right above your anus.
  23. “A-am I growing a tail?” You ask in a squeaky high-pitched voice.
  24. The sensation of the hair growing out felt awful. You feel like throwing up, but your dick feels like it’s burning. You lay on your back and watch as it turns yellow and grows bigger, developing a thick ring in the middle before shrinking down to the size of a nub. You feel your balls moving up into your body. You scream in pain. Your ballsack pulls taught and your nuts are no more. Your dick shrinks even further. It recedes into your marehood... and starts to leak clear fluid. You jump up in surprise as your anus pops and you feel the two move closer together. You feel a welling where your dick used to be. Two nipples appear and start to push off of your belly. They start to grow and they feel more sensitive by the minute. Milk leaks from your ...crochboobs, and if you touch them with your hooves, milk shoots out. You lay on the ground sobbing, milk leaking from your teats. The light flicks on and you see Milky Way walk in. Against your wishes your marehood tightens. He has yellow fur and blue hair, just like you.
  25. “Hello, my double.”
  26. “What did you DO to me?”
  27. “I needed something ...or someone… to use this on.”
  28. He turns and shows his flank to you. You now see why he had brought you here. You tremble as you see the massive cock in between his thighs. He turns around and shows you his impressive set of testicles. They almost hang to the floor. They must have been the size of melons. You feel really warm. Really, really warm.
  29. “Oh… god.”
  30. “Mmm. Do you want this? I am not an unfair stallion. If you want to go you can.”
  31. “No. Please.”
  32. Milky Way shrugges his shoulders.
  33. “Alright then.”
  34. You drip as you watch him approach you. There's already a steady stream of precum running from his cock. You have no idea why you're doing this, but you need it. You. Need. IT. Your marehood gets even tighter as he puts his hooves on your back and rests his chin on your mane.
  35. “You really want this?”
  36. “Yes! Please! Just get on with it!”
  37. “Ok.”
  38. A smile lingers on his face as his tip touches your marehood. You quiver in anticipation. He inserts it fully and you're racked with pleasure. You look back at his face and you can see that he is too. He is gentle, slow, and rhythmic, but he soon speeds up. You both reach climax at the same time. So much semen fills you up your gut gets bigger. But you want more. You keep bucking through climax and keep going. You reach your second climax and then your third. You're gut is almost touching the floor you're so filled up. You can't take anymore but Milky Way moves away and shoots off five more loads before collapsing, twitching in pleasure, semen still leaking from his massive cock. After a couple minutes he gets up and trots over to you.
  39. “Don’t worry, you’ll learn to take a bigger load in time.”
  40. “I can’t wait!”
  41. “I know.”
  43. ***
  44. It's been a week since you’ve lived in Equestria and you already have secrets to keep. Not only do you have to keep your love-sessions private but you also have to deal with the massive teats between your legs. You try to ignore them but they get in the way when they get too big. The only solution you’ve found is to suck them off every evening, which has its benefits. You coat glows and you seem to be in a good mood all the time. Maybe you should start selling your milk as a health-tonic and antidepressant. Your male-double Milky Way seems to enjoy it too because it has made your curves a lot bigger. The only problems you leave now is a trail of left-over semen leaking from your marehood, milk leaking from your teats, and a full stomach, almost touching the ground.
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