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  1. acosandcats: im gay
  2. StoryRat: im so hot wtf
  3. StoryRat: im toasting
  4. Jesse: we know
  5. Mochi: sure you are buddy
  6. StoryRat: oh ty
  7. PSYCHE: just entered
  8. Tacosandcats: i think im the gayest here
  9. Cannibalism: its whatever i said....
  10. PSYCHE: not any more
  11. Sneer: i lied
  12. Sneer: im here
  13. Jesse: lmFA
  14. Mochi: LMAO
  15. Sneer: o
  16. Sneer: just left
  17. Sneer: just entered
  18. Jesse: hi welcome back
  19. Mochi: anyway, what about them
  20. Jesse: wow look you.. downgraded
  21. Sneer: hi ty
  22. Sneer: ...
  23. Jesse: i think
  24. Sneer: says the bOx
  25. Mochi: o
  26. PSYCHE: hi yall
  27. Jesse: LISTEN
  28. Jesse: just left
  29. Jesse: just entered
  30. Mochi: hiii
  31. Sneer: LMAO wb
  32. Sneer: upgrade
  33. Jesse: are we gOOD
  34. Cannibalism: theyre sketching me out, and I wanted to see when they last were in because i sent them a message
  35. Jesse: i thought wo9lf pupp was like high sub
  36. Sneer: YeeE
  37. Sneer: it was changed
  38. StoryRat: they changed iy
  39. Sneer: sometime ago
  40. StoryRat: againnnn
  41. Jesse: ignore the 9 im typing far faster than i should be
  42. Sneer: oo
  43. Jesse: o ok
  44. Tacosandcats: can i make u all gay
  45. Jesse: so its on basic now?
  46. Sneer: i love coy tho
  47. Sneer: noty...
  48. Sneer: ye
  49. hayydenn: no<
  50. StoryRat: great no ones on
  51. Sneer: werewolf is a high sub kinda
  52. StoryRat: it is
  53. Tacosandcats: can someone shove a lamp up my nostril
  54. Sneer: ouch
  55. Mochi i will call the admin in if i need to
  56. Sneer: im on
  57. Sneer: :c
  58. Jesse: oh yeah isnt werewolf relatively new
  59. StoryRat: there is none
  60. Sneer: ye
  61. hayydenn: im leaving
  62. StoryRat: on
  63. hayydenn: i cant stand him
  64. Sneer: ....Me?
  65. Sneer: eM?
  66. Cannibalism: ...?
  67. Tacosandcats: hisoka
  68. Mochi: i'll join you after i call in the admin
  69. Tacosandcats: can u go gay for me
  70. Cannibalism: ...?
  71. StoryRat: no mods on wtf
  72. Sneer: oh
  73. Jesse: dont pick on the afk
  74. hayydenn: just left
  75. Cannibalism: please dont troll
  76. Mochi: saving logs
  77. Tacosandcats: im not/
  78. Tacosandcats: ?*
  79. StoryRat: shut up
  80. StoryRat: ok
  81. StoryRat: .
  82. Tacosandcats: I ASKED IF I CAN TURN THEM GAY
  83. Sneer: oh
  84. Tacosandcats: oh i didnt mean to put that in all caps
  85. Cannibalism: it can be classed as trolling
  86. StoryRat: stop asking
  87. PSYCHE: i came in at a perfect time i see
  88. hayydenn: just entered
  89. hayydenn: just left
  90. Tacosandcats: cannibalism, can i turn u gay?
  91. Jesse: its always a perfect time on wh lets be real
  92. StoryRat: psyche halp
  93. Cannibalism: lol
  94. PSYCHE: true
  95. Sneer: felt it
  96. xSalem: just left
  97. Tacosandcats:
  98. Cannibalism: im never going gay, they shit is stupid
  99. Tacosandcats: can we use tailplugs?
  100. Tacosandcats: cannibalism, can i turn you gay?
  101. Tacosandcats: you all are gay
  102. Tacosandcats: ur gay if ur on this website
  103. PSYCHE: oh
  104. StoryRat: buzz off
  105. Sneer: okaaaay then
  106. Cannibalism: mochi can you get admin
  107. unhingedhound: someone is triggered
  108. Cannibalism: please
  109. Sneer: hi
  110. Maya-Chan: just entered
  111. StoryRat: uncomfortable must hid
  112. StoryRat: sorry//
  113. Tacosandcats: why are u all so triggered
  114. Cannibalism: can you get admin
  115. Tacosandcats: i asked if i could turn someone gay
  116. Tacosandcats: is it bad to be gay
  117. Sneer: issok
  118. Jesse: band together ina big pile he cant gay all of us
  119. Sneer: frend
  120. PSYCHE: im already gay is the thing
  121. Jesse: o h
  122. Tacosandcats: ]then can u be my sugar baby
  123. PSYCHE: no ty
  124. Jesse: use your gay to attack the gay
  125. Sneer: issa werewoof
  126. Tacosandcats: why
  127. unhingedhound: hello
  128. Tacosandcats: i have beautiful legs
  129. StoryRat: made by anoruk who still comes on
  130. PSYCHE: i have a boyfriend but i wish u luck
  131. StoryRat: i ssw them the other day
  132. PSYCHE: lmfao
  133. Sneer: yes...
  134. Sneer: go away pls
  135. Tacosandcats: ur fursona is ugly
  136. unhingedhound: is your name kira
  137. PSYCHE: :O
  138. Jesse: thats not very nice man
  139. StoryRat: hey
  140. Tacosandcats: no its stacey
  141. Jesse: yikes
  142. unhingedhound: right
  143. Tacosandcats: just left
  144. StoryRat: thank god
  145. unhingedhound: :~)
  146. Jesse: the hell is gone
  147. unhingedhound: bout to send her email to spam sites
  148. unhingedhound: karma
  149. Sneer: this takes me back to the 2008-9 days...
  150. unhingedhound: lol what
  151. Sneer: and older
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