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  1. Notes on Neko Project 21 / W HAXM version
  3. Please check the following items and use only those who are still good
  5. 1, Only Windows2000 works properly. Almost no value as PC-98
  6. 2, Can only be executed on Windows 7 or later. Hyper-V must be disabled (Hyper-V and HAXM are exclusive)
  7. 3, examples of failures due to being too fast continue (although you can usually recover by resetting the virtual machine ...)
  8. 4, HAXM runs in kernel mode, so in the worst case it will fall with a blue screen for every OS (although the risk is much less in the official version)
  9. 5, Backup the image file because the possibility of disk image corruption is undeniable
  10. 6, I think it is better not to use the actual IDE BIOS
  11. 7, CPU is extremely fast, but memory access etc. unique to PC-98 is extremely slow
  12. 8, 32bit version is no test
  13. 9, Can be executed only with Intel CPU. Not available on AMD machines.
  15. Prior to Intel official HAXM v7.4.1, memory check freezes due to a bug in 8bit registers.
  16. It has been fixed in HAXM v7.5.1 or later, so please update if the version is older.
  17. HAXM v7.5.1 seems to have various other fixes.
  19. HAXM Official Website:
  21. * If you disable ITF work even before HAXM v7.4.1, you will be able to start temporarily
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