Home Sweet Home?

Oct 11th, 2016
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  1. >You trot along the cobblestone roads of the small town with Coca Breeze in close tow, carefully following your map
  2. >You take in the sights of the town, noticing how new everything looked
  3. >There weren't a large number buildings up yet, but there was something quaint about them
  4. >Small, rural-looking thatched-roof homes and stores dotted the downtown's streets and town square, supported by huge tree trunk corners that must've been cut locally
  5. >You pass a mare and her stallion who are strolling down the street holding hooves and lost in each others eyes, obviously in love
  6. >'People here are already pairing off?' You wonder to yourself
  7. >Being turned from human to pony and getting shipped off to a pony village in who-knows-where already had you pretty rattled and out of your element, so the last thing on your mind has been sex and romance
  8. >Frankly, you're just thankful that you haven't had a random boner yet. That would be pretty embarrassing and not easily hidden
  9. >You decide to stop thinking about that, lest you jinx yourself
  10. >As you and Coca make your way deeper into town towards the more dense residential areas, you both start to notice the nice thatched-roof cottages started giving way to crude wooden constructs
  11. >Checking the map one last time to make sure they were indeed at the right intersection, you see the street that your new living quarters were supposed to be down.
  12. >"Fuck dude, this is literally a shanty town!" Coca complains loudly
  13. >You begin trotting down your home street with Coca, assessing your new neighbors' "homes" as you pass them
  14. >Small, crudely constructed single-room wooden shacks (about the size of a small 1-person university dorm room) lined each side of the street
  15. >You noticed that though each hobo-shack had a metal door, it didn't appear there were locks. How safe.
  16. >Coca was right. This was literally a shanty town. You sigh and narrow your eyes to see further down the road as you trot
  17. >"They said your house was number 777 and mine was 778." You remind her, shooting her a smartass grin, "Lookit the bright side. At least you got trips, right?"
  18. >Coca just punches your shoulder in response
  19. ---
  20. >A few minutes later, you both arrive at your assigned quarters
  21. >Like the others they were crude, wooden, and small
  22. >Neither of you have a particularly pleased expression
  23. >You trot up to the door of 778, your unit, and put your hoof against the door. You look over at Coca doing the same, her home being about 5 meters down from yours.
  24. >"I guess I'll go in and get settled. We can meet back up later if you want," you offer
  25. >Coca Breeze frowns as she opens her door and gets her first peek inside, though she brightens a bit at the offer
  26. >"Yeah! I think I saw a pub over near the town center! How about I come knock on your door in a few hours and we can poison our new pony bodies with alcohol! Whoohoo!" She exclaims before waving byebye and entering her home, closing the door behind her.
  27. >You just smile and shake your head, heading into your own adobe to settle in
  28. >And by settle in, you mean unpack the 3 or 4 things in your canvas bag. The planked wood floor creaks under your hooves as you move around.
  29. >There wasn't much to the interior design of this shack
  30. >It was a square room with a stained old red carpet in the middle of the floor. There was a small wooden chair with no arm rests tucked in the back right corner of the room, and the left corner had a wooden counter-top
  31. >After staring at it for a minute, you get the idea to lay out your sleeping bag behind the wooden counter, concealing it completely unless you are standing directly over it
  32. >At least if anyone broke in, they wouldn't immediately see your sleeping form in the middle of the floor
  33. >Speaking of sleep, you suddenly remember how tired you are
  34. >You've gotten maybe 10 hours of sleep over the past three days
  35. >The discomfort of being in a strange new place was drowned out by your new body's drowsiness
  36. >You plop down onto the sleeping bag in the corner behind the counter for a short nap
  37. >In the mere four minutes it took for you to fall asleep, your head was full of questions like what your assigned job was going to be, and what sort of people or ponies would be contacting him about it...
  38. >Soon, though, your tired little body relents consciousness for a few hours of desperately needed sleep.
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