Breeding is love (TwixAnon, dozen kids, safe, part 1)

Oct 17th, 2016
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  1. Fixed version here;
  3. >Autumn is here, and with it comes the changing weather.
  4. >The heat of the day is soon replaced by the chilly night.
  5. >Dark, rolling clouds were forming and in the air, the heavy, oppressive sense of thunder.
  6. >I mean, the pegasi just felt like fucking with ponies again and prepared a storm.
  7. "Okay, time for bed kids!"
  8. >A choral of aww's and nooooo's echoes throughout the living room.
  9. >"Daddy pwease, five more minutes!"
  10. >Your youngest daughteru looks up to you, her small hands gripping and tugging at your pant.
  11. >"Yeah! just one more episode! pleasepleasepleaseplease!"
  12. >You look at your wife, both of you smirking.
  13. "It worked better the two first times. We'll finish watching it tomorrow, it's late already."
  14. >With that you get up, keeping your last spawn in your arms and ignoring the small hands grabbing at you, trying to keep you on the sofa.
  15. "We've got a big day tomorrow, aunties are coming for a visit and me and mommy have things to do before they get here."
  16. >Disappointed, grumbling and kicking at the ground, the horde accept its fate and gets up, one at a time.
  17. >But your oldest daughter. She's in her rebellious phase.
  18. >"Come on missy, you heard your father."
  19. >"ME TOO?! But I'm, like, NINE already! My friend's parents let her stay awake super late! Why do I have to go to sleep with the babies?!"
  20. >Twilight sighs, before looking at you, her eyes flicking between you and hers.
  21. >That's the signal. A man's got to do what a man's got to do.
  22. >The infant in your arms giggles as magic starts enveloping him and looks in awe as he starts floating in the air, soon enough throwing its small arms forward when approaching his mother.
  23. >You step in front of the rebel, looking down at her, a frown on your face.
  24. >The giant tower of doom that you are sends a shiver down your daughter's back.
  26. "WHY do you have to go sleep with the babies, you said?!"
  27. >She doesn't say anything, obviously frightened by your act.
  28. "Simply because you'll always be MY SMALL BABY GIRLLLLLLLL"
  29. >Your arms shoot forward, which startles her, before your last words' meaning hits her.
  30. >You grab her by the waist, pulling her in a hug.
  31. >Your mouth finds its target soon enough, sending raspberries and blowing kisses on any patch of skin you have access to.
  32. >"Ahahahaha~! S-Stop it da-ad!"
  33. >You turn her frame around to get access to her belly, and ready yourself for the last strike.
  34. >Her small arms are flying around, grabbing and pushing on anything it can find, trying to find a way out, but it's too late.
  35. >The motorboating sound resonates throughout the whole castle.
  36. >Giggles and snorts fills the room, coming from all directions.
  37. >"O-Okay, I get it! Just let me down already!"
  38. >You let her down, but not before giving her cheek a big wet kiss.
  39. "That's what I thought."
  40. >You say that proudly, looking at your wife's gaze, giving her a 'how'd I do' look.
  41. >She rolls her eyes but the huge smirk plastered on her face rewards you with what you wanted.
  42. >Another tug bring your attention down, this time coming from your third daughter.
  43. >She stares at you, her huge eyes filled with hope while her arms are pointed up, her hands clasping at thin air.
  44. >"up! up!"
  45. >You grab her and she gives your cheek a big wet kiss of her own the moment she's close enough.
  46. >"Good'night daddy."
  47. "Good night sweetheart."
  48. >You return the gesture before bringing her down. She doesn't waste time and runs to Twilight, hugging her and kissing her too.
  50. >Your wife let's out a content, if exhausted, sigh.
  51. >Your arm finds the small of her back and you pull her closer to you.
  52. >You can't see it but you know she's smiling.
  53. >It's now completely dark out and you can hear the wind howling and the rain crashing against the window of your chamber.
  54. >You've been in bed for a couple minutes.
  55. >All the lights are out, and the kids are each in their respective chambers, tho you wouldn't bet on that.
  56. >Save for the baby, which is resting in his bed right next to yours.
  57. "So... Is it a girl this time?"
  58. >"Mmh.. I don't know. It's too early to know, even with my magic."
  59. "Should we tell the kids? Maybe tomorrow, with the girls?"
  60. >You idly stroke the hoof sitting on top of your chest and she responds by nuzzling your neck.
  61. >"Are you nuts?! Telling Pinkie AND the kids at the same time?!"
  62. >You chuckle knowingly.
  63. "What?? Last time was fun!"
  64. >You grin remembering last year's event.
  65. >Between Pinkie's stroke, the knowing grins and waving eyebrows of Dash and Rarity and the face of flutters when the other kids asked her where do babies come from.
  66. >Holy shit that was glorious.
  67. >"Yeah fun for you! You didn't have to cope with Rainbow Dash's constant whistling and Rarity's raunchy remarks. Or to stop Pinkie from giving the kids 'the birds and the bees illustrated' by using balloons and a pie."
  68. "To her credit, that balloon actually looked just like my d-"
  69. >Her hoof cuts you off before lifting herself a bit to glare at you.
  70. "Aw, come on, it's nearly midnight. They're asleep."
  71. >"Nuh-huh, you promised you would watch your tongue."
  72. "Okay, okay."
  73. >Happy with your response she plops back down on top of you. This time DIRECTLY on top of you.
  74. >You're not really unfamiliar with the gesture, nor is it uncomfortable, far from it.
  75. "It's getting kinda cold, uh? Guess I'll have a look at the fireplace tomorrow."
  76. >She hums before using her magic to pull the covers up a bit, forming a cocoon around the you both.
  78. >Your left hand finds its previous spot, down on her back and start stroking her mane with your right one.
  79. >Unconsciously or not her tail starts flicking around, left and right. Before ending up on your boxer.
  80. >Uh... It's been a while.. It's kind of hard to get some intimacy now. It was fine back in the day when you only had a couple kids, but things have escalated quickly.
  81. >You can consider yourself lucky if you can get some action monthly.
  82. >And it's been... at least a month.
  83. >Welp, you won't be sleeping anytime soon now, thanks dick.
  84. "It's been a while since we had some time for ourselves..."
  85. >One ear flicks in response, but she doesn't say or do anything.
  86. >You cup her cheek with the hand on her mane and stroke her back using the other one, slowly pushing down until it rests right above her tail.
  87. >"T-The kids, we can't anon.."
  88. "Shh, they're asleep, and it's raining like crazy out there, it'll cover your moans."
  89. >She shivers, her tail giving another flick.
  90. >"B-but the baby..."
  91. "Having a baby sleeping close never stopped us before."
  92. >"But.."
  93. "Come on Twily, it's the perfect opportunity? And you're already full, so there's no way I can get you MORE pregnant!"
  94. >She gives a cute giggle, before gasping when your hand leaves her back and starts stroking along her thigh.
  95. "And you want it too."
  96. >You bring your mouth close to her ear before whispering your next words.
  97. "I can smell it."
  98. >Another shiver runs through her whole body.
  99. >"O-okay. But nothing fancy alright?"
  100. "Yeah yeah, only missionary and all, stick a cupcake in my eye."
  101. *CRACK*
  102. "FUCK."
  104. >The storm has other plans for you tho, the thunder just hit somewhere close by.
  105. >The loud roaring flash is followed by the sound of a tree falling down.
  107. >You hear one of the girls screaming, followed by thumping hooves. That must be the little one...
  108. >Soon enough your door bursts open and the small bundle of joy, scream and fear jumps on the bed.
  110. >Followed by other hoofsteps...
  111. >The twins follow their little sister's example and jumps in.
  112. >Followed by your older son, giving a 'might as well' look.
  113. >And last but not least, the rebel.
  114. >"I-I just came here to see what all the fuss is about! N-nothing else!"
  115. >She even brought her wonderbolt pillow with her, squeezing it close.
  116. >"I'm not scared or anything!"
  117. >Saying that, she still steps up to the bed and climb aboard.
  118. >Before you can do or say anything, the whole squad is in position.
  119. >The smaller ones, your last girl and the twins, are in between you and their mom while your son is on her side and the rebel snuggles against your right side.
  120. >"What happened daddy???"
  121. "It's nothing sweetie, it was just thunder."
  122. >You grumble.
  123. >You're not mad. You can't be mad at them. You shouldn't.
  124. >Your wife gives you a knowing look. You just smile in return.
  125. >"Maybe it was a manticore!" One of the twin growls.
  126. >"EEEP" The small one buries herself under the covers, trembling.
  128. >"Don't scare your sister!"
  129. >His grin soon fades when hearing his mother's reprimand.
  130. >"Yeah! That's not cool!" The other twin, the girl, adds.
  131. >"S-Sorry.."
  132. >It's your turn to sigh. Bringing a hand on top of the culprit's head, slightly ruffling his hairs.
  133. "It's okay buddy, but you should apologize to her, not them."
  134. >He nods in understanding and throws an arm around the frightened little girl, pulling her close before giving her a kiss on the nose.
  135. >His twin smiles brightly, repeating his brother's action and completely surrounding their little sister in affection.
  136. >"Awwwww, I totally need to take a photo of this!"
  137. >"Eww!" Your older son grimaces.
  138. >"Ew?? Two years ago you were still asking for me or your father to hold your hand until you fell asleep!"
  139. >"That was two years ago!"
  140. >"Oh I see, so you're too old for that kind of stuff, uh??" She says, nuzzling him, following his retreat until his head is completely covered by the warm blanket.
  141. >"Stop it mom! That's embarrassing..."
  142. >You can't help but chuckle at that, your wife's laugh following soon.
  143. >Your eyes meet again and your arm instinctively reach towards her, once again cupping her cheek, her small muzzle pressing and snuggling against your touch.
  144. "I love you."
  145. >She blushes slightly, a bit surprised by that.
  146. >"Me too."
  147. >The girl on your right closes the distance and tightens her hug, squeezing her wonderbolt pillow between the both of you.
  148. >She doesn't say anything, she doesn't need to.
  149. >She's still your baby girl.
  150. >You lean down and kisses her forehead.
  151. "I love you too."
  152. >"Mph."
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