CYOA-Meisa and Valentines Wild Ride

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >you are Meisa
  2. >and you are humming as you flutter about on your way
  3. >it is a nice summer evening, and everything seems tinted orange at the setting sun and leftover light
  4. >your coat is just perfect, your wings are shiny and your mane and tail are just perfect, it is going to be another perfect night
  5. >you hear a peculiar sound to your right and look into the forest
  6. >there, in a small clearing, is one of those human creatures that came to Equestria one day
  7. >it is male and it seems to be wrapped into a light blue blanket, walking on bare feet on the ground, mumbling to itself
  8. >you settle down onto the ground and sneakily trot up to it, spying on the thing
  9. >you have not had so much interaction with the one in your village, Anonymous
  10. >some of your friends are really happy about it but you feel indifference towards the being
  11. >but your thoughts are interrupted as you step onto a twig and the human turns its head and notices you
  12. >the human stares at you as you stare at it.
  13. -
  14. >as the creature opens its mouth to say something you quickly turn and zoom off and fly away to safety
  15. >you do not know how dangerous these human things can be and you do not want to be unprepared when having your first meeting with one
  16. >you take a look behind yourself
  17. >the creature just looks dumbfounded as it looks you fly away
  18. >or then it is staring at your behind, but that makes no sense
  19. >you soon arrive to your house and you start to rummage for items
  20. >too bad you have none since they are so unrefined and crude
  21. >so you take some of your designer pillows (the old ones that do not match your current furnishing) and use some rope to bind them into a makeshift armor
  22. >you bring no weapon with you because you are not a barbaric uncultured moth
  23. >and then you make your way back to the clearing, flying a bit slower now due to your makeshift armor being a bit awkward to move in
  24. >it is still light as you arrive to the clearing, but the beast is nowhere to be seen
  25. >you walk around the clearing a bit, but find no trace of it
  26. >as you start to walk back onto the path near the clearing that leads to your village you notice the human walking along the path
  27. >it has yet to notice you
  28. -
  29. >you silently take flight and start to build up some speed
  30. >what you are about to do is going to be a bit rude but you pay that no heed
  31. >you slam your pillow-covered body against the back of the humans head
  32. “Whoa!”
  33. >the cushions on your body stopped you from bouncing back from the impact and the human almost falls from the impact, but regains its balance by leaning backwards
  34. >but then the human slips on the loose gravel and flails comically as time seems to stop
  35. >you can see the humans wide eyes looking at you as your own eyes widen when you realize what is going to happen next
  36. >your antennae and ears droop
  37. >”Oh n-“
  38. >the human comes tumbling down on top of you in a large mass of blanket and flesh and you close your eyes, praying that it won’t crush you
  39. >the two of you hit the ground and you feel your back colliding with the ground
  40. >good thing you pulled your wings as close to your body as you could so they took no damage
  41. >you open your eyes and you are greeted by the humans almost nude body, covered only by a pair of red silky boxer shorts
  42. >you lay there in shock as the human struggles to regain balance before it topples on top of you and crushes you
  43. >the human succeeds, and now looks you in the eyes
  44. “Hello~”
  45. -
  46. >You quickly go for the creature’s nuts, or at least towards the area where they should be and give them a painful squeeze
  48. >the human bites his teethes together as it tries to hold in a howl of pain as its face twists to mirror the pain it must be feeling
  49. >”Get off of me you ruffian!”
  50. >to drive your point in, you shoot your hoof out and jab the human into the pelvis
  51. >the human tumbles down in pain
  52. >and right on top of you
  53. >a heavy weight hits you and all the air is knocked out from your lungs as you can fee one of your wings bend the wrong way
  54. >you can feel the humans body heat as you try to push it up as it cups its hands near its junk and shivers in pain
  55. >no use, it’s too heavy for you
  56. >the human now braces itself on one elbow on top of you and stares at you angrily
  57. >you can not get away now since the human has you pinned beneath him, the now dirty blanket covering both of you
  58. -
  59. >you cover your eyes with your hooves
  60. >”Please, I was just surprised, I’m sorry”
  61. >the human looks at you questionably
  62. “You rammed me from behind. And not in the good way”
  63. >you wonder what the human could have mended with that good way
  64. >the human sighs and gets off from on top of you and starts to dust its blanket from the dirt, before wrapping the thing around itself again like an oversized cape
  65. >you also get off from the ground and dust yourself off and make your way to the human and extend a hoof to it
  66. >”I’m Meisa”
  67. >the creature looks at your hoof with a raised eyebrow but then extends its own arm from within the blanket and gives it a small shake
  68. “Call me Valentine”
  69. >the creature pulls its arm back into the blanket
  70. >and then there is an awkward silence as this human called Valentine stands crouched, mot likely holding onto his injured area
  71. -
  72. >you trot up to Valentine and you pull on the blanket to open a small opening near his crotch
  73. “What are you-“
  74. >before Valentine can finish his sentence you are already halfly inside his barrier of blanket
  75. >”Let me check how badly damaged you are, I really meant no harm on you”
  76. “Wait Meisa”
  77. >your antennae make contact with the humans belly and start to gently feel their way under Valentines boxer shorts
  78. “Never mind carry on”
  79. >the creatures skin smells like manly soap, the ones that usually involve adverts of mares going crazy over a colt once he washes himself with the soap
  80. >your antennae search around until they come in contact with some hair and then something much more softer than the usual skin
  81. >you gently caress the area, trying to asset how much damage you did
  82. >Valentine lets out a little moan
  83. >...
  84. >wait, you’re caressing this human creature’s junk right now
  85. >the reality hits you like a ton of bricks and you pull away quickly while blushing heavily
  86. >Valentine is now smiling at you happily
  87. “Thanks, I feel all better now”
  88. >you are not sure what to say so instead you stare at the ground while cursing at yourself for not being more conscious of where you stick your antennae
  89. -
  90. >you plant your plot down onto the ground and stare at the ground as Valentine looks around, not sure what to say
  91. >...
  92. >awkwardness intensifies
  93. >welp, nice meeting a human, time to take off
  94. >you start to take flight but then your wing reminds you of how hurt it is and you flinch
  95. >”Agh!”
  96. >and you fall back onto the ground, landing on your hooves
  97. >you take a look at your wing and notice it is quite tattered
  98. >”Oh crud”
  99. >you rub your wing a bit
  100. “Got hurt?”
  101. >you turn to look at the human called Valentine, it is staring at you with some concern on your face
  102. >”Yeah, must have happened when you came tumbling down on me after I, you know...”
  103. “Well I could try cumming on it, who knows, human semen might be magical here. Or like natural superglue”
  104. >you stare at Valentine with shock
  105. >did... did that human just suggest that?
  106. >Valentine opens up his blanket and you are greeted by the nude human body and those red boxer briefs
  107. >these human animals could use a coat, they look ridiculous
  108. “Or I could just absorb you deep into my the folds of my blanket and carry you, just point the way”
  109. >the village is not that far away, you could make it easily by just walking yourself, not to mention you are not sure if you should let this hairless ape touch you, but on the other hand it’s a free lift
  110. “Please decide soon it’s a bit chilly in here and I dislike the cold just like my little friend”
  111. >you look around a bit but see no little friend anywhere, maybe this human just is a bit confusing at times
  112. -
  113. >a lift does sound nice, but first
  114. >you walk to Valentine and he crouches a bit to lift you up
  115. >but before he can you give him a slap on the cheek
  116. >”It’s not nice to suggest such crude things to mares you hardly know”
  117. >Valentine rubs his cheek a bit with his hand
  118. “That felt nice~”
  119. >... well you hope you drove the point at least somewhat trough
  120. >you let Valentine pick you up and let him move you around as he adjusts the blanket around
  121. >soon he has you held tight against his body under the blanket as he dangles you like a plushie with your head out in the open
  122. >suddenly something pokes you on your behind and you squeak in surprise
  123. >before you can even start to struggle to get away from Valentines clutches he whispers into your ear
  124. “Don’t worry, that’s just my folding knife”
  125. >you are not sure if you should feel happy at this, but at least it is better than the thing you thought it was
  126. >you blush a bit at your imagination
  127. >as the two of you start moving you can’t help but to take notice of a sweet cologne this human seems to be wearing
  128. >...
  129. >you are starting to feel a bit self conscious as this humans loins rub against your buttocks as he walks
  130. >more time passes in silence
  131. >...
  132. >oh no, you did not even think how embarrassing it would be to be seen like this
  133. >the two of you are already at the edge of the village and you can hear the voice of one of your friends
  134. -
  135. >you move your legs and brace them against Valentines crotch
  136. "Oh my~"
  137. >disregarding that, you push yourself up to get free
  138. >Valentine also seems to take notice of your need to be free and lets go
  139. >too bad he lets go too much and you suddenly fall onto the ground on your stomach with an ooomf
  140. "Meisa, what are you doing?"
  141. >you look at the voice in mild panic
  142. >Hexferry is staring at you as you lie on the ground on your stomach and Valentine is standing near you, blanket wide open
  143. "I wasn't raping her, honest!"
  144. >you glare at Valentine as Hexferry looks at the two of you like her brain can't process this properly
  145. >and she turns away and starts to walk off, grumbling about how it is too early for this
  146. >Valentine just closes his blanket back up as you keep glaring at him while you get up
  147. "...What?"
  148. >you roll your eyes and give an exaggerated angry sigh to him
  149. >Valentine just walks behind you as you make your way to your house
  150. >soon the two of you arrive to your doorsteps, luckily not running into anypony else
  151. >"Well, thanks for walking me home. Goodbye Valentine"
  152. >you turn and open your door, but then Valentines voice stops you
  153. "Oh no, I am coming in too"
  154. >you turn around and stare at the human like it grew a second head
  155. >"what?"
  156. >Valentine points at his crotch area with a hand he extended from within his blanket
  157. "You killed my dick, you owe me a place to sleep for the night"
  158. >you facehoof
  159. >"Listen, I-"
  160. "But Meisa, you left my nether region so sore and sensitive..."
  161. >a few mothponies walking past your house raise their eyebrows
  162. >you can already hear the rumors that will most likely spread
  163. -
  164. >you let out another exaggerated sigh and signal for Valentine to come in, which he does, skipping away in happily with a big grin on his face
  165. >but then you signal the two mothponies in as well
  166. >the two mothponies exchange looks
  167. “Uhh... maybe we should give you two some privac-“
  168. >”Nonsense, come in and meet my new friend. FRIEND”
  169. >you put some extra weight to that word to help clear some misunderstandings
  170. >as you and the two random mothponies off the street walk into your house you find Valentine sitting on your couch, still wrapped in that blanket of his
  171. “Oh, more people to join in for a cup of tea? Splendid”
  172. >you take a seat and so do your other guests
  173. >one of the random mothponies opens up the conversation
  174. “So uhhh, where did you meet this human Meisa? They’re kinda rare”
  175. >before you have the chance to say anything Valentine opens his mouth
  176. “She gave my balls a good squeeze and we became friends”
  177. >you glare at Valentine as the two mothponies look at eachother
  178. “Maybe we should just-”
  179. >”No, please stay”
  180. >Valentine brings his hands to his cheeks like a coy little girl
  181. “She was so rough~”
  182. >your eye twitches
  183. >The two mothponies get up
  184. “We’ll leave you two alone”
  185. >”No wait”
  186. >the mothponies do not listen and leave your home with hurry
  187. >your eye twitches more as you bite your teethes together
  188. “Isn’t that cute, they thought we were lovers”
  189. -
  190. >you’re furious now as Valentine giggles to himself and gets up from the couch
  191. >you jump at him and topple him to the floor with a thud, making his blanket spread out beneath his back
  192. >you’re straddling him now
  193. “Wah, what are we going to do on the fl-“
  194. >you rear your hoof back and give him a firm slap to the face
  195. >and then another
  196. >and another
  197. >”Aaaargh!”
  198. >you slap Valentines face around, venting your anger off
  199. >after your torrent of slaps is done, you get off of the human now lying on your floor
  200. >you sit onto the couch and pant as you catch your breath
  201. >that was not very sophisticated of you but damn did it feel good
  202. >Valentine now gets up from the floor, both cheeks red from your assault
  203. >he looks at you with concern
  204. “...How about I fix you a Mai Tai to help you relax and as an apology?”
  205. >you just wave your hoof in Valentines general direction
  206. >”Yeah whatever”
  207. >Valentine buggers off and you just sit there, letting yourself cool down
  208. >soon he comes back and places an open folding knife before you
  209. >you look at Valentine and he gestures you to take a closer look at the blade
  210. >you look at it
  211. >it has something written on it
  212. >”My Tighe...”
  213. >you once again glare at Valentine
  214. “Ok ok sorry, let me give you a stiff one to help you relax”
  215. >Valentine once again buggers off and you rub your temple, feeling a small headache coming along
  216. >suddenly you feel a poke on your cheek
  217. >you turn your head and see
  218. >a penis!
  219. >you panic and flail as you fall of the couch
  220. >you stare at Valentine with shock as he stands there, nude and sporting an erection
  221. “Stiff one”
  222. -
  223. >you shoot off and grasp the knife into your hoof
  224. >”I am going to castrate you Arrrgh just you!”
  225. >Valentine lifts his hands up and his member un-erects rapidly
  226. “Whoa there Meisa, careful, that’s got Veff serrations, patching that wound up won’t be easy”
  227. >you point the knife at Valentine
  228. >”Put on your clothes. Now!”
  229. >Valentine does as he is told and outs his underwear back on
  230. >”Now sit onto the couch”
  231. >you are not sure how to go from here but for now you need this human somewhere where you can keep an eye on it
  232. “Can I at least put my blanket on? It’s chilly in here and I am a nude animal, no coat to keep me warm...”
  233. >you sigh
  234. >”Fine, just be quick about it”
  235. “ok, ok”
  236. >Valentine takes his blanket off and dusts it a bit, and then drapes it over himself in his usual manner and starts to make his way to the couch
  237. >you keep the knife pointed at him
  238. >and then his blanket shoots out and covers your head before you can even react
  239. >you feel a grasp on the hoof holding the knife as you flail blindly, the blanket blinding you and your hooves not connecting with anything as your hurt wing aches at the blanket tugging it everywhere the wrong way
  240. >the knife slips out of your grasp and the blanket comes off of you
  241. >you gulp
  242. >Valentine has the knife now and there is no telling what he will do now
  243. >you look in fright as he raises the knife
  244. >...and then folds the blade back into the handle and clips it onto his boxer shorts, spins the blanket back onto himself and flops onto the couch like a blankety cocoon
  245. “Can’t let you cut me with one of my precious knives”
  246. -
  247. >you shoot off and grasp the knife into your hoof
  248. >”I am going to castrate you Arrrgh just you!”
  249. >Valentine lifts his hands up and his member un-erects rapidly
  250. “Whoa there Meisa, careful, that’s got Veff serrations, patching that wound up won’t be easy”
  251. >you point the knife at Valentine
  252. >”Put on your clothes. Now!”
  253. >Valentine does as he is told and outs his underwear back on
  254. >”Now sit onto the couch”
  255. >you are not sure how to go from here but for now you need this human somewhere where you can keep an eye on it
  256. “Can I at least put my blanket on? It’s chilly in here and I am a nude animal, no coat to keep me warm...”
  257. >you sigh
  258. >”Fine, just be quick about it”
  259. “ok, ok”
  260. >Valentine takes his blanket off and dusts it a bit, and then drapes it over himself in his usual manner and starts to make his way to the couch
  261. >you keep the knife pointed at him
  262. >and then his blanket shoots out and covers your head before you can even react
  263. >you feel a grasp on the hoof holding the knife as you flail blindly, the blanket blinding you and your hooves not connecting with anything as your hurt wing aches at the blanket tugging it everywhere the wrong way
  264. >the knife slips out of your grasp and the blanket comes off of you
  265. >you gulp
  266. >Valentine has the knife now and there is no telling what he will do now
  267. >you look in fright as he raises the knife
  268. >...and then folds the blade back into the handle and clips it onto his boxer shorts, spins the blanket back onto himself and flops onto the couch like a blankety cocoon
  269. “Can’t let you cut me with one of my precious knives”
  270. -
  271. >you scrunch your nose
  272. >who the heck does this human think he is?
  273. >Valentine just stares at you, waiting for your next move
  274. >you casually walk up to him
  275. >and then ram your head into his crotch with all the force you can muster from your mothpony body
  276. >Valentine lets out a small oomph and you pull your head back from his loins
  277. >the impact did not feel that powerful due to his blanket absorbing most of the impact
  278. >Valentine looks at you with a cheeky grin
  279. “Blanket, best defense anyone can have”
  280. >you scrunch your nose even more in annoyance
  281. “But I have to say Meisa, you’ve been aiming at my crotch a lot. You having some suppressed sexual urges or something going on?”
  282. >your scrunch intensifies
  283. -
  284. >you decide to not start talking to this idiot in your house
  285. >instead, you return your face to the calm composure it usually has and casually walk next to Valentine
  286. >Valentine stares at you with curiosity
  287. >you start to nibble on the blanket
  288. "Meisa what are you doing?"
  289. >you keep eating the blanket, ripping it easily as you munch more and more of it
  290. >Valentine sits still but he looks panicked now
  291. "Meisa stop"
  292. >you pay no heed to him, like he would not even be in the room and keep wolfing down his blanket
  293. "Meisa please!"
  294. >pay no heed, just eat
  295. >soon the last of his blanket dissapears into your mouth and Valentine is left on your couch, only wearing his red boxers and keeping his arms close to his body to preserve bodyheat
  296. >you gracefully pick up a napkin from the coffee table near yoru couch and wipe your mouth gently
  297. "Meisa that was my blanket..."
  298. >"I don't care"
  299. >you sit down onto the same couch as Valentine while he looks miserable
  300. >you feel quite full now
  301. >your wing reminds itself from its injury with a sting and you rub it a bit
  302. >Valentine seems to take notice of this
  303. "Want me to-"
  304. >"no"
  305. "oh, ok then..."
  306. >and silence falls yet again, giving you some relaxation
  307. -
  308. >the two of you sit there in silence
  309. >but then suddenly, just like that, you get the urge to suck his dick
  310. >you turn to look at Valentine with bedroom eyes
  311. "...what?"
  312. >you scoot a little bit closer to him
  313. "...Meisa you're making me nervous..."
  314. >you place a hoof on his thigh and Valentine jumps a bit in surprise
  315. "If you squeeze my balls again I will cut you"
  316. >you lick your lips hungrily
  317. >"How about I give them a lick instead~"
  318. >Valentine just stares at you like you grew a vagina on your forehead and it started to spew goops of period all over the walls
  319. "Meisa are y- WHOAH!"
  320. >with one swift movement of your hooves, you ripped Valentines boxers in half and threw the piecess to the floor
  321. >before Valentine has the chance to do anything else you move your face to his unerect member and give it a tasting lick
  322. >tastes pretty much like a dick
  323. >Valentine seems to not be against this as his member starts to awaken and you waste no time in taking it into your mouth
  324. >it is rigid but soft on the outside, and incredibly warm
  325. >you can feel the veiny texture in your mouth and you feel your own cheeks blush at your own arousal
  326. >you can't believe you are doing this, sucking the member of someone of a completely different species
  327. >but the wrong also feels sickleny right and dirty
  328. >you quicken your pace of cocksucking as Valentine moans and grips the couch with his hands
  329. "Meisa I'm going to-"
  330. -
  331. >you let out a squeak which seems to send Valentine over the edge and you feel his cock explode into your mouth
  332. >his warm seed tastes pleasant, this man has been eating his pineapples
  333. >you hungrily drink the cum with audible gulps as Valentine squirms on the couch in sexual ecstasy
  334. “Meisa I came to ask you about that hu-“
  335. >there is a gasp at your door
  336. >you turn your head fast to see what is happening, letting go of Valentines cock as it wetly hits his thigh
  337. >Hexferry is standing there, looking absolutely shocked and appalled
  338. >some semen drops from your open mouth as you stare at Hexferry in shock
  339. >your previous actions truly register into your head as you blush in shame, too shocked to move nor say anything
  340. >Valentine just seems oblivious to the world as he enjoys the afterglow
  341. >Hexferrys mouth moves a bit but no sound comes out as she looks at you, then Valentines crotch, then back at you, and then back at the crotch, and then at you again with her eyes twitching
  342. -
  343. >you swallow once more to get all of the gunk down and then greet Hexferry like nothing was happening
  344. >”Hi Hexferry, did you need something?”
  345. >Hexferry stares at you in shock as you sit back up on the couch and retract your face from Valentines crotch area
  346. >speaking of the human, he seems to notice the new mothpony and gives Hexferry a small hello
  347. “Meisa, w-what the hell are you doing?”
  348. >”just having a snack”
  349. >Hexferry stares at you in disbelief
  350. “But, that, what, you were doing things to his penis!”
  351. >you tilt your head slightly to the side as Valentine says “she sure did things allright” to you
  352. >”Yes, and?”
  353. “I-I-I need to go”
  354. >Hexferry quickly shuts your door as she leaves
  355. >now it’s just you and Valentine again
  356. “Ummm... you sure you should have done that?”
  357. >you just shrug your shoulders
  358. >”Que sera sera~”
  359. -
  360. >”You are a complete dick you know that?”
  361. >Valentine turns to look at you with a fake hurt look on his face
  362. “Meisa, such language!”
  363. >”You purposely got me into this situation and now my friend thinks I am some sort of a sexual freak”
  364. “Well it was not me who decided to go and suck cock”
  365. >”It is your fault”
  366. >Valentine scratches his head
  367. “”
  368. >you give out a grumpy humph
  369. >”It just is”
  370. “Ooookkk....”
  371. >”your dick wasn’t even that great”
  372. >Valentine gasps in shock
  373. “Well you certainly were enjoying it a while ago”
  374. >”Only because I had to enjoy it!”
  375. >Valentine rolls his eyes
  376. “Women”
  377. >you roll your eyes
  378. >”Men”
  379. >and then the both of you sit there grumpily while silently hating one another
  380. >”How about you just leave?”
  381. >Valentine points at his nude body
  382. “Well I can’t do it since some mothpony decided to eat my blanket and rip my underwear apart”
  383. >”It’s your own fault for letting them get eaten and ripped”
  384. “Aaaagh!”
  385. >Valentine crosses his arms and humphs angrily and you cross your hooves and humph angrily
  386. -
  387. >”Why are you even wearing something that rips so easily?”
  388. “They feel so good against my skin, it’s like I am wearing nothing at all”
  389. >you raise an eyebrow at Valentine
  390. >”shouldn’t that feel bad?”
  391. “I like being in the nude”
  392. >you decide to not question that
  393. >”You’re in the closet aren’t you?”
  394. >Valentine looks surprised”
  395. “What do you mean?”
  396. >”You’re gay aren’t you? I saw you checking that colt out that I invited in before you made them spread false rumors”
  397. >Valentine scoffs at you
  398. “I allowed you to suck my cock; the most I am is a closet bisexual”
  399. >”Still gay”
  400. “Well you’re gay”
  401. >”I sucked your dick and enjoyed it so no”
  402. >as Valentine grins like a maniac you can’t help but to blush a bit at your screw-up
  403. “Meisa, you like my cock don’t you?”
  404. >”Shut up!”
  405. >Valentine shuts up but still ahs that shit-eating grin on his face
  406. >and it annoys you, you need to get rid of this troublesome human fast
  407. >”If I’ll give you something to wear will you leave?”
  408. >Valentine ponders for a bit
  409. “Yeah, it’s getting late and I feel like I want to just lie down and sleep, having my balls drained and all. I could even sleep he-”
  410. >”Not happening”
  411. >You get up and go to your closet
  412. >the only thing you have that Valentine could use as clothing is your panties
  413. >you curse for only having designer panties, feeling bad at giving up such a high class item
  414. >there, the black lace ones that are your least favorite
  415. >you return to Valentine who’s still contaminating your couch with his bare ass
  416. >”Here, wear this”
  417. >you throw the panties to Valentine who catches them and examines them in his hands
  418. “See-trough black lace, how lewd~”
  419. >you roll your eyes as Valentine gets up and starts to put the panties on
  420. >soon Valentine has something on but you are sure that putting on clothes made him even more obscene than he was naked
  421. “Tight, but I can see why some people get off to this”
  422. >you notice his bulge starts to grow a bit
  423. >”Ok time for you to go”
  424. >you push Valentine out of your house and slam the door shut and then make your way to your couch
  425. >it has been tiring and you need a nap
  426. >you hear a scream from outside, some other unfortunate moth must have seen Valentine
  427. >not your problem anymore
  428. >humans are troublesome
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